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The Founder Institute, the world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator, is thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership with Rootquotient, a leading product innovation company. The collaboration aims to empower startups and scaleups by providing valuable resources and insights to drive startup growth.

As the Founder Institute’s Global Innovation Partner, Rootquotient will offer free access to an extensive resources library, which includes materials on ideation, product management, product development, and more. This relationship reflects Rootquotient's commitment to giving back to the community and supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Rootquotient specializes in accelerating product innovation for businesses, from startups to large enterprises. Their expertise lies in transforming ideas into viable products and scaling them effectively. Rootquotient takes pride in being a transformative force at the intersection of technology, innovation, and integration.

Rajagopalan Raghavan , CEO of Rootquotient, shared:

"I am excited to collaborate with the Founder Institute in creating content and webinars/workshops for startups and enterprises to address their product innovation challenges."

To kick off the partnership, we are co-hosting an online workshop on June 11th, titled "Startup Success: Mastering the Product Discovery Process." 

This workshop will guide participants through the essential actionable steps of product discovery, helping them identify and solve customer problems effectively. Join our speaker Moshe Mikanovsky, a seasoned product management leader at Rootquotient, who is going to guide startup founders through defining customer profiles, assessing market demands, and integrating effective tools and strategies into your development process.

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Anyone interested in learning more about Rootquotient, can visit their website.

Stay tuned for more updates and events following the Founder Institute and Rootquotien's exciting initiatives.

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