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As we launch the Montreal Founder Institute, we are excited to announce another partnership with FINFUSION, an organization that shares our mission of helping new entrepreneurs in Montreal be successful. 

Finfusion MTL is a non-profit organization that helps develop, promote and support innovation in the finance and technology community (FinTech) in Montreal. Acting as an open, central and independent hub for entrepreneurs, investors, businesses, governments, higher education and research centers, Finfusion aims to grow Montreal FinTech ecosystem and connect them at the national and international levels. 

Through this partnership, members of the FINFUSION community can apply to the program for free ($50 value), and the most extraordinary applicant from the community will be awarded the FINFUSION Fellowship, giving them the opportunity to enroll in the program for free ($1299 USD value). The recipient will be recognized as someone with the utmost potential to become a successful technology entrepreneur.

In order to be eligible for FINFUSION Fellowship for the Montreal Founder Institute, you must complete your application and admissions test by the Early Application Deadline on 2018-11-11, using this link 

The recipient of the Fellowship will be awarded within 5 days after the Deadline.



In the Founder Institute's four-month, part-time program, promising startup entrepreneurs “learn by doing” and launch a company through structured training courses, practical business-building assignments, and expert feedback from a large network of business mentors. Plus, aspiring founders are not required to quit their day job to participate, so they can begin building a business around their ideas without putting their livelihood at risk.

For more information about the program, click here

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