Education platform, DigitalGroundUp, has been selected to participate in The Challenge Cup - a global competition to identify and celebrate the most promising startups tackling the biggest challenges. The competition focuses on innovators in four categories: education, health, energy, and smart cities.

DigitalGroundUp will compete under the education category on Monday, November 4, for the competition’s stop in Chicago. The competition will identify the startups with the potential for transformative solutions to seemingly intractable problems, highlight exciting developments happening in areas of global importance, and spotlight the global startup ecosystem, with an emphasis on key cities around the world. The winner will be awarded a $150,000 prize. See who DigitalGroundUp will be up against here.

The Challenge Cup pitch competition will take place in Chicago on Monday, November 4, from 6 - 10pm. Admission is free. Click here to get your ticket

About DigitalGroundUp
DigitalGroundUp, a graduate of the Chicago Founder Institute, is an interactive technology platform that teaches users how to build their digital marketing strategy from the ground up.

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