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The Founder Institute, the world’s most proven network to turn ideas into fundable startups, is excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for the Qatar program!

If you could use a structured process and a lifetime of support from Qatar's top investors and entrepreneurs to build a startup, then apply to the Qatar Founder Institute today.

Since 2009, our highly-structured accelerator programs have helped entrepreneurs at the earliest stages grow quickly, know what to do next, and make connections with the largest community of startup advisors.

It all starts with our renowned ‘FI Core’ accelerator, which pushes founders at the idea and pre-seed stages to reach the milestones needed for investment and sustained growth. Alumni of FI Core then receive free access to our advanced ‘Founder Lab’ accelerators for years to come, and can get matched with prospective investors in the FI Venture Network, a collection of global funds actively investing in the earliest rounds of funding. 

To celebrate the launch, the Founder Institute will host several free online startup events in Qatar, where you can learn from top entrepreneurs:

  • Founder Institute Online Information Session:

The Qatar program is led by some of the region's top startup leaders, including Dr. Hanan El Basha (Founder & CEO, The Business Doctor & The Global Businesswomen), Founder Institute Qatar, Katie Mapondera (Founder & Managing Director, Q L and D LLC).

In addition, some of Qatar's top investors, entrepreneurs, and CEOs will be participating in the program, providing them with expert feedback and evaluation. The list of startup mentors for the Qatar Founder Institute includes:

  • Abdullah Soomro: CEO, My Book Qatar
  • Abdulrazaq Elayyan: Founder, Optics CenteR
  • Abeer Kamal: Senior Territory Sales Manager, Oracle
  • Ahmad Al-Saygh: Entrepreneur and Advisor, Bedaya Center
  • Ahmed Fawzi: Founder and CEO, MICEtribe
  • Ahmed Diab: Mergers & Acquistions Advisor, CBA (Cross Border Associates)
  • Aicha Ghaffari: Entrepreneur, Project Manager and Advisor to the Board., Confidential
  • Alain Readman Valiquette: Founder and CEO, Accelerator App
  • Allan Villegas: Ph.D., KETZALIA
  • Amru Elfil
  • Anika Luthra: Founder & CEO, Creative Notion
  • Antônio Roquim Neto: Managing Director, Nasser Bin Khaled International, NBKI
  • Astrid Chedid: Regional Director for LAC and Spain, Annual Investment Meeting
  • Asuman Dayican Abdullatiff: Group Head - Proprietary Investments, Bank of Muscat
  • Awdesh Chetal: CEO, HyperThink Systems
  • Baaghil .: The Brand Scientist, Baaghil
  • Bachar Samawi: Founder & CEO, Bachar Samawi Innovations, LLC
  • Bertrand Alexis
  • Bret Barnard: Director of Business Development, BPO Engineering / QuAnTuM Services
  • Bryan D'souza: Strategic Alliances & Partner Ecosystem Lead, R3
  • Carly Jane Figgis: General Manager, BBR Design
  • Charles Vincent: Managing Director, A101
  • Chintan Oza: Founder, Anantam Ecosystems
  • Chris Foltz: Entrepreneur In Residence, Founder Institute + Responsible Solutions Ltd + IRG 100 CMO's & Change Agents
  • Diala Daoud: Co-founder and Accelerator Program Specialist, TASMU Accelerator
  • Dr. Hanan El Basha: Founder, The Business Doctor & The Global Businesswomen
  • Dr. Luana Ozemela: Founder and Investor, DIMA
  • Enad Kanaan: Programs Manager, Digital Incubation Center
  • Evans Osemwegie: Managing Director, Founder Institute Latvia
  • Fahim Muscatwalla: Investor, Self employed
  • Faraj Abdulla: Angel Investor, Qatar
  • Fatima Al Thani: Project Coordinator, Digital Incubation Center
  • Firas Sleiman: Founder & CEO, TEN
  • Francisco De Sousa: Managing Director, Talabat
  • George Cigale: President, Littera Education
  • Hany Sayed: Digital Transformation Advisor, Happenize Digital
  • Howaida Nadim: Founder and CEO, PurpleBox e-Commerce
  • Idowu Akinde: Founder, Boolean Labs
  • Jahongir Burhonov: Vice President - Business Development, Qatar Financial Centre
  • Julio Cesar Cosmo: CEO, Juntos Campus
  • Katie Mapondera: Founder and Managing Partner, Q L and D LLC
  • Khadija Usman: Founder, Grit Coaching Pvt. Ltd.
  • Lena Levine: Founder, Lena Levine Studio
  • Leo Gmeiner: CEO e Co-founder, School Guardian
  • Maha Alkhalawi: Assistant Director, Innovation, EY
  • Mara Rada: CEO & Chief of Strategy, Feral (
  • Marc Reaidi: Head of Compliance, Deloitte
  • Marcel Ionescu: CTO Venture Partner, TRAC Expert Consulting
  • Marcel Dridje: Member of the Supervisory Board, Sophia Business Angels
  • Matthew Heaton: Partner and Head of Office in Qatar, Al Tamimi & Company
  • Michael Javier: CEO and Founder, CWALLET
  • Michael Jay: President, Educational Systemics, Inc.
  • Michael T. Dalby: Legal Manager, Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) Authority
  • Mohamed Sultan: Founder & CEO, TurnDigital
  • Munera Al Dosari: CEO, Starlink QA
  • M. Yasser Hamad: Co-Founder & President, iHorizons
  • Nadine Zerrini: Corporate Innovation Leader, Harvard University
  • Omar Ashour: Cofounder & CEO, E-Butler
  • Pavan Kumar: Founder, 3pmVentures
  • Puvanesvarar Mailvaganam, Puvanesvarar Consulting
  • Russell Brand: CEO & Founder, Responsible Solutions Limited
  • Saad Moazam: Management Consultant - Energy & Innovation, EY
  • Safarudheen Farook: Founder, Spendwisor
  • Salman Shaban: Salman Shaban, Lucky Star Alloys WLL
  • Sara Daniel: CEO, Doha Tech Angels
  • Shamim Chowdhury: Co-founder & Chief Empowerment Officer, LETSRISE
  • Sherif Elmasry: CEO and Founder - Maverika/ CCO and Partner - Macber, Macber/ Maverika
  • Sondos Alkhraisha: Founder, Educarso
  • Sophie Smith: Founder and CEO, Nabta Health
  • Soumaya Ben Beya Dridje: Associate, imVentures
  • Stephanie Nour Prince: Partner, Network and Operations, Nuwa Capital
  • Steve Mackie: Founder, Business Start Up Qatar
  • Suleiman Al Khateeb: Executive Director - Corporate Development, -
  • Tejinder Singh: Founder, 360 Nautica
  • Victor Madueño: Experience Consulting Director | Business & Digital Transformation | Startup Mentor & Angel Investor, Epam Middle East
  • Walied Albasheer: CEO, Intuitio VC
  • Wisam Costandi: Founder & Managing Director, Informatica Qatar
  • Yaschin Mohabir: Chief of Staff and Head of Special Projects, Qatar Freezone Authority
  • Zaheer Nasser: Co-Founder | Managing Partner, Doctoori Connect

  • And many more to be announced.

Join us in Qatar to build a great company in 2023. 

Apply to the Qatar Founder Institute today, or learn more at  

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