A number of fundraising questions have come up from applicants, and we wanted to address them below:

Can I apply if I am not planning to raise money?
Yes. The Institute encourages Founders with standalone business ideas that are capital efficient to apply. The majority of topics covered in the curricuum are relevant to any business, such as team building, vendors, and revenue. The Institute is working with two dozen partners on discounted or free offerings to dramatically reduce the cost of aunching a new copany, making enrollment worthwhile.

Can I apply if I am already fundraising?
Yes. The Institute encourages active fundraising throughout the Semester for Founders that are prepared and require outide capital. The goal is to get these Founders in front of investors multiple times before the Semester ends.

How much money should participating Founders plan on raising?
That depends. The Institute invites a wide range of Founders from different sectors to apply. Some companies need more capital and will raise more capital during the program. The amount of money that a participating Founder can expect to raise is ultimately based on the business, its specific needs, and the execution.

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