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Today, the Founder Institute, the world's premier pre-seed startup accelerator, is excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for the Moscow 2019 program!

If you could use a structured process and feedback from Moscow's top entrepreneurs to build a startup, then apply to the Moscow 2019 Founder Institute today.

Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 180+ cities worldwide, the Founder Institute provides high-potential entrepreneurs and teams with the critical support network and structured process needed to build an enduring company. Since 2009, the program has helped over 3,500 Graduates raise over $800M funding, get into seed-accelerators, generate traction, recruit a team, build a product, transition from employee to entrepreneur, and more.

To celebrate the launch, the Founder Institute will host several free startup events in Moscow, where you can learn from top entrepreneurs and hear more about the program:

The Moscow program is led by some of the region's top startup leaders, including Dmitry Gordienko (CEO, Gordinvest), Leyla Romanova (Product owner, Sberbank), Nikolai Vinogradov (Mr, Intuit).

In addition, some of Moscow's top entrepreneurs, CEOs, and investors will be participating in the program, providing them with expert training, feedback, and evaluation. The list of mentors for the Moscow Founder Institute includes:

  • Adeo Ressi: Founder/CEO, Founder Institute
  • Alex Kostyrya: CEO, Deliverator
  • Alex Panas
  • Alex Boiko: ceo, e-tickets
  • Alexander Yanykhbash: Presentation Trainer
  • Alexander Naslednikov: CEO, GBooking
  • Alexander Popov: CEO,
  • Alexandra Marshakova: Project Leader , The Boston Consulting Group
  • Alexei Sidnev: CEO, Senior Group
  • Alexey Chernyak: CEO,
  • Alexey Natekin: Founder, DM Labs
  • Alexey Voronin: Agile Coach, ScrumTrek
  • Anastasia Lyustina: CEO & Founder, LeClick
  • Anatoli Makarevich: Founder, Gistroll; Educa
  • Andrey Malakhov: Co-founder, Edasla
  • Andrey Kazakov: CEO, AppScotch, Inc.
  • Anna Grom: Legal&Business Advisor at Private Investment Fund, Business Angel and Entrepreneur, Private Investment Group, U.S. Department of State
  • Anton Malkov: CEO,
  • Anton Outkine: Partner
  • Anton Inshutin: Managing Partner, InVenture Partners
  • Anton Gopka: Partner, Atema Capital
  • Anton Berestnev: PR Director, VH Advisors
  • Arseny Dabbakh: Partner, RB Partners
  • Artem Elmuratov: Founder, CEO, Genotek
  • Artemy Malkov: CEO, Flexis
  • Bayram Annakov: CEO, App in the air
  • Constantine Ivanov: CEO & Founder, DigiFabster
  • Daniel Villanueva: Attache, Spanish Embassy in Moscow
  • Denis Dovgopoliy: Partner, Founder, BVU Group
  • Denis Alaev: Founder and CEO, Unicorn Bay
  • Denis Kondrahin, PPF
  • Dim Dubinsky: CEO, melodrom
  • Dimitri Popov: CEO, CatchTech Inc.
  • Dmitry Repin: CEO, Ecamb
  • Dmitry Kirillov: Partner
  • Dmitry Maslennikov: CEO, MetaBeta
  • Dmitry Goldov: CEO, GetIntent
  • Dmitry Firskin: Associate, AltaIR VC
  • Dmitry Matskevich: Co-founder, icon8
  • Dmitry Romashev: Head of M&A Legal, Yandex
  • Dmitry Baranov: Брендменеджер, Avantagency
  • Dmitry Gordienko: CEO, Gordinvest
  • Egor Rudi: CEO,
  • Eugen Seah: CEO, Trainium
  • Eugene Gordeev: Managing Partner, Russian Ventures
  • Evgeniya Sluchak: Marketing Director, Partner, EPFC Group
  • Evgeny Rylov: Head of Department, Bank
  • Evgeny Fioletov: CEO, Polyarnaya Zvezda
  • Evgueny Miroy: CEO, Buber
  • George Levin: CEO and Co-founder,
  • George Mikaberydze: CEO и Со-Основатель, 100AM
  • German Kaplun: Founder and CEO, TMT Investments, RBK media group
  • Gleb Nikulin: Co-founder, TopDelivery
  • Grachik Adzhamyan: CEO, Budist / Wakie
  • Grigory Sapunov: co-Founder & CTO,
  • Grigory Lazarev: CEO, GRI
  • Igor Antarov: Co-founder, Director of communications, Technology evangelist, MOSCOW TESLA CLUB
  • Igor Avdonin: Founder and CEO, Divine Co
  • Ilya Gelfenbeyn: CEO
  • Ilya Sidorov: CEO, Adeptima
  • Ilya Korolev: Investments manager, IIDF
  • Ilya Kurylev: CEO, Gamification Now!
  • Ilya Khanykov: Investor & Manager, Internet Startups
  • Ilya Krasinsky: Founder and CEO, Magic ink
  • Ilya Rastorguev: CEO, CDBITS.NET
  • Ivan Kochetov: CEO, RZLTT Accelerator
  • Ivan Kochetov: Head of Methodology, Thewaay
  • Jason Herwitz: Partner, VH Advisors
  • Julia Litvinova: CEO, exeStation
  • Julia Brovkina: CEO, Pax tecum
  • Kirill Tishin: Investment Director, Kama Flow Business Launcher
  • Kosta Popov: CEO, Cappasity
  • Leo Batalov: Partner, Head Emerging Growth Companies & Venture Capital Russia & CIS, DLA Piper
  • Leonid Italyantsev: Business consultant and coach
  • Lewdmila Pavlova: Director, TimePad
  • Lyubov Simonova-Emelyanova: Principal, RVC SeedFund
  • Lyudmila Bulavkina: Founder & CEO, Фонд ангельских инвестиций "Ангелы Ч"
  • Marina Ross: Founder, CEO, Hydrop
  • Mariya Glazkova: PR Director, LinguaLeo
  • Max Shekhovtsov: Managing Director, Genezis Capital
  • Maxim Krutko: Инвестиционный директор, Базовый Элемент
  • Michael Byrne: Founder,
  • Mikhael Korneev: co-founder, GreenfieldProject
  • Mikhail Zarin: co-founder,
  • Mikhail Zonenashvili: Founder, 613 and WEB SMILE
  • Mikhail Daykhin: CEO, KMPKV
  • Mikita Mikado: Founder, CEO
  • Misha Lyalin: Chairman & CEO
  • Nailya Zamashkina: Chief Operation Officer
  • Nata Pokrovskaya: Communicatios and branding expert
  • Natalia Pokrovskaya: Producer
  • Natalia Kolupaeva: Managing Partner, Chicago Booth Angels Network of Russia
  • Nick Mikhailovsky: CEO, NTR Lab
  • Nicolas Chavrot: Serial founder and investor
  • Nikolai Vinogradov
  • Oleg Yakubenkov
  • Oleg Sotenko: Moscow Representative, Redtree Solutions
  • Olga Larkina: Coach and consultant, Plekhanov University
  • Olga Sivitskaya
  • Pavel Bespalko: Managing Attorney, Tricorne & Co., PC
  • Pavel Doronin: Founder&CEO,, Chatbots and AI Community
  • Pavel Ishanov: CEO, RKKA
  • Pavel Manik: CEO, White Sqare
  • Petr Tatischev: Director
  • Roman Boldyrev: Chief Executive Officer , R&D
  • Roman Gilmanov: CEO, Compensair LTD
  • Roman Yankovskiy: Partner
  • Rybachek Alexander: Head of Department, Bank
  • Sergei Mitrofanov: CEO, Agency One
  • Sergey Gribov: Partner, Flint Capital
  • Sergey Kiykov: CEO
  • Sergey Kurlovich: CEO/Founder, Invisible Ltd
  • Shahab Kaviani: Co-Founder, Chief Entrepreneurs Office, CoFoundersLab
  • Taisiya Kudashkina: CEO
  • Tatiana Dvenadtsatova: Lawyer, Consulting
  • Timofei Rakin: Founder CEO, Indigo Kids LLC
  • Vadim Balashov: Partner, GVA LaunchGurus Fund
  • Vadim Khomenko: Head of Department, Bank
  • Val Jerdes: Partner, Innov8 Global Ventures
  • Valentin Preobrazhenskiy: Founder-CEO Zalogo / FoundersDevelopers
  • Vasily Esmanov: CEO, MakeSense
  • Viacheslav Semenchuk: Startup-Surgeon,, my-apps,
  • Victor Lysenko
  • Vitaliy Khitrov: Founder CEO, KudaGo (2 mn users)
  • Vitaly Alexandrov: СEO & Founder, Out of Cloud
  • Vitaly Krylov: CEO, Papajobs
  • Vlad Davydov: CEO, 3Plet
  • Vladimir Kovalsky: CEO, Medesk
  • Vladimir Maslyakov: Co-founder, CTO, http://kl10ch
  • Vladimir Klimontovich: Co-founder & CTO, GetIntent
  • Vladimir Mamut: Founder & CEO, “Lucky Child”
  • Vladimir Vinogradov
  • Vladimir Rudenko: CEO, Olimpic-EGE
  • Vladislav Tropko: High tech investor with >15 years of experience
  • Yuri Fedoseev: Founder, CEO, DaOffice
  • Денис Никитин: Директор центра сертификации и стандартизации Сколково, Skolkovo (
  • Евгений Рябов: Бизнес-юрист, co-founder,
  • Тимур Ядгаров: Chairman, CEO, ACGMoscow, website is www.ядгаров.рф

  • And many more to be announced.

The Founder Institute is designed for founders and teams all throughout the pre-seed stage, including aspiring founders with a full-time job, solo founders, teams, and founders of established companies that are pre-funding. The Founder Institute's mission is to "Globalize Silicon Valley" and create sustainable startup ecosystems that will create one million new jobs worldwide.

Join us in Moscow to build a great company in 2019. 

Apply to the Moscow 2019 Founder Institute today, or learn more at  

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