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Now, more than ever, the world needs entrepreneurs to build the future.

As a result, the Founder Institute, the world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator, is excited to announce that it is officially launching its newest chapter in South Africa. While the Silicon-Valley based program has chapters in over 200 cities worldwide, early-stage entrepreneurs in Cape Town and throughout the country can finally now take advantage of the Founder Institute's renowned structure, mentor support, and network to build an enduring company. 

Applications to the first-ever Cape Town Founder Institute are now open, and anyone interested in building a technology company can apply at

The Founder Institute provides high-potential entrepreneurs and teams with the support network and structured growth process needed to get to traction and funding, and build something that matters.

Since 2009, the Founder Institute has helped over  6,800 Alumni raise over $1.75BN funding, get into seed-accelerators, generate traction, recruit a team, build a product, transition from employee to entrepreneur, and more (see the FI 10 Year Impact Report here).

To celebrate the launch, the Founder Institute will host several free online startup events in South Africa, where you can learn from top entrepreneurs and hear more about the program from the comfort of your home:

  • The Data Behind Scaleup Success, with Startup Genome: 7:00pm, Oct 04, 2023 (Africa/Johannesburg):
  • Founder Institute Online Information Session:
  • How to Grow Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn as a Startup Founder: 7:00pm, Oct 11, 2023 (Africa/Johannesburg):
  • Build Your Brand on a Budget: The Founder’s Starter Pack: 7:00pm, Oct 16, 2023 (Africa/Johannesburg):
  • Venture Trailblazers, featuring Scott Belsky (Chief Strategy Officer & EVP, Adobe): 3:45pm, Oct 17, 2023 (Africa/Johannesburg):
  • Goal Setting for Startups – Intro to OKRs: 7:00pm, Oct 18, 2023 (Africa/Johannesburg):
  • Co-Founders Matchmaking: Online Networking Event: 7:00pm, Oct 23, 2023 (Africa/Johannesburg):
  • One-to-One with a Venture Builder : 7:00pm, Oct 25, 2023 (Africa/Johannesburg):
  • Unlock over $500K Monthly Sales with LinkedIn: A Proven Roadmap: 7:00pm, Oct 30, 2023 (Africa/Johannesburg):
  • Pitch Lounge: Practice Pitching Your Business Idea to Startup Experts: 7:00pm, Nov 01, 2023 (Africa/Johannesburg):
  • The Pitch Deck Toolbox: How to Influence Your Audience: 8:00pm, Nov 06, 2023 (Africa/Johannesburg):
  • 3 Things Investors Hate About Online Pitches: 8:00pm, Nov 08, 2023 (Africa/Johannesburg):
  • How to Create a Compelling Brand Story for Your Pitch: 8:00pm, Nov 14, 2023 (Africa/Johannesburg):
  • How to Budget Your Next Round of Funding: 8:00pm, Nov 20, 2023 (Africa/Johannesburg):

The experts that have been critical in bringing the Founder Institute to Cape Town include local startup leaders Deepti Jeram (Co-Founder, Boardroom In A Box), FI SA (XX, NA), Keshni Morar (Managing Director, Founder Institute South Africa + Investable + Jozi Angels + Healthtech Launchpad), Lily Makaleng (Founder & CEO, WANDERFULLYSO), Roheeni Bhana (Founder and Digital Health Strategist, Health Tech LaunchPad).

Opportunities are flourishing in South Africa. There's now a great ecosystem for entrepreneurs - from crowdfunding platforms to digital communities. The Founder Institute can increase an aspiring technology entrepreneur's chance of success by providing the necessary skills and mindset - and a link to the Silicon Valley!

In addition, many of the region's top founders, CEOs, advisors, and investors have signed on to mentor new entrepreneurs in the South Africa Winter 2024 Founder Institute program, including:

  • Abu Bakr Cassim: Founder, Jozi Angels
  • Akua Nyame Mensah: Certified Executive & Leadership Coach, A.N.M & Company
  • Alan Fok: Growth Partner & Leadership Coach, The Forward Coach
  • Alexander Fraser: CEO, Fraser Consulting
  • Andre De Wet: CEO, 2ndBase Inc
  • Annu Augustine: Founder, NedRock
  • Anthony Stonefield: CEO & Co-founder, AutoRegenic Cell Laboratories
  • Ayodeji Agboola: Founder, Akowe
  • Ayodeji Agboola: CEO, Akowe
  • Bade Aluko: Managing Partner, White Hibiscus Capital
  • Bentzy Goldman: Founder, Perflo
  • Berg Moe: Owner, Berg Moe Media
  • Bhairav Patel: Managing Director, Atom CTO
  • Boitumelo "Tumi" Menyatswe: Co-Founder & CEO, OPENSEED & Quantum
  • Brian O. Sing'ora: Brian Obwora Sing'ora, Origee-Nation Ventures
  • Charlotte Luzuka: Co-Founder & Investor, Dazzle Angels
  • Chintan Oza: Founder, Anantam Ecosystems
  • Chris Foltz: Entrepreneur In Residence, Founder Institute + Responsible Solutions Ltd + IRG 100 CMO's & Change Agents
  • Christian Sørensen: CEO & Founder,
  • Corne Korb: Managing Director, X/Procure
  • Craig Corte: CEO, New Media Kagiso Media
  • Dana Ohana: CEO and Co-Founder, Big Consulting
  • Deepti Jeram: CFO | Success Manager, Boardroom In A Box | Founders Institute South Africa
  • Deon Katz: CEO & co-Founder , Graphite Growth
  • Derek Distenfield: Investor, Fundamental Global
  • Deshan Reddy: Director, Crescot
  • Deven Govender, LionPride Investment Holdings
  • Didier Vermeiren: Founder, Rialto
  • Dimitri Anagnostopoulos: Partner, True North Partners
  • Eitan Stern: Director & Lawyer, Legalese
  • Gareth Bleazard: CEO and Founder, Great North Road
  • Gatis Vilcans: Director of Technology, Atom CTO
  • Gbite Oduneye: Founder and Managing Partner, ODBA
  • Giovanni Focaraccio: Product Manager, Potenza
  • Greg Serandos: Founder & CEO, African Academy of Artificial Intelligence
  • Hema Vallabh: Founding Partner, Five35 Ventures
  • Idowu Akinde: Founder, Boolean Labs
  • Jaco De Wet: Independent Consultant, Independent Consultant
  • Jacobus Erasmus: Director, Founder Institute South Africa
  • Jatin Kataria: Founder & CEO, InMeSta
  • Johann Ungerer: Director, Multiple
  • Joshua Murima: Head of Engagement & Investor Relations, Briter Bridges
  • Kamal Hassan: Founding Partner, Loyal VC
  • Katie Mapondera: Founder and Managing Partner, Q L and D LLC
  • Keshni Morar: Managing Director, Founder Institute South Africa + Investable + Jozi Angels + Healthtech Launchpad
  • Kevin Chetty: Founder CEO, Macrocomm Financial Services / Xtenda Housing Finance
  • Kopano Mere: Market Activation Lead, SmartWage
  • Kyle Torrington: Co-Founder , Legal Legends
  • Laila Naidoo: Director , Endstate
  • Leonardo Okpeh: Founder & CEO, Smartblocks
  • Lily Makaleng: Director, Founder Institute South Africa
  • Manoj Ranaweera: Founder & CEO, Techcelerate
  • Marco Broccardo: CEO , Eurocom
  • Mark Kleyner: Co-Founder, Dream VC
  • Mark Fritz: Managing Director, Procedor
  • Mauricio Cardoso: Corporate Venture Manager, O POVO Communication Group
  • Maushami Chetty: Founder and CEO, Aarya Legal & Kleva Contracts
  • Michael O'donnell: Principal, LLC
  • Moritz Gripp: Co-Founder, Futurize
  • Naadiya Moosajee: Co-Founder, WomanHub
  • Nevo Hadas: Director, & innovation
  • Nivesh Pather: Investment Manager, Norrsken22
  • Noah Wallach: Founder, Hope OS
  • Olivier Chas: Entrepreneur, Effective Marketing
  • Ope Banwo: Attorney/Techfounder, Mobisoft360 Inc. + GistHouse
  • Pambos Soteriades: Founder & CEO, PiSigma Consulting
  • Paul Smith: Founder & CEO, Civitas
  • Phumzile Ntola: Success Associate, Founder Institute South Africa
  • Pommie Lutchman: Founder & CEO, Ocular Technologies
  • Roheeni Bhana: Founder, Healthtech Launchpad
  • Russell Brand: CEO & Founder, Responsible Solutions Limited
  • Sabeeha Banubhai: Founder and Experience Director, Jack Studios
  • Sameer Babbar: Director, SVB Group
  • Sameer Sortur: Founding Partner, SquareCircle Ventures
  • Samuel Kwahene: IT Exec, OneConnect Technologies
  • Sanjay Soni: Angel Investor, Jozi Angels
  • Sanjay Rakshit: CPO / CTO, Atom CTO
  • Sheriff Olujide: Managing Partner, SOCS GokSon Capital (SGC) Ventures
  • Sienna Leis: Managing Director, Cova Experience Design
  • Sola Adekanye: Founder, Open Innovation Access
  • S'onqoba Vuba: Co-Founder and MD, Perpetu8
  • Stephan Wessels: Head of Customer Advisory - South Africa, SAS
  • Tamzin Lovell-Miller: Founder & CEO, Artfundi
  • Torrey Smith: Co-Founder & CEO, Endiatx
  • Tracey Chas: Advisor, Allan Gray Orbis Foundation
  • Trevor Longino: Chief Marketing Officer, Unito
  • Wesley Lynch: Founder, Snapplify
  • Yemi Oluseun: Founder/ CEO - Fintech, SaaS Business Growth, Automation & Change Management, The Change Hive

  • And many more to be announced.

The Founder Institute is designed for founders and teams all throughout the pre-seed stage, including aspiring founders with a full-time job, solo founders, teams, and founders of established companies that are pre-funding. The organization's mission is to "Globalize Silicon Valley" and build sustainable startup ecosystems that will create one million new jobs worldwide.

Join us in South Africa and help build the future. 

Apply to the South Africa Winter 2024 Founder Institute today, or learn more at  


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