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The New York Founder Institute, the local chapter of the world's largest pre-seed startup accelerator, is proud to announce the newest Alumni from the New York Fall Virtual 2020 program.

Over 320 people applied to the program, and after an intense four months of aggressive business-building sprints and constant evaluation and feedback from investors and mentors, just 14 companies were able to make it through. 

Each of these Founders have demonstrated a high level of perseverance and creativity, and their businesses have been thoroughly vetted and supported by a panel of New York's top startup experts and investors.  

And now, without further ado, we present the Alumni of the New York program: 

  • Blacksmith - connecting veterans with mentors to train them in skills and increase their labor mobility, Blacksmith leverages the gig economy to offer a choice of mentors and 1-on-1 custom tailored learning.
  • Curled - centralized natural and curly hair product products, reviews, and conversations in one platform personalized by users, allowing consumers to exchange with each other and personalize recommendations by hair type. 
  • HandOff - making it easier to safely sell used goods in your community, focusing on convenience, safety, and user experience. 
  • IntegraPitch - a marketplace that facilitates sale and collaboration to improve ideas and brings them to actual proofs-of-concepts that can be put up for sale.
  • LABYL - a mobile app that provides access to information on the built environment, LABYL aggregates data on buildings and provides a faster, easier and interesting way to access this info on-the-go, by taking a picture with your phone. 
  • Lumose Marketplace - providing a legal software sourcing platform to small and medium-sized law firms.
  • NamiChef - a subscription community allowing home cooks to source the best local ingredients, based on the recommendations of other area home cooks, and receive virtual guidance from skilled chefs on how to cook them.  
  • Neufluence - inclusive SaaS platform giving marketers easy-to-use tools for discovery and collaboration with multiethnic, professional micro-creators, to design campaigns that resonate in underserved markets using customized multicultural audience data. 
  • Pleasant - a navigation app that offers the most pleasant routes available, not just the fastest - serving those who, when driving by the coast, would like the option to see the ocean, or given the option, would prefer to walk through the park. 
  • Studio Dragonfly Games For Impact - developing educational games that use engaging game mechanics to teach robust learning outcomes.
  • TheraList - a web platform connecting patients seeking home health rehab services to rated and reviewed therapists. 
  • VestaPort - a nationwide residential Real Estate web portal, low-cost and ull-service, offering a transparent negotiating platform for Sellers and Buyers alike.
  • Viwo - capturing online customer comments and feedback to provide companies with insights and actions, Viwo uniquely captures all social and non-social channels to performs advanced analysis that understands context and sentiment.
  • WellnessMatch - bringing customers to coaches and energy healers, using matching criteria based on a wellness personality test with the goal of building meaningful and lasting connections.  

The New York Fall Virtual 2020 program would not have been possible without help, because it truly takes a city to raise a startup. We would first like to thank the Local Leaders of the New York Founder Institute: Reid Hamilton and Stefan Klotzbuecher. Our Local Leaders play an incredibly important role in building the local Founder Institute program, and creating an environment and network in New York that is conducive to building to great companies.

In addition, the New York Fall Virtual 2020 program was supported by some of New York's top technology organizations, including:

In the Founder Institute's pre-seed accelerator program, early-stage entrepreneurs and teams build their business alongside a critical support network of local startup experts that share equity in their success, and through a structured and challenging business-building process that has helped alumni raise over $975M. 

After Graduation, the new New York Founder Institute Portfolio Companies now have a fast-growing company that has been fully validated by experienced startup founders, with access to the Founder Institute's global network and post-graduate support programs to continue building their business. 

Leaders of the world’s fastest-growing startups have used the Founder Institute to raise funding, building a co-founding team, get into seed-accelerators, generate traction, recruit a team, build a product, transition from employee to entrepreneur, and more. Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 200+ cities and 90+ countries, the Founder Institute’s mission is to Globalize Silicon Valley and empower talented and motivated entrepreneurs to build companies that will create one million new jobs.

The next New York Founder Institute program is enrolling founder applicaitons now - if you are interested in learing more, visit FI.co/apply/new_york.


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Alumni of the Founder Institute are creating some of the world's fastest growing startups, having raised over $975M in funding, and building products people love across over 200 cities worldwide.

See the most recent news from our Grads at FI.co/news, or learn more about their stories at FI.co/journey

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