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Each year, The Founder Institute helps launch hundreds of technology companies across the globe. Once founders graduate from our 4-month program, they quickly begin using techniques like crowdfunding campaigns to drum up interest and obtain funding.

To help further their efforts, we’ve introduced the series, “Crowdfunding Pick of The Week,” designed to showcase the most promising Founder Institute Graduates in our community. Stay tuned, you may be the first to discover the next BIG product, application, or software.

Waki Yoneoka, a graduate of the Singapore Founder Institute, and the founder of Memom noticed that with the increasing use of social media, parents forgot the art of creating family photo albums. Now that times have changed, many parents have given up creating photo albums for their kids. Yet, photos are a great way for parents to capture special moments and preserve wonderful memories of their children. Since childhood can go by really quickly, preserving memories of your children during their early stages of their lives is extremely important.  

My mother created photo albums of my own childhood. I really loved looking at them and they contributed greatly to my identity. So, it was a shocking experience when I learned that nowadays many parents don’t have time to create photo albums for their children.” 

Memom is a photo-tech startup that first launched its beta iOS App at the end of April 2015, and has been developing a full set of products to create a platform where people can easily organize photos. 

Memom organizes memorable photos for families with small children. Memom’s name was inspired by two words ‘Memory’ and ‘Moment’. Memom’s beta iOS app automatically sorts photos by the date the photos were taken, and displays them along beautiful timelines which are created for each child. This enables parents to reminisce the progress of their children from their births and look back at their children's priceless moments. 

Memom distinguishes themselves from other photo storage or sharing products by improving the user's experience of “photo selection”. Once they complete the integration of face recognition technology, the system will identify only the photos that include family members’ faces. Consequently, users can expedite the selection of important photos that retain deep personal meanings out of other random photos such as food photos or screenshots.

Memom is running a crowdfunding campaign to bring their product to the next level, and they need your support. They plan to integrate with face recognition, add printing options, and build an Android app soon.

Support their crowdfunding campaign here and preserve great memories for the next generation!

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