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The Germany Founder Institute, the local chapter of the world's largest pre-seed startup accelerator, is proud to announce the newest Alumni from the Germany program.

After meticulous selection process and intense four months of aggressive business-building sprints, constant evaluation, and feedback from investors and mentors, just 11 companies were able to make it through. 

Each of these Founders have demonstrated a high level of perseverance and creativity, and their businesses have been thoroughly vetted and supported by a panel of Germany's top startup experts and investors.  

And now, without further ado, we present the Alumni of the Germany program: 

  • - making luxury jewellery with emotional lighting. We build unique and personalized jewellery.
  • Flashquad - fostering real-world interactions through a new social media experience rewarding in-person activities for young adults.
  • WEOTime - an AI-enabled EdTech company providing assistive technology to neurodivergent students.
  • WeekOne- helping Hiring Managers in growing tech startups create tailored and optimized onboarding experiences that boost the productivity of both new hires and teams through data-driven insights.
  • Larval- an produces insect-based protein on a large scale to help animal feed producers in Latin America reduce their dependence on ingredients that are non-sustainable and subject to unexpected price fluctuations. 
  • Arcan Group- a cloud-based platform that helps interior designers communicate the 3D designs easier to clients and run them significantly faster- real time
  • InNoTime - Deliver spare parts within days instead of weeks or even months, using digital delivery and local (3D metal printing) production. 
  • Look at the Labels - creating and scheduling bespoke, sustainable outfits tailored to your unique style and body shape, even through size changes. Enjoy personalized styling and eco-friendly shopping with Look at the Labels.
  • Wings Software -  empowering software development teams in the automotive industry to create software 2x faster and easier with an AI-based tool.
  • Workinger - a job platform that helps SMEs in Germany to recruit skilled workers worldwide. 
  • EduEmploy - an online platform offering customizable courses and real-time progress tracking, aiming to boost productivity and foster continuous learning, and is seeking to build a strong advisory board for its growth and expansion.

The Germany program would not have been possible without help, because it truly takes a city to raise a startup.

Join us at Founder Institute Germany Graduation Event on June 14

Germany Local Directors 

We would first like to thank the Local Directors of the Germany Founder Institute: Amanda Fornal, Berlin Admin (., ex-Googler, ex-IBMer), Eva Dimitrova (Inventor, Go-To-Market Canvas), Ferdinand Muehlhaeuser (Lead Director Berlin, Founder Institute Berlin), Kai Malkwitz (Associate, Founder Institute), Mohammad Hossein Tavangar (Director, Founder Institute), Nathan Evans (Co-Founder fulfin / Local Leader FI Munich, fulfin - financing ecommerce), Rikke Klitskov (CMO, Founder Institute Berlin), Sara Maki (Director, Barclays). Our Local Leaders play an incredibly important role in building the local Founder Institute program, and creating an environment and network in Germany that is conducive to building to great companies.

In addition, the Germany Fall 2024 program was supported by some of Germany's top technology organizations, including:

Some of Germany’s top startup mentors helped our founders in the program, including:

* Amy Louise Shelver * Andrea Fernandez * Andrea Helmerich * Andy Goldstein * Bejoy George * Ben Larson * Benjamin Jones * Christian Rebernik * Cédric Naintré * Dirk Freise * Eckart Burgwedel * Gerald Müller * Kai Bolik * Kyrill Zlobenko * Leehe Skuler * Lieke Ypma * Lubomila Jordanova * Malte Weiss * Martin Giese * Michael Wendt * Neil Baptista * Nelson Farfan Espada * Regine Harr * Robert Kitson * Rüdiger Süss * Stefan Jørgensen * Stefan Kimmel * Steven Jacobs * Thomas Hartmann * Vlad Panait

In the Founder Institute's pre-seed accelerator program, early-stage entrepreneurs and teams build their business alongside a critical support network of local startup experts that share equity in their success, and through a structured and challenging business-building process that has helped alumni raise over $1.75BN. 

After Graduation, the new Germany Founder Institute Portfolio Companies now have a fast-growing company that has been fully validated by experienced startup founders, with access to the Founder Institute's global network and post-graduate support programs to continue building their business. 

Leaders of the world’s fastest-growing startups have used the Founder Institute to raise funding, building a co-founding team, get into seed-accelerators, generate traction, recruit a team, build a product, transition from employee to entrepreneur, and more. Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 200+ cities and 100+ countries, the Founder Institute’s mission is to Globalize Silicon Valley and empower talented and motivated entrepreneurs to build companies that will create one million new jobs.

The next Germany Founder Institute program is being planned now. If you are interested in being notified when applications open, visit

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Alumni of the Founder Institute are creating some of the world's fastest growing startups, having raised over $1.75BN in funding, and building products people love across over 200 cities worldwide.

See the most recent news from our Grads at, or learn more about their stories at

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