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The Sydney Founder Institute, the local chapter of the world's largest pre-seed startup accelerator, is proud to announce the newest Alumni from the first of two Australia & New Zealand 2022 program.

Over 500 prospective entrepreneurs applied to the program, and after an intense four months of aggressive business-building sprints and constant evaluation and feedback from investors and mentors, just nine startups were able to make it through. 

Each of these Founders have demonstrated a high level of perseverance and creativity, and their businesses have been thoroughly vetted and supported by a panel of Australia's & kiwi top startup experts and investors.  

The new Alumni invite the Australian startup ecosystem and members of the public join them live on Tuesday, June 14th for a special online Showcase Event - RSVP free here

Without further ado, we proudly present the newest FI Australia program Alumni: 

  • GForce Digital

The Australia & NZ 2022 program would not have been possible without help, because it truly takes a city to raise a startup. We would first like to thank the Local Leaders of the Sydney Founder Institute: Benjamin Chong (Partner, Right Click Capital), Cheryl Mack (Head of Community, Stone & Chalk), Chris Clark (Managing Director, Chasm Digital), Paul Krajewski (Product Management,, and Phoebe Zhang (Ambassador, Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center). Our Co-Directors play an incredibly important role in building the local Founder Institute program, and creating an environment and network in Australia that is conducive to building to great companies.

In addition, the Australia & NZ 2022 program was supported by some of the country's top technology organizations, including:

Some of Australia’s top startup mentors helped our founders in the program, including:

  • Adam Long: Chief Growth Officer, Humanitix & CEO @
  • Adam Mostogl: CEO, The Van Diemen Project
  • Adelina Lalic: Co-founder, Kiddsbay
  • Adeline Chu: Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Remarkable Tech
  • Adeo Ressi: Founder/CEO
  • Adrian Enright: Director of Partnerships, Tasman Environmental Markets
  • Aivee Robinson: Co-Founder, Catalyser
  • Alan Jones: Startup founder coach, investor, writer & mentor
  • Alejandro Patterson: Product Innovation Lead, Willow
  • Alex Brennan: Founder, Qb Studios
  • Alissa Cronau: Founder, Maven Music
  • Allan Lalic: Co-founder, Kebloom
  • Allen Liao: Founder, Tzukuri
  • Amit Verma: Investment Manager, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
  • Andrea Gardiner: Founder & CEO, Jelix Ventures
  • Andrew Campbell: Co-founder, goCatch
  • Andy Edwards: Founder and CEO, GeoSnapShot
  • Andy Farquharson: Sales Architect, Winning By Design
  • Angela Kwan: Co-founder, Catalyser & Board Member HaymarketHQ
  • Anna Cheng: Growth Lead, HealthMatch
  • Anna Robson: Co-Founder & CEO, Refugee & Migrant Talent
  • Anna Ivanova: Blockchain Development, Power Ledger
  • Annabel Causer: Founder & CEO, Pep and Zest
  • Anne Moore: Work Futurist. Creator of Now to Next: Frames for the New Way We Work, Ex-CEO, Plando
  • Annie Le Cavalier: General Manager, Stone & Chalk
  • Anselm Waterfield: Partner, AGT Group
  • Anshul Jain: Founder, Elenta
  • Ant Moorehouse: CEO and Co-Founder, EarthTech
  • Ash Ma: Product Manager, Zip Co.
  • Asher Vukelic: Chair, Southwest Angels
  • Ashton Bishop: CEO , Step Change
  • Ben Pecotich: Design & Innovation Director/Founder, Dynamic4
  • Ben Reid: Co-Founder, Crave (Entrepreneur in Residence, Remarkable)
  • Benjamin Chong: Partner, Right Click Capital
  • Bill Trestrail: Co-Founder, Chairman, Market Momentum
  • Bill Trestrail: CEO, Market Momentum Pty Ltd
  • Brady Flockart: Senior Investment Associate, Startmate
  • Brendan Hill: Angel Investor & Syndicate Lead, Logan and Wayne
  • Brendan Yell: Director, Twilio Startups
  • Brian Menzies: VP, Commercial Development, Vast Solar
  • Brodie Mc Culloch: Founder, Spacecubed, Perth, WA
  • Bronwen Kaspers: Employee and Customer Experience Manager, Employment Innovations | Founder of SuperHireo
  • Cam Walshe: Director, Pitchblak
  • Cameron Adams: Co-founder & CPO, Canva
  • Cameron Rambert: Co-Founder & CEO, Frankston Foundry
  • Cameron Ensor: Student Fellowship Associate, Startmate
  • Caroline Lepron: CEO & Founder, Skoutli
  • Charlotte Connell: Founder, The Sustainability Collective
  • Cheryl Mack: Founder Institute Co-Director, also Activator at SheEO™
  • Chintan Oza: Advisor, Lloyds Ventures
  • Chris Clark: Co-Founder & CEO of BEERLOVE, Co-Founder of Spark Festival
  • Chris Darwin: CEO and Co-Founder, The Darwin Challenge App
  • Christoph Sollich: Christoph Sollich - The Pitch Doctor, Startup Consultant (Warsaw FI) , Startup Consultant
  • Claudia Barriga Larrivere: Head of People, investor, writer & mentor
  • Colette Grgic: Chief Innovation Officer, BlueChilli Group
  • Colin Graham: Program Manager, SunRamp Healthtech Accelerator
  • Craig Murphy: General Manager, Upstairs Startup Hub
  • Craig Hodges: Co-Founder, Daltrey
  • Dane Eldridge: CEO, 4mation Technologies
  • Daniel Bignold: Founder & CEO,
  • Daniel Ringrose: Business Coach, Future Results
  • Daniel Lohrmann: Managing Director, ikaros
  • Daniel Dizon: Co-Founder, Swell
  • Daniel Sterry: Co-Founder, Cultivate
  • Danny Adams: Founder, GoFar
  • Darsel Keane: Director, University of Auckland
  • Dave Tong: Co-founder, Employment Hero
  • David Theodorou: Head of Product and Delivery, Experience Digital (also Partner - Black Nova Group)
  • David Kenney: Partner, Hall Chadwick
  • David Lim: Founding Partner, Ideas Worth Doing
  • David Hauser: Director, Silicon Beach Australia
  • David Quan: Content Creator, YouTube
  • David Siegel: Partner, Step Change
  • David Peters: Executive Head, Comviva
  • David Jack: CEO, Social Impact Institute
  • Dean Mc Evoy: Non Executive Director, Investor and Adviser, TechSydney
  • Dennis Kibirev: Chief Growth Officer, Mesh Ai
  • Dil Khosa: Founder, Athena X
  • Dimitris Polychronopoulos: Oslo Chapter Director, FI Mentor
  • Dmitri Voronenko: CTO & Investor,
  • Dominic Bressan: CEO, AirService
  • Ed Stevens: Entrepreneur in Residence, AGL
  • Eitan Bienstock: Managing Director, Techbench Capital
  • Elizabeth Kaelin: MSc, RDN & Finance Lecturer, UTS Business School
  • Elizabeth Van Rooyen: Head of Investor Relations & Marketing, Invest Unlisted
  • Elke Keeley: Co-Founder; Co-CEO, UrbanYou
  • Emily Yue: Co-founder, Expert360
  • Eric Frost: CEO and Co-Founder, Simple KYC
  • Erickson Yap: Investor, Flying Kiwi Angels
  • Evan Wong: CEO, Checkbox.AI
  • Franziska Iseli: Founder, Basic Bananas
  • Fraser Taylor: CMO, Outlier Ventures
  • Garry Visontay: General Partner, Right Click Capital
  • Gawin Fernando: Co-Founder, CreativeCubes.Co
  • Gen George: Founder and MD, OneShift
  • George Hedon: Founder & CEO, Pause Fest
  • Graham Christie: Co-Founder, CX360, BEERLOVE
  • Graham Meyerowitz: Entrepreneur & Experienced Technology Professional, Mentor, Stone & Chalk
  • Greg Moshal: Founder and Joint CEO, Prospa
  • Gwendolyn Ong: Co-Founder & Director, Cultivate
  • Henrik Stovring: Founder & CEO, MyCarYourRental
  • Hugo Rourke: CEO and Co-Founder, Perx
  • Hugo Perez: Managing Partner, United Data Technologies (UDT)
  • Ian Gardiner: Co-founder, Innovation Bay
  • Ilter Dumduz: Co-founder, Blys
  • Inu Akerei (Rei) Maresala Thomson: CEO, Trust MYRIVR
  • Jack Qi: Director, William Buck
  • Jacquie Fegent Mc Geachie: CEO and Founder, Sustainovate
  • James Moody: CEO, Sendle
  • Jane Cockburn: CEO and Founder, Kairos Now
  • Jared Kristensen: Co-founder/CEO, Playground xyz
  • Jeeva Suresh: Founder & CEO, Helix
  • Jeff Perlman: Founder, Revenue Ninja (
  • Jeffrey Cooper: General Manager, Step Change
  • Jeremy Chetty: Co-founder, Student Edge
  • Jeroen Bolluijt: Co-Founder, Exit Founders
  • Jess Moloney: Founder/CEO, Moloney Moloney LTD
  • Jess Walker: Co-Founder, Wonderfund
  • Joanna Du: Founder Institute Associate, Artist,
  • Jodi Boylan: Executive Producer, Director and Development Producer , Independent
  • John Webster: Founder & CEO, CoRoster
  • John Pennington: CEO and Founder, Rfider Limited
  • Jonathan Greechan: Co-Founder & CEO, Founder Institute
  • Jonathon Wilkinson: Co-founder, Equitise
  • Josh Allan: Technical Business Analyst, Rfider Limited
  • Joshua Ross: CEO and Founder, Humanitix
  • Joshua Boccamazzo: Head of Business Operations and Strategy, Perx Health
  • Julia French: Managing Director, Founders for Founders
  • Julian Luca: CEO, Trava Travel
  • Justus Hammer: MR, Axis7
  • Kate Ringvall: Co-Founder, Galactic Cooperative
  • Kate Clugston: Partnership and Development Manager, StartSomeGood
  • Katherine O'donoghue: Community Manager, UTS Startups
  • Katherine Maree Pace: Founder, ELANATION &
  • Kathryn Apte: Investor/Mentor, Tractor Ventures
  • Katryna Dow: CEO, Meeco
  • Kieren Parker: Partner, Addisons
  • Kim McGuinness: Strategic Relationships Director, SBE Australia
  • Kylie Frazer: Co Founder & Partner, Eleanor Venture
  • Laura Earl: Program Manager, UNSW Founders
  • Lauren Fried: Managing Director, Pulse Marketing
  • Lauren Capelin: Principal, Startmate
  • Lee Hunter: Co-Founder, SUBXO, Advisor at Talisium
  • Leslie Delaforce: Board Member, Startup WA
  • Lockie Cooke: Founder, iyarn
  • Magdalena Reith: Startup- and Business Consultant, Magdalena Reith Pitch Decks
  • Mandar Karlekar: Product Management Consultant, Thiga
  • Mandeep Sodhi: CEO, Effi
  • Mariam Mohammed: Co-Founder, MoneyGirl
  • Marlowe Mackenzie: Head of Operations, Catalysr
  • Marshall Hughes: Consultant, Ask Marsh
  • Marshall Hughes: Founder & CEO, Ask Marsh
  • Marta Higuera: Co-founder,
  • Martin Nguyen: Dr, WeRoster / Medical Pantry / Anaesthetist
  • Matt Allen: CEO, Tractor Ventures
  • Matt Knee: Founder, Work Ninja
  • Matt Trustrum: Investor, Mindconnect
  • Matthew Browne: Co-Founder @Upflowy, @Donesafe, @Whispli, Investor @Black Nova Group etc
  • Matthew Purvis: Managing Director, Managed Business Consulting
  • Matthew Lickwar: co-founder | Director | Growth | Operations | Product, Ynomia
  • Maxine Sherrin: Program Director, Co-Founder of Spark Festival
  • Maxine Minter: CEO, Co Lab, Angel Investor
  • Maz Zaman: CEO, TaxFox & Founder,, Quantum Growth
  • Megan Donnelley: Senior Product Manager , Fusion Labs
  • Melissa Ran: Head of Community, AirTree
  • Melissa Pye: Program Manager, UNSW Founders
  • Mick Liubinskas: Co-founder and Author, Climate Salad. Former CEO of Pollenizer
  • Mike Nicholls: Partner, Main Sequence Ventures
  • Mikel Lindsaar: Founder, reinteractive,,
  • Mitchell Pham: Chairperson, NZTech
  • Monica Wulff: Head of WeWork Labs Pacific, WeWork
  • Murray Hurps: Director of Entrepreneurship, University of Technology Sydney
  • Nathaniel Diong: CEO, Future Minds Network
  • Ned Moorfield: Product Manager, Google Austria
  • Neil Smith: CTO, Simple KYC
  • Neil Smith
  • Neil Roodyn: Director, nsquared solutions
  • Nicola Rushton: Product designer & lean user researcher,
  • Nicola Farrell: Program Manager, muru-D
  • Nicola Panopoulos: Community Manager, UTS Startups
  • Nicole Cook: CEO, SBE Australia
  • Nicole Kersh: Former MD - 4Cabling, Current Founder - The Content Folk
  • Noga Edelstein: Venture Partner, SBE Australia
  • Owen Holbourn: Sales & Marketing Director, ASKO Australia
  • Pascale Hyboud Peron: Facilitator, Startup Weekend New Zealand
  • Paul Krajewski: Co-Director, Founder Institute Sydney & Sr. Product Manager
  • Paul Wenck: Chair, Co-Founder Checkbox
  • Paula Taylor: Executive Director and Co-Founder, West Tech Fest
  • Pavel Reddy: Managing Director, Clearpoint Ventures Pty Ltd
  • Paz Pisarski: Community Manager, Startup Victoria
  • Pernille Aggerholm: Head of Community, Scalare Partners
  • Peta Ellis: Co-Founder, TribeGlobal
  • Pete Horsley: Founder, Remarkable Tech
  • Pete Cooper: Former CIO, KBZ Bank
  • Peter Browne: Owner, Intangible Communications
  • Peter Van Bruchem: Co-Founder, Techboard
  • Philip Freeman: Director of Impact, OpenSC
  • Philip Argy: CEO,
  • Phoebe Zhang: Ambassador, Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center
  • Pouria Kay: Founder, Grib
  • Prashant Gami: CEO & Founder, x•enabler
  • Rachel White: CFO, Self employed
  • Rafael Kimberley Bowen: Investor, Perth Angels
  • Rajeev Gupta: Managing Partner, Alium Capital
  • Rebecca Dooley: Senior Associate, Addisons
  • Rebecca Pham: Program Manager, Launch Pad Innovation Program, Western Sydney University
  • Rebekah Campbell: CEO, Zambesi
  • Reisa Matsuda: Community Manager, Google Japan
  • Richard Frawley: Consulting Director, Black Ink Networks
  • Richard Druce: Co-Founder, Y-Receipts
  • Richard Dale: Committee Member, Sydney Angels Inc.
  • Richard Lin: Investor, AirTree Ventures
  • Rob Rattray: Non-executive Director,
  • Robert Kinkade: CEO, Chasm Digital
  • Roby Sharon Zipser: CFO, hipages Group
  • Rod Bishop: CEO, Poye
  • Roger Do: CEO, QSearch
  • Roger Crellin: Executive General Manager NZ, Universal Communication Group
  • Roman K: Data Scientist, A
  • Ron Hill: Managing Director, SunRamp Health Tech Accelerator
  • Roy Hui: Founder, Pellar Technology Pty Ltd
  • Rui Rodrigues: Managing Partner, Tank Stream Ventures
  • Ryan Cross: Manager for Prototyping, AWS, ANZ & APAC
  • Sally Giblin: Co-Founder, Pure Bundle
  • Sameer Babbar: Director, SVB Group
  • Sandrina Postorino: Committee Member, Sydney Angels Inc.
  • Sarah Curtis Fawley: Director of Programs, SBE
  • Scott Crowe: Lead Recruiter, Canva
  • Scott Glew: Organizer, Morning Startup Perth
  • Shashank Shukla: Founder, Aiisvari
  • Shayne Shepherd: Investment Director, Pioneer Capital
  • Sibel Buyukbaykal: Chief of Staff, Shippit
  • Simon Beckett: Managing Director, First Avenue Ventures
  • Simon Litchfield: CTO, Fusesport
  • Simon Lee: CEO, PromisePay
  • Simon Foster: GM, APAC, Storecove
  • Simon Crawford Ash: Director, Helix Ventures
  • Sorrel Osborne: Head of Growth, Playground xyz
  • Srikanth Muthyala: Investor, Melbourne Angels
  • Stefan Korn: General Manager, Callaghan Innovation
  • Stephen Rutter: Founder, The Scale Institute
  • Steve Fanale: CEO, DriveYello
  • Stuart Mc Gregor: Founder, OSQO
  • Subhaga Amarasekara: Co-Founder, FLAYR
  • Suse Reynolds: Executive Chair, Angel Association New Zealand
  • Tarek Said: Mr, Public speaking for Life
  • Theresa Lim: Founder & CEO, Play2Lead & Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Fusion Labs
  • Tim Seears: General Partner, Fourth State Ventures
  • Tim Prosser: Start Up Business Mentor, Remarkable Tech
  • Tim Fung: CEO, Airtasker
  • Tim Silverwood: Co-Founder, Ocean Impact Organisation
  • Tim O'neill: Co-Founder, CEO, Summon
  • Timo Kugler: Co-Founder, NASH + BANKS
  • Tom Dawkins: Founder/CEO, StartSomeGood
  • Tristan Cole: Co-Founder, Sempo
  • Ursula Hogben: Lawyer, Advisor, Director, Founder & Investor, Zero Emisssions SN Inc
  • Usman Iftikhar: CEO, Catalysr
  • Vanessa Ronan Pearce: Business to Investor Strategist , Objective Marketing
  • Vaughan Knight: Founder, Bit Rave
  • Vern Chan: Startup Coach, Your Pivot
  • Will Davies: CEO, Car Next Door
  • William Wang: Founder/CEO, Growth Labz
  • Zach Varnier: Community & Partnerships Manager, x15 ventures

In the Founder Institute's pre-seed accelerator program, early-stage entrepreneurs and teams build their business alongside a critical support network of local startup experts that share equity in their success, and through a structured and challenging business-building process that has helped alumni raise over $1.75BN. 

After Graduation, the new Australia Founder Institute Portfolio Companies now have a fast-growing company that has been fully validated by experienced startup founders, with access to the Founder Institute's global network and post-graduate support programs to continue building their business. 

Leaders of the world’s fastest-growing startups have used the Founder Institute to raise funding, building a co-founding team, get into seed-accelerators, generate traction, recruit a team, build a product, transition from employee to entrepreneur, and more. Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 200+ cities and 95+ countries, the Founder Institute’s mission is to Globalize Silicon Valley and empower talented and motivated entrepreneurs to build companies that will create one million new jobs.

The next Sydney Spring 2022 Founder Institute program just opened up applications for pre-seed stage founders - to learn more, visit

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Alumni of the Founder Institute are creating some of the world's fastest growing startups, having raised over $1.75BN in funding, and building products people love across over 200 cities worldwide.

See the most recent news from our Grads at, or learn more about their stories at

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