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The Silicon Valley Founder Institute, the local chapter of the world's largest pre-seed startup accelerator, is proud to announce the newest Alumni from the Silicon Valley Virtual Fall 2020 program.

Over 1300 people applied to the Fall SV virtual accelerator, and after an intense four months of aggressive business-building sprints and constant evaluation and feedback from investors and mentors, just 24 companies were able to make it through: 

Join us on Wednesday, January 20th at 6pm PST for the Founder Institute Silicon Valley Graduation event, with featured keynote Alan Chiu of Stanford Angels.

Each of these Founders have demonstrated a high level of perseverance and creativity, and their businesses have been thoroughly vetted and supported by a panel of Silicon Valley's top startup experts and investors.  

And now, without further ado, we present the Alumni of the Silicon Valley program: 

  • Foreman Technologies - creating robots that improve painter productivity on commercial and industrial painting projects, increasing painter productivity by 2-10X and integrating with industry standard equipment for easy transportation between job sites.

  • Wearme Inc - enabling developers to build and sell their smart wearables at significantly (~70%) less cost and time, by collaborating with each other and reliable suppliers using a proprietary algorithm powered by AI.

  • Emotion Wedding Photography - a platform providing wedding photography nationwide and with a model to scale to a total bridal global market across the Australian, USA and UK wedding photography landscape with automated processes to match brides' needs to our photographers.

  • ECR Technologies LLP - an AI driven messaging gateway that targets communication on active channels for recipients based on their actual behavior and not any classification, helping managers in large organizations reach out to a widely distributed target audience on the active communication channel to increase the critical open rate. 

  • Digital Butcher Co - a web-based retailer supplying food conscious consumers with pasture-fed, ethical reared, international quality Australian proteins, efficiently and conveniently, as natured intended.

  • Omatochi - offering modern, in-home care that allows seniors to age in place. Omatochi has developed the training infrastructure, unique customer journey, and technology platform to provide professional senior care services in the US and always keep families connected through their mobile technology. 

  • TrialEase - a virtual clinical research company using mobile apps and a cloud-based portal to help pharmaceutical and biotech companies complete their clinical trials faster, by conducting their patient visits remotely. 

  • Deep Aspect - helping UX designers and product managers find valuable insights from customer interviews easily and efficiently, so they can build more products that their customers love. Deep Aspect provides an integrated platform where the user doesn't need to switch between tools while dealing with a large amount of qualitative data. 

  • MAA'VA - providing dignified housing for the 2.5 billion people living without proper shelter. At MAA'VA we will recycle plastic as an enduring material and use it for construction, reducing the plastic waste footprint via the high demand for housing, creating eco affordable materials from recycled plastic. 

  • Atom Planner Inc - offering online Augmented Time Optimization Machine to empower companies in doing more withavailable resources, anticipating deliveries dates for projects. 

  • Chopal - an integrated digital platform for reduction in crop loss and boosting the agriculture ecosystem in Pakistan. The company is launching a mobile application in 5 local languages to extend advisories, alerts & notifications and a mobile wallet for sending and receiving payments.

  • Dreamfully - a self-care app, creates cinematic, visually-immersive mindfulness experiences to help individualscalm down, feel better, and remember that it’s going to be okay. Functioning as a digital safe space, Dreamfully combines experts from visual effects, psychology, and mindfulness to deliver experiences that are as engaging as they are calming. 

  • Peopleteck Labs Pvt Ltd - making it easier for funders to identify and scale social projects that demonstrably work, while reducing due diligence, reporting, and transaction costs. Peopleteck uses smart contract blockchain-based incentives to ensure the impact is independently verified and accessible to everyone. 

  • SoundMind - a mobile application that learns who you are and what makes you tick, in order to create a custom-tailored positive association experiences for our users. Particularly, helping people who are dealing with PTSD, anxiety, and depression through individualized music therapy and brain excersies with binaural audio. 

  • Upspark - a 2-sided marketplace that incentivizes industry professionals to give paid 1-on-1 consultations to job-seekers, giving them an edge in their job hunt. Upspark gives job-seekers the option to get on-demand access to an industry insider, unlocking unique insights to get an edge on their application process. 

  • CookIn - an iPhone app allowing chefs and foodies alike to market themselves directly to restaurant-goers and outside food consumers, bypassing negative effects of Yelp reviews have on their business, and allowing chefs and foodies to be rewarded with cash tips for posting exciting and delicious video content via Video. 

  • Guidee - a self-guided tour app that serves millennial travelers’ need for a modern, time saving, low cost, post-COVID solution to let them learn about the world’s most popular cultural and historical sites independently.

  • - custom voice assistants, seamlessly plugged into mobile applications, enabling a voice interface for direct communication in the app. Forecasts suggest that by 2023 the number of digital voice assistants will reach around eight billion units – a number higher than the world's population. 

  • Beelocl - personalized travel at scale, for the most tailored, local experiences. Beelocl is a peer-to-peer marketplace connecting travelers with hosts who offer customized, local experiences, bringing personalized travel to the mass market. 

  • Jade - helping legal SaaS companies increase conversion and retention through automated in-app onboarding, customized to the end-user's area of law. Jade is the only customer success solution focused on legal SaaS, and with enough privacy protections to be used by legal SaaS. 

  • WINDRONES - a contact window cleaning drone technology helping commercial building owners keep their external windows clean. The gimbal-mounted cleaning system has an electric ducted fan (EDF), providing breakthrough thrust technology needed for the unique squeegee and wiper cleaning system.

  • CoVest - a financial platform on a mission to democratize access to institutional investing. The CoVest marketplace connects individual investors with investment opportunities outside the traditional stock market, including private equity; asset-based investments; and commercial and private real estate, in an intuitive and rewarding experience. 

  • Trackegy Inc - a software tool helping education providers to track student progress with metrics for engagement that can help to reduce attrition. Trackegy provides opportunity to add focus and engagement for students, and improvement ideas for instructors. 

  • BlurbFlash Inc - a hyperlocal marketplace to help SMBs and soloprenuers increase sales and keep their margins when selling online and doing fulfillment. In Store, Curbside, or Home Delivery, users can get anything and everything in the neighborhood. 

The Silicon Valley Virtual Fall 2020 program would not have been possible without help, because it truly takes a city to raise a startup. We would first like to thank the Local Leaders of the Silicon Valley Founder Institute: Mike SuproviciRyan MichelettiScout Tweedie-Yates. Our Local Leaders play an incredibly important role in building the local Founder Institute program, and creating an environment and network in Silicon Valley that is conducive to building to great companies.

In addition, the Silicon Valley Virtual Fall 2020 program was supported by some of the Bay Area's top technology organizations, including:

In the Founder Institute's pre-seed accelerator program, early-stage entrepreneurs and teams build their business alongside a critical support network of local startup experts that share equity in their success, and through a structured and challenging business-building process that has helped alumni raise over $1.75BN. 

After Graduation, the new Silicon Valley Founder Institute Portfolio Companies now have a fast-growing company that has been fully validated by experienced startup founders, with access to the Founder Institute's global network and post-graduate support programs to continue building their business. 

Leaders of the world’s fastest-growing startups have used the Founder Institute to raise funding, building a co-founding team, get into seed-accelerators, generate traction, recruit a team, build a product, transition from employee to entrepreneur, and more. Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 200+ cities and 100+ countries, the Founder Institute’s mission is to Globalize Silicon Valley and empower talented and motivated entrepreneurs to build companies that will create one million new jobs.

The next Silicon Valley 2021 Founder Institute program is currently enrolling applications. If you are interested in applying, visit


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Alumni of the Founder Institute are creating some of the world's fastest growing startups, having raised over $1.75BN in funding, and building products people love across over 200 cities worldwide.

See the most recent news from our Grads at, or learn more about their stories at

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