Evolute, a graduate of the Silicon Valley Founder Institute, has just officially launched their platform designed to help large companies migrate applications to containers and manage them at scale. Their software enables businesses to accelerate their container migration and move their applications to secure containers in minutes, not weeks, at a fraction of the cost, drastically increasing a company’s operations. With Evolute, enterprises can deploy their software to any environment - say, from Amazon EC2 to VCenter - with a 99% success rate and ensure their applications are ready in no time at all, and can optimize infrastructure maintenance and ensure high security and reliability.

In addition to their launch, Evolute is proud to announce that they’ve been chosen to join Chevron Technology Ventures’ Catalyst Program, which focuses on accelerating the maturation of early-stage companies working on technologies that can directly benefit the oil and gas industry, as well as advanced materials and other core software and systems technology. Here’s what Kristopher Francisco, founder and CEO of Evolute, has to say on their participation in the Catalyst Program:

We are honored to work with Chevron as a part of CTV’s Catalyst program. Large enterprises need a lightweight, less costly and scalable environment which can allow applications to move between clouds and closest to the places in which they compute.

Evolute is in good hands. An industry veteran, Kristopher’s previous roles include serving as a Cross Platform Architect at Apple, and numerous positions at Chevron, like Storage & Cluster Analyst and Sr. Infrastructure & Applications Analyst. Often recognized by the container community for his contributions to Docker stats, Kristopher has led internet-scale containerization architectures and developed the company’s first cross-platform cloud. Prior to launching his career in tech, Kristopher studied, conducted researched, and received honors during his Masters of Sciences in Information Technology at Carnegie Mellon University and Bachelors of Science in Information Systems and Decision Sciences from Louisiana State University.

One of the aspects of Evolute that sets them apart from their competitors is their speed and reduced implementation time, enabling enterprises to streamline their software migration from 12-18 months to as little as 3 minutes. Evolute’s flexible storage with each container is also worth noting; unlike other solutions that offer storage at the host level, each Evolute container comes with native storage access that allows software to scale natively and organizations to democratize their landscape.

As Evolute develops and implements its software, its utility in various industries will continue to expand. According to Kristopher,

Evolute is uniquely positioned to impact the energy landscape with its ability to quickly and easily bring large scale business, engineering, and even petrotechnical workloads to the latest generation of cloud capabilities. As a result, this industry-first solution is poised to help large enterprises achieve their goals at a rate which improves their core capabilities at a much reduced cost.

Click here for more information on Evolute.

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