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The Founder Institute, the world’s most proven network to turn ideas into fundable startups, is excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for the Legal Tech program!

If you could use a structured process and a lifetime of support from Legal Tech's top investors and entrepreneurs to build a startup, then apply to the Legal Tech Founder Institute today.

Since 2009, our highly-structured accelerator programs have helped entrepreneurs at the earliest stages grow quickly, know what to do next, and make connections with the largest community of startup advisors.

It all starts with our renowned ‘FI Core’ accelerator, which pushes founders at the idea and pre-seed stages to reach the milestones needed for investment and sustained growth. Alumni of FI Core then receive free access to our advanced ‘Founder Lab’ accelerators for years to come, and can get matched with prospective investors in the FI Venture Network, a collection of global funds actively investing in the earliest rounds of funding. 

To celebrate the launch, the Founder Institute will host several free online startup events in Legal Tech, where you can learn from top entrepreneurs:

  • Venture Trailblazers, featuring Scott Belsky (Chief Strategy Officer & EVP, Adobe): 2:45pm, Oct 17, 2023 (Europe/London):
  • Founder Institute Online Information Session:
  • Co-Founders Matchmaking: Online Networking Event: 6:00pm, Oct 23, 2023 (Europe/London):
  • One-to-One with a Venture Builder : 6:00pm, Oct 25, 2023 (Europe/London):
  • Unlock over $500K Monthly Sales with LinkedIn: A Proven Roadmap: 5:00pm, Oct 30, 2023 (Europe/London):
  • Pitch Lounge: Practice Pitching Your Business Idea to Startup Experts: 5:00pm, Nov 01, 2023 (Europe/London):
  • The Pitch Deck Toolbox: How to Influence Your Audience: 6:00pm, Nov 06, 2023 (Europe/London):
  • 3 Things Investors Hate About Online Pitches: 6:00pm, Nov 08, 2023 (Europe/London):
  • How to Budget Your Next Round of Funding: 6:00pm, Nov 20, 2023 (Europe/London):

The Legal Tech program is led by top startup leaders, including Amit Bhanot (Founding Partner, Runway 6 Ventures), Andrea Monti (Board member, Venture Partner, CEO, Fortuite Foundation), Andres Jara (Cofounder, Kea Technology Inc.), FI LegalTech, Firat Kavlak (Founding Partner, Kavlak Law Firm), Mesut Keskin (Founder & CEO, Microfon), NUR HILAL GERCEK (Head of KONG, Kavlak Law Firm ).

In addition, some of Legal Tech's top investors, entrepreneurs, and CEOs will be participating in the program, providing them with expert feedback and evaluation. The list of startup mentors for the Legal Tech Founder Institute includes:

  • Ahmet Kılıçaslan: Venture Capital Investor, Porsche Ventures
  • Altaf Qureshi: CEO, Co Founder and Barrister, Wukla and Paksign
  • Amit Bhanot: Managing Partner, Runway 6 Ventures
  • Andrea Monti: Managing Director Impact and Sustainability, Founder Institute
  • Andres Jara: CEO, Alster Legal
  • Andrew Forman: Vice President, TD Cowen
  • Anita Lee: Owner & Marketing Specialist, Catch Communications
  • Ankur Pathak: Head of Investment, London Real Ventures
  • Anna De stefano: Chief Legal Design & Communication Officer, Doorway
  • Anthony Rose: Founder & CEO, SeedLegals
  • Anthony Calpas: Managing Partner, Karukera Capital
  • Ayşe İnal
  • Benjamin Alarie: Founder & CEO, Blue J
  • Brett Calhoun: Managing Director & GP, Scale VC
  • Buke Cuhadar
  • Büşra Yılmaz: Investment Director , DOMiNO Ventures
  • Çağdaş Yıldız: Managing Partner, Simya VC
  • Damla Ilıca: Investment Manager at StartupFon, Startupfon
  • Ebru Metin: CEO, Legal Design Turkey
  • Edward Stevenson: Investment Manager , SFC Capital
  • Emre Gökşin
  • Eren Askin
  • Evren Değerlier: Entrepreneurship & Business Development Manager, Sabancı University
  • Ezequiel Pellegrini: Founder, Brevity
  • Fatih Öztoprak: Managing Director, Qangels
  • Fırat Barış Kavlak: Founding Partner, Kavlak Law Firm
  • Gökçe Gizer: Board Member, Eden Base
  • Gokhan Odyakmaz: Head of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, NEOHUB
  • Gülce Horatacı: Investment Manager, StartersHub
  • Gunce Onur: General Partner, Startup Wise Guys
  • Gurinder Chahal: Managing Partner, Uncharted Capital
  • Haluk Nişli: General Manager, Inveo Ventures
  • Holger Zscheyge: Board Member , European Legal Technology Association (ELTA)
  • Kadir Elgün: Co-Founder , eTaşın
  • Kıvanç Harputlu: Co-Founder & CEOCo-Founder CEO, PCI Checklist
  • Leonardo Barrientos: Co-Founder & CEO, Lexgo
  • Mehru Aygül: General Manager, Entrepreneurship Foundation
  • Melis Dural: Founder & CEO,
  • Mesut Keskin: Founder & CEO, Microfon
  • Noah Wallach: Founder, Hope OS
  • Nur Hilal Gercek: Head of KONG, Kavlak Law Firm
  • Oğuzhan Çelebi
  • Pablo Balancini: CEO & Co-Founder, Legal HUB
  • Reshika Dhir
  • Rishi Dhir: Head of Canada, Transactional Insurance Solutions, Willis Towers Watson
  • Saroop Bharwani: CEO, Senso
  • Selma Bahcivanoglu: Managing Director, Simya VC
  • Serkan Ünsal
  • Shubham Datta: VP, Corporate Development & Ventures, Clio
  • Steven Fyke: Founder, SnapPea Design
  • Süha Soydan: Entrepreneurship Support Programs Manager, Özyeğin University
  • Tarun Gulati: Founder & CEO, Adios
  • Thibauld Favre: Co-CEO & Founder, Fairmint
  • Tijana Momirov: Startup Consultant - Product Management, StartupSetup
  • William Stringer, Chisos Capital
  • Ziya Alpay: Chief Innovation Officer, Sabanci University
  • Zülal Erdoğan: Investment Expert, SeedLegals

  • And many more to be announced.

Join the Legal Tech chapter to build a great company in 2023. 

Apply to the Legal Tech Founder Institute today, or learn more at  

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