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Glückwunsch! The Founder Institute is proud to share this progress report highlighting the recent success across its German accelerator chapters - active German FI portfolio companies growing successfully hail from past program cohorts across Berlin, Cologne-Bonn, Munich, Frankfurt, and Hamburg. 

The Founder Institute is currently accepting applications from pre-seed stage entrepreneurs for 100% virtual programs across Germany. 

Check out these German startup companies hitting impressive milestones and being highlighted in the press:

Itembase (FI Berlin) is the World of eCommerce made simple, through one connection to every Merchant.

Customers in Shipping Services and Financial Services utilize Itembase to directly connect to Merchants and Consumers through 550+ otherwise incompatible worldwide Marketplaces and Commerce Systems, reducing integration cost, on-going complexity of upgrades, and allowing immediate expansion of business through new market opportunities.

Workademy (FI Berlin) is the easy to use, secure, and scalable e-learning solution for business.

Businesses use Workademy to organize, scale and retain internal knowledge; build a tailor-made learning experience based upon company needs; and transform internal processes into engaging online courses.

PaketConcierge (FI Berlin) is the address for ALL your package deliveries. 

Not at home? PaketConcierge is here for you! No matter who you order from (Zalando, Amazon, or others) and whether it is delivered with DHL, Hermes, DPD or UPS: Every package arrives safely to PaketConcierge! Decide for yourself where your parcels will be delivered, and experience how reliable, fast and uncomplicated parcel reception can be. 

WorldBrain (FI Munich) is Bookmarking for power users.

Worldbrain develops open source software for people to effortlessly annotate, organize, and share what they find online, including Memex, a free and privacy-focused browser extension to get on top of online chaos. Get started with 3 clicks, no signup, all data stored locally. Check out Memex on Github here.  

Mitakus (FI Munich) is Smarter Food Service.

Mitakus Analytics helps restaurants and food service providers to become more profitable and sustainable, with accurate demand forecasts and customized menu and food recommendations.

Silatha (FI Berlin) is your personalised toolkit to grow your meditation ritual.

Siliatha empowers women toward lasting mental well-being, starting with short 1-7 minute meditations to fit into your day. Then, simply set your intention and be guided, with more than 500 tailored meditations to choose from. 

Kopply (FI Berlin) is your most accurate contact information, all in one place.

Exchange and manage contact information efficiently, including with your own digital business card, allowing you to connect and share your own contact information effortlessly with anyone - others do not have to be Kopply users!

CoolBeez (FI Berlin) is a platform for earning referral commission for your social or direct online product recommendations.

Simply choose one or more products from CoolBeez's current ~20 million offerings, across 21 connected shops; make a recommendation for the product and share it in a private message or on your social network; and for every sale you generate, you receive a commission!

Safedeploy (FI Cologne-Bonn) is successful software deployments, guaranteed.

The first software deployment platform that guarantees successful blue / green and canary deployments, Safedeploy helps DevOps and System Admins avoid expensive and time consuming software deployment disasters through predicting the quality of new updates.

GovRadar (FI Munich) is a platform to enable innovative companies to offer their solutions to the public sector.

GovRadar removes hurdles of complex regulatory frameworks and long expensive lead times, bringing relevant solutions to the government’s radar, including those of non-legacy suppliers. By providing authorities the tools to screen the market and to test solutions anonymously, GovRadar ensures compliant and efficient procurement process, giving all relevant tech firms a chance to participate.

FixFirst (FI Berlin) puts appliance and device repair and maintenance at the core of the circular economy.

Local service partners empowered with technology help you find the best and most sustainable service for your appliance and device needs, starting from €0 with advanced digital diagnosis. And, for every repair, FixFirst plants a tree!


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Are you a pre-seed stage German entrepreneur, working remotely to achieve startup traction or funding goals? Apply here to join a virtual Founder Institute accelerator program nearest you.

Graduates of the Founder Institute are creating some of the world's fastest growing startups, having raised over $1 billion in funding, and building products people love across over 200 cities worldwide.

See the most recent news from our Grads at FI.co/news, or learn more about their stories at FI.co/journey

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