For many years, people believed that entrepreneurship and creative success were innate and were thus impossible to measure. As statistical analysis has progressed, the inaccuracy of this old world-view becomes much more clear.

At the Founder Institute, the world's premier idea-stage accelerator and startup launch program, we have enlisted some of the world's top social scientists to create a system of quantitative analysis for entrepreneurial potential. Since 2009, over 30,000 aspiring entrepreneurs have taken our "Entrepreneur DNA test", and we have been able to correlate this data with the real world performance of over 2,000 companies to determine the unique skillset required to be a successful entrepreneur.

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Here are the basics of how the test functions:

... and here some some example questions from our test. Good luck!

Do you want to take the test? Apply to join an upcoming Founder Institute session!

Click here to see the remaining slides, or scroll down:

Recently, we analyzed our data and found many unique buckets of traits, which we call "Entreprenuer Profiles", that most successful entrepreneurs fall into.

Which one do you think you are?

We have also compared the data geographically, to see where some of the top entrepreneurial personality traits are highest in density..

What does is all mean?

Check out the full presentation below (which you can also embed onto your site).

Entrepreneur DNA - Does It Exist? from The Founder Institute

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