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We are thrilled to announce that as of today, the Founder Institute has officially crossed another of those invisible thresholds of progress, now having graduated more than 4,000 program Alumni! To celebrate this milestone, the FI marketing team did an informal survey among some of the Founder Institute HQ staff, to see which FI portfolio companies everyone is following most closely.

We are here to support all Founder Institute portfolio companies, and are proud of the thousands FI program Alumni around the world. As our #FIworldwide family continues to grow, we continue to expand the suite of post-program support and resources that we provide for the lifetimes of all FI portfolio companies - you can learn more about our post-program support at

Without further ado, here is a list of 10 amazing FI companies that are currently catching the attention of at least one member of the Founder Institute HQ team:

Founder & CEO: Jilliene Helman

An FI Los Angeles company, Realty Mogul is leading online real estate capital marketplace, offering commercial equity and commercial debt products nationwide, and changing the way real estate investing and financing is done

Co-Founder: Emilie Vanpoperinghe 

Oddbox is an FI London ag-tech service that purchases imperfect fruits and vegetables directly from local farms, and sells for a fair price via CSA model, delivering fresh produce directly to customers' doorsteps, for less.

Co-Founder & CEO: Charlotte Aschim

TotalCTRL is the FI Olso startup combating commercial food waste through a SaaS solution for tracking food expiration dates coupled with dynamic pricing cability.

Founder & CEO: Harold Hughes

Bandwagon is an FI Greenville company providing college and professional level sports organizations with information about their fans, so that they can improve the game-day experience and fill more seats.

Founder & CEO: Alexei Marchenkov

Bleximo is an FI Silicon Valley company building “quantum accelerators,” special-purpose quantum computation systems that will aid conventional computers in solving industry’s hardest practical problems.

Founder & CEO: Tom Arnold 

PetHub is an FI Seattle company working with municipalities to enhance their pet licensing programs, moving them to modern digital ID tags, increasing their pet licensing compliance, and reducing animal entry into shelters.

Founder: Khalil Zahar

FightCamp (formerly Hykso) is an FI Montreal company delivering the best elements of a world class boxing gym directly into your home. Powerful and motivating workouts, expert-led instruction, and elite trainers combined with the same premium equipment used by the pros

Founder & CTO: Ivan Stamatovski

Easy Aerial is an FI NewYork company developing advanced, holistic aerial monitoring solutions for designated sites and locations security and surveillance, revolutionizing security and safety through smart Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Founder & CEO: Philip Lorenzo 

MindFare is an FI Seattle company developing a social meditation platform to inspire and motivate people to keep practicing meditation, by practicing together: to reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve mood.

Founder & CEO: Ignacio Bermeo

Trato is an FI Mexico City company that has developed a blockchain-powered application enabling SMEs to quickly and easily transform their recurring contract paperwork into fully automated workflows.

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