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Today, the Founder Institute, the world's largest pre-seed startup accelerator, is excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for the Florida Fall 2022 program!

If you could use a structured process and a lifetime of support from Miami's top investors and entrepreneurs to build a startup, then apply to the Florida Fall 2022 Founder Institute today.

Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 200+ cities worldwide, the Founder Institute provides high-potential entrepreneurs and teams with the devoted support network and structured growth process needed to get to traction and funding. Participants in the 4-month core program also get access to a lifetime of support through the Founder Institute's industry-leading post-programs.

Since 2009, the Founder Institute has helped over  6,800 Alumni raise over $1.75BN funding, get into seed-accelerators, generate traction, recruit a team, build a product, transition from employee to entrepreneur, and more (see the FI 10 Year Impact Report here).

To celebrate the launch, we will host several free startup events in Miami, where you can learn from top entrepreneurs and hear more about the program:

  • Founder Institute Online Information Session:

The Miami program is led by some of the region's top startup leaders, including James Irvine (Partner, 305 Works), Logan Paull (Banker and Advisor, Argent Strategies), Roxette Irvine (Director of Web3, Founder Institute).

In addition, some of Miami's top investors, entrepreneurs, and CEOs will be participating in the program, providing them with expert feedback and evaluation. The list of startup mentors for the Miami Founder Institute includes:

  • Aaron Chavez: Managing Partner, Argent Strategies
  • Alessandro Annoscia: Founder & CEO, 1Apeiron
  • Alexander Rodriguez: Partner, International Blockchain Legal LLP
  • Alexander Loveyko: Attorney, ChaseLawyers
  • Alexander McElfish: Partner, Argent Strategies
  • Alfredo Ferrari
  • Amlan Nanda
  • Andreas Calabrese: General Partner, Tampa Bay Ventures
  • Andres Hurtado Rangel: Founder, & President, BiZiON GROUP
  • Andres Hurtado: CEO, SynerTechCloud
  • Angel Lacret: Founder & Head of Engineering, CoBuild
  • Angelo Biasi: FoundeR & CEO, MassiveU
  • Antonio Garrido: President, and Co-Founder, Absolute Sales Development, Sandler Miami
  • Ashley Flucas: Angel Investor, Flucas Ventures
  • Benjamin Vides: Director, Products, Watsco Ventures
  • Bianca Diosdado: VP, Octagon Technology
  • Bo Megginson: Managing Partner, Gold Coast Angel Investors
  • Bob Dakin
  • Brandon Evans: Purpose Driven Founder // Advisor // Investor Focused on High Growth + Social Impact Companies, 1heart
  • Brian Boroff: Founder & CEO, AdFone
  • Carlos Garrido: CEO, Absolute Sales Development
  • Carlos Icaza: CTO, RCTSports
  • Carlos Blanco: CEO, Pigs on the Roof
  • Carlos Romero: CEO, LiVi - Live stream by request
  • Carolina Forero: Director Digital Solutions, Visa Inc.
  • Carolina Mandil: CEO, DIGIREP
  • Casey Pond
  • Chris Anderson: General Partner,
  • Chris Adamo: Investor & Senior Advisor, Conscience VC
  • Chris Houghtaling
  • Claudio Pairot: CEO, Puntilla Films
  • Colin Howes: Founder, Series-A
  • Dan Holahan: Director of Member Experience, Embarc Collective
  • Daniel Buelhoff: Founding Partner, Springtech Partners
  • Daniel Nelson: Recovering Accountant, Startup Economics
  • Daniel Di Maria
  • Daniel Pardo: CEO , DPC Labs
  • David Collado: Investment Banker, 1st BridgeHouse
  • David Koretz: Founder & CEO, Plum
  • David Zinn: Managing Director, Ocean Azul Partners
  • David Chitester: Founder, SeedFunders
  • Dean Hatton: Founding Partner, Las Olas VC
  • Deon Bradley
  • Derick David: Cofounder & CEO, Hikre School
  • Diana Sanchez
  • Donna Abood: Principal, Managing Director - Miami, Avison Young
  • Douglas Scott: Co-Founder & CEO, The HighBoy
  • Dr. Lascelle A. Sweetland: Managing Director, Laspainc Consulting
  • Edwin Rivera
  • Elisabetta Bell: Marketing Operations Manager, Caterpillar Inc.
  • Emiliano Abramzon: Co-founder & Head of Customer Success, Nearpod
  • Esteban Reyes: Founding Partner, Las Olas Venture Capital
  • Federico Halperin: Founder & CEO, Kubikware
  • Felipe Fernandez: Executive Partner, Altenergy & Ecosolutions
  • Fernando Cariello
  • Gabriel Cabrera: Omni Channel Strategist, Avon
  • Gabriel Cabrera: Advisor to the Board, Silverback Concepts, LLC
  • Gary Aksamit: Founder, Aksamit Resource Management
  • German Hornstein: Managing Director, Morgan Stanley
  • Greg Taffet: Managing Partner and CIO, Taffet Associates
  • Gregory Sukornyk: Founder & CEO, Good World Games
  • Guillermo Sierra: Founder & CEO, Alentha Inc
  • Gustavo Fernandez: Founding Member, Royal Oak Kapital
  • Hector Figallo: Managing Partner, TamboWorks
  • Howard Marks: Founder, StartEngine
  • Hubert Reinfeld: Creative Director, TOTUMA COMMUNICATIONS & DESIGN
  • Hugo Perez: Managing Partner, United Data Technologies (UDT)
  • Imran Khan: Founder & CEO,
  • Jason Blilie: Owner, Blilie Law
  • Jeff Brown: Founder | Accredited Angel | Mentor, Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation, FIU SJMC
  • Jeff Brown: Founder, Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation
  • Jeff Alexander
  • Jeffrey Harris: Founder, SpringBIG
  • Jessica Shraybman: CEO, Shraybman Law
  • Jim Ryan: Founder and CEO-Chairman, Talk2Rep, TechNearshore
  • Joe Daniels: Partner, Co-Chair - Emerging Companies, Partner & Co-Chair, Emerging Companies Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough
  • Joe Tremols: CEO, StreamGuard
  • John Price: Managing Director, Americas Market Intelligence
  • John Wensveen: Chief Innovation Officer, Nova Southeastern University
  • Jon Doe
  • Jonathan Cole: Managing Director, Rio Vista Advisors
  • Jonathan Fichman
  • Jose Rocha: Assistant Professor of Management, Gus Machado School of Business, St. Thomas University
  • Juan Meza: Director, Visa
  • Juan Colmenares: Growth Lead, Graphite Growth
  • Juan Patron: CEO, The 2020 Agency
  • Kathy Chiu: Managing Partner, DeepWork Capital
  • Ken Roberts: President, WorldCity
  • Ken Hall: Vice President, DeepWork Capital
  • Kerstin Holm: Founder & CEO, Summus Inc.
  • Kevin Levy: Shareholder and Chair of Technology Business Law, GrayRobinson, P.A.
  • Kirsty Barany: CEO / Founder, RxGenesys Biotech / Clear Sparrow / Kompass Group
  • Kjell De Orr: Managin Director, Newlink Research
  • Kjell De Orr: Managing Partner, Newlink Group
  • Kristen Corpion: Founder, CORPlaw
  • Kristina Momchilova: Founder, The Better Kind
  • Laura Gonzalez Estefani: CEO, The Venture City
  • Leonel Azuela: CEO & Founder , Quaxar
  • Lorenzo Thione: Managing Director, Gaingels
  • LUIS Murguia: Managing Partner, Murguia Associates LLC
  • Luis Antonio Bergas Vilardell: Partner , AI8 Ventures
  • Madeline Aufseeser
  • Mara Rada: CEO & Chief of Strategy, Feral (
  • Marcos Polanco: CTO, Bellwether Coffee
  • Mario Cruz: Founder & CTO, Choose Digital
  • Mario Cruz
  • Mark Volchek: Founder, Las Olas Venture Capital
  • Mark Cuda: Founder, Ancient Strength
  • Marshall Swatt: Founder, SocialSplendor
  • Martín Martinez: Executive Director, Founder Institute Texas
  • Marty Schultz: Founder, Objective Ed
  • Mary Ann Knaus
  • Matthew Lally: CEO, Lex Lally Corp
  • Matthew Capala: Founder, Alphametic
  • Melissa Krinzman: Co-Founder, Krillion Ventures
  • Michael O'donnell: Principal, LLC
  • Michel Legros: CEO & Founder, Normandy Print
  • Michel Triana: CEO, Mean DAO
  • Miguel Molina Cosculluela: Managing Partner & Co-Founder , Analytikus
  • Mike Dannheim: Founder & CEO at SENSIE, Former VP at Groupon
  • Mike Teichberg: Founder, InventivHR
  • Mike Mumola
  • Nathaniel Vasel: Associate, Las Olas Venture Capital
  • Neil Steinhardt: Founder, ClassWallet
  • Nelly Yusupova: Founder,
  • Nelson Telemaco: CEO, Proximity Works, LLC
  • Nestor Villalobos: CEO, Tudor Ice Company
  • Nico Berardi: Partner, Magnetico Ventures
  • Oren Klein: Director of Strategy, Finaben llc
  • Oscar Perez: COO, 8Base
  • Oscar Perez: COO, Infosys Consulting
  • Pablo Trench: Founder & CEO, THE LAB IDEAS
  • Pandwe Gibson: Founder , ECOTECH VISION
  • Peter Livingston: Entrepreneur & Investor
  • Pilar Fernandez Hermida: Founder i-Expand (We help Health Tech companies go global), i-expand
  • Ramit Singh: Director of Startup & Entrepreneurship Programs, Tampa Bay Wave
  • Randy Wood: Co-Founder, Citrix
  • Ricardo Taveras: Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Taveras Private Holdings
  • Richard Greco: Managing Member, Treasure Investments LLC
  • Rob Strandberg: Founder & CEO, Datamax Inc
  • Rob Panepinto: President , Florentine Strategies
  • Rob Matzkin: Co-Founder , //
  • Rob Lundstrom
  • Robert Robert Himelfarb: Partner, Randall Investment Partners
  • Robert Hacker
  • Rodo Novarini: Managing Partner, INCUBING
  • Rodolfo Novarini: Director, Founder Institute South Florida
  • Rodolfo Saccoman: CEO & Co-Founder,
  • Roger Hoss
  • Ron Tarro: VP, New World Angels
  • Ronaldo Bastos: Partner, Weston Capital Insights
  • Roxette Miranda: Director of Web3, Founder Institute
  • Roy Wolman: Finance Director , Diamonds International
  • Ryan Whittemore: Chief Investment Officer, Florida Funders
  • Sandi Finn
  • Satish Movva: Founder & CEO, CarePredict
  • Scott Greenhouse: Founder
  • Scott Rivello: Partner, EY
  • Spencer Lyon: Director of Industry Relations , Realdax
  • Sujee Jeganathan: Managing Director, Pursuit SCC Inc.
  • Tahl Milburn: Investor, New World Angels
  • Terence Bentley: Cofounder, The Venture Mentor Team
  • Terri Ann Brown: Mentor, Venture Team
  • Thomas "Tigre" Wenrich: CEO, LAB Miami Ventures
  • Tigre Wenrich: CEO, LAB Miami Ventures
  • Tim Hasse: Founder, General Provision, T R I M
  • Tim Hawkes
  • Timothy Cartwright: Chairman, Tamiami Angel Funds
  • Valerie Lopez: CEO, Shoot My Travel
  • Vojkan Dimitrijevic: Principal, Blackloft Ventures
  • Walter O’Leary: Managing Partner, South Pointe Capital

  • And many more to be announced.

The Founder Institute focuses on helping tech or tech-enabled businesses at the pre-seed stage, including both solo-founders and teams. This includes established businesses that are pre-funding and traction, MVP and prototype-stage projects, and even part-time founders with just ideas. FI's mission is to create sustainable startup ecosystems that will create one million new jobs worldwide.

Join us in Miami to build a great company in 2020. 

Apply to the Florida Fall 2022 Founder Institute today, or learn more at  

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