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The Founder Institute, the world’s most proven network to turn ideas into fundable startups, is excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for the Bali 2024 program!

If you could use a structured process and a lifetime of support from Bali's top investors and entrepreneurs to build a startup, then apply to the Bali 2024 Founder Institute today.

Since 2009, our highly-structured accelerator programs have helped entrepreneurs at the earliest stages grow quickly, know what to do next, and make connections with the largest community of startup advisors.

It all starts with our renowned ‘FI Core’ accelerator, which pushes founders at the idea and pre-seed stages to reach the milestones needed for investment and sustained growth. Alumni of FI Core then receive free access to our advanced ‘Founder Lab’ accelerators for years to come, and can get matched with prospective investors in the FI Venture Network, a collection of global funds actively investing in the earliest rounds of funding.

To celebrate the launch, the Founder Institute will host several free online startup events in Bali, where you can learn from top entrepreneurs:

Bali Events:

  • Pitch Your Ideas to Bali Investors and Experts, Online: 7:00pm, May 21, 2024 (Asia/Singapore):

Global or Regional Events:

  • Founder Institute Online Information Session:
  • Employee to Entrepreneur: How to Make the Transition to Startup Founder: 1:00am, May 23, 2024 (Asia/Singapore):
  • Startup Pitch Practice: Share Your Idea and Get Expert Feedback: 8:00am, May 28, 2024 (Asia/Singapore):
  • [Restricted] Venture Trailblazers, featuring James Currier (Founding Partner at NFX): 10:45pm, Jun 12, 2024 (Asia/Singapore):
  • How to Come Up with Great Startup Ideas: 8:00am, Aug 29, 2024 (Asia/Singapore):
  • Employee to Entrepreneur: How to Make the Transition to Startup Founder: 8:00am, Sep 03, 2024 (Asia/Singapore):
  • Startup Fundraising Q&A: Meet Investors from the FI Venture Network: 8:00am, Oct 15, 2024 (Asia/Singapore):
  • How to Come Up with Great Startup Ideas: 8:00am, Oct 24, 2024 (Asia/Singapore):
  • Co-Founder Networking: Find a Business Partner: 9:00am, Nov 19, 2024 (Asia/Singapore):
  • What is Entrepreneur DNA? Insights from 15 Years of Social Science Research: 9:00am, Nov 26, 2024 (Asia/Singapore):
  • Startup Fundraising Q&A: Meet Investors from the FI Venture Network: 9:00am, Dec 24, 2024 (Asia/Singapore):

The Bali program is led by some of the region's top startup leaders, including Julia Milaeva (Co-Founder & Local Leader, Founder Institute Bali ), Samuel Ayvazyan (Founder, FI Bali), Shushana Davtyan (Marketing Specialist, Founder Institute Bali), Titasya Anugraheni (Co-Founder & Local Leader, Founder Institute Bali).

In addition, some of Bali's top investors, entrepreneurs, and CEOs will be participating in the program, providing them with expert feedback and evaluation. The list of startup mentors for the Bali Founder Institute includes:

  • Adi Sudewa: Co-Founder, Farmacare
  • Adrian Keet: Co-Founder, Petrichor Planet
  • Agnes Kay: Head Of Business Development, Livit International
  • Alessandra Fesillia: Startup Lecturer, STMIK Primakara
  • Alex Samson: Founder & CEO, dvhb
  • Alvon Timotius: Founder, ALV Marketing
  • Anna Dubrovsky Gaupp: Investor, IBI
  • Antoine Fontaine: Co-Founder, Skillzy
  • Arcui Usoara: Founder/CEO, Iaculus
  • Barbara Mutedzi: Founder, DYL
  • Belinda Pham: VC Investor & Scout | Web3 & Blockchain, Brinc
  • Brian Proffitt: Partner, Disruptive Capital Finance
  • Chinara Askerzade: Managing Partner at PocketVC early-stage VC, PocketVC Studio and PocketVC Technologies Inc
  • Chintan Oza: Founder, Anantam Ecosystems
  • Chloe Handelman: Operations Consultant, Independent Consultant
  • Christoph Sollich: Christoph Sollich - The Pitch Doctor, The Pitch Doctor
  • Csaba Bundik: CEO, CETA Investment Consulting
  • David Yeng: Managing Partner, Founders Venture Capital
  • Dennish Tjandra: VP of Investment, SPIL Ventures
  • Ditto Anindita: Founder & CEO, Botika
  • Emilio San José Guiote: Digital Transformation, Manufacturing Indonesia
  • Faiz Ghifari: Founder & CEO, Belajarlagi
  • Florian Jacques: Co-Founder & CEO, Midstay
  • Giannandrea Giammanco: Founder, CEO, FVTURA
  • Guillaume Catella: Co-founder, Creatella Impact
  • Hanah Tran: Founder, Chief Strategy Officer, Fyber V, FHH Ventures
  • Hannah Dahl: Co-Founder & Managing Director, CoWomen
  • Hugo Messer: Co-Founder, MDTCube
  • Igor Volodin: Product Advisor, Prosto Meditation
  • Ihlasul A'mal: Founder & CEO, Wibinx
  • Ilya Shkirenko: Technical Founder / CTO, PlattoAI
  • Indria Puspita: Founder, KitaPixel Digital Mandiri
  • Inra Sumahamijaya: Technical Consultant, BAPPENAS
  • Isabel Pablo: Founder, GK Innovations Lab
  • Ivan Tyumenyev: Founder, CEO, MetaEditor
  • Jeffrey Broer: Investor, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Kohpy Ventures
  • Jenni Risku: Impact Partner, Click Ventures
  • Jimmi Saputra: CEO & Founder, TiGA TOKEN DiGiTAL Inc.
  • Joyce Tay: Chief Strategy Officer, Posterity Fund
  • Juli Anda: Founder & CEO, Biwabits
  • Julia Milaeva: CFO, Freedom Incubator
  • Julien Sicard: CEO, The Genius Group
  • Justyna Jastrzebska: Co-Founder & CEO, 500 Global Mentor, Better Within
  • Karin Wellbrock: Mrs. / Partner , Kay Group K.K.
  • Karlie Cummins: Founder, Bali Buddies
  • Khafid Gunawan: Co-Founder & CEO, AntriQue
  • Kyle Hil: Founder, Growora
  • Lana Shevchenko: Founder , Strategic Marketing Advisor, Founders & Startups
  • Lavina Ramkissoon: Africa's Voice - Chairperson and Director #aiMom, Founder Institute
  • Lavinia Iosub: Founder, Livit Hub Bali & Remote Skills Academy
  • Luthfi Juharta: Startup Lead, Xendit
  • Lyubov Dementyuk: Co-Founder, MUSTARD
  • Maaike Doyer: Founder, Epic Angels
  • Made Artana: Founder, STMIK Primakara
  • Madeleine Madeleine: Mentor, Startup Grind Beijing
  • Marc Hernandez: Co-Founder & CTO, Planboo
  • Maria Matloub: designer | podcaster | advisor, GGUTT
  • Matthieu Chauveau: Founder, Tropic Invest
  • Max Yampolsky: CEO, One Button Capital
  • Mayur Singh: Co-Founder, Green Collective SG
  • Ming Xia Ho: Head of Global Community, Draper Startup House
  • Nafiseh Gholami: Founder & CEO, I Self Coach B.V.
  • Nicholas Vasilkov: Startup-mentor,
  • Onnie Khristanto: Chief Executive Officer, Emerhub Indonesia
  • Paloma Lecheta: Regional Director - LatAm, Founder Institute
  • Patrick Zulueta: Co-founder ,
  • Pavel Hegai: Founder, Heg AI
  • Pavel Osokin: CEO & Co-Founder, AMAI
  • Peter Lazou: Creative Future Venture Builder & Investor, otherDOTS
  • Pietro Bonomo: CEO, Viral Octopus
  • Putu Rahman Desyanta: CEO, Baliola
  • Robbie Marquis: CEO, Kommunitas
  • Robert Ian Bonnick: Director, Karya Lyfe Group
  • Roger Do: Co-Founder, QSearch
  • Roman Kumar Vyas: CEO & Co-founder, Refocus
  • Rukesh Varan: Partner, Digital Nomads Ventures
  • Sameer Sortur: Founding Partner, SquareCircle Ventures
  • Samuel Ayvazyan: Founder
  • Shushana Davtyan: Inbound Marketing Specialist, FreeDOM Development CJSC
  • Simona Bali: Head of Investor Program, GoingVC
  • Solomon Asad: Principal, SSCP
  • Steve Sudy: Senior Innovation Manager, Creitive
  • Tamir Oliver Feldmann: Founder and CEO, ecohero world
  • Tassa Agustriana: Founder, THRIVE FOOD Consulting
  • Tijana Momirov: Startup Consultant - Product Management, StartupSetup
  • Tom Courly: Co-Founder, Bali Investment Club
  • Vy Nguyen: Founder, Beauty in Bali
  • Yemi Oluseun: Founder/ CEO - Fintech, SaaS Business Growth, Automation & Change Management, The Change Hive
  • Yuwono Wicaksono: Founder & CEO, Goorita

  • And many more to be announced.

Join us in Bali to build a great company in 2024. 

Apply to the Bali 2024 Founder Institute today, or learn more at  

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