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Parabéns! The Founder Institute is proud to share this progress report highlighting the recent success across its Brazilian accelerator chapters - active FI Brazil portfolio companies with growth traction hail from past program cohorts all across the country, in Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Campinas, Curitiba, Florianopolis, Goiania, Londrina, Porto Alegre, Ribeirao Preto, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Sao Paulo, Vitoria, and more regional program locales.

The Founder Institute is currently accepting applications from pre-seed stage entrepreneurs for 100% virtual programs across Brazil. 

Check out these Brazilian startup companies hitting impressive milestones and being highlighted in the press:

Alfred Delivery (FI Ribeirao Preto) is your pocket butler: you ask, they deliver.

Customers use Alfred Delivery to order whatever they want, nearly anything - Alfred searches suppliers and delivers to you: whether restaurant, supermarket, pharmacy, pet shop, grab and go, or anything else!

Ally (FI Ribeirao Preto) is sales distribution & management for the international education industry.

Hundreds of agencies and educators across the globe trust Ally to organize and streamline their processes with quote, CRM, financial, marketing, and automations tools to sell online with white label features.

Beer Mine (FI Belo Horizonte) is transforming the sales of cold draft beer and mixed drinks.

Beer Mine’s integrated machines and management platform reduce manpower for customers and offer an incredible experience to consumers, through self-service to follow in real-time what drinks are being sold, and ability to control dynamic pricing, know when it is time to replace the drinks, and generate reports. 

Cogni (FI Florianopolis) is the perfect patient portal for therapists to interact with their patients online. 

With Cogni, therapists can follow their patients’ progress real-time in an online panel, with a patient portal that delivers everything from email to mood scoring to patient records and reporting tools.

ConstruConnect (FI Ribeirao Preto) is real-time opportunity mapping for construction professionals.

ConstruConnect maps locations of construction projects happening near you, categorizing each development by type, and connecting to the bid, improving efficiency in the ongoing search to find the next opportunities. 

Contraktor (FI Curitiba) is the fastest way to securely create documents, send them for signature, and manage contracts.

With Contraktor, digital signatures and contract management are speedy, secure, and legally compliant. From creation to document storage, it’s all in one place with the most complete platform on the market.

Farme (FI Belo Horizonte) is the pharmacy simplifying the routine for daily medications.

Farme delivers practicality to your life, via a personalized box, organizing all medications that a patient uses for one month, separated by day, time and dose.

Fohat (FI Curitiba) is energy intelligence for decarbonization, decentralization, and digitalization.

Fohat is the first company in LatAm to apply blockchain technology to the energy sector, to better understand use patterns and needs to trigger the positive transformations for sustainable clean energy development.

GoGenetic (FI Curitiba) is gene-based testing and sequencing solutions. 

In addition to offering RT PCR COVID-19 testing since the onset of the pandemic, GoGenetic offers biotech and genetic product solutions for biocontrol in agriculture, livestock, food testing, and more.

Kovver (FI Campinas) is the famous backing tracks and play alongs amateur musicians have never had before: a band in the palm of your hand. 

Kovver is a monthly subscription service for musicians to the experience playing like a musical star in their own home, with training and studies, and even the ability to add or remove ‘channels’ (musical instruments and voices) from each musical track whenever they want.

MASS Labs (FI Sao Paulo) is the next-gen cashless payment platform for smart mobility ecosystems.

MASS Labs transaction solutions integrate intelligence, automation, and data of terrestrial passenger transport, helping providers achieve cost savings and a better understanding of the operation as a whole.

MeuChapa (FI Campinas) is flexible hiring for manual labor jobs - found, scheduled, and performed reliably, cost-effectively, and simply.

For contractors and professional laborers alike, MeuChapa came to make the job easier - loading, unloading and auxiliary, find the right professional, for the right time, date, and services.

Play2sell (FI Sao Paulo) is the gamification platform for sales team training and continuing development.

Play2sell develops games that transform training into a fun and engaging journey, increasing conversion rates and growing your company’s sales - the preferred app for gamified training.

Polen (FI Rio de Janeiro) is transforming waste into circular economy opportunity with packaging and reverse logistics credits.

The Polen platform lets companies both buy and sell waste, all over Brazil and abroad in nine countries, creating opportunities to measure sustainability, comply with recycling regulations, and for brands to engage with increasingly eco-conscious consumers..  

Veroo (FI Ribeirao Preto) is the way to discover coffees from small producers without leaving your home.

Veroo (formerly Clubsmile) is a subscription service to receive new coffee varieties each week from growers across Brazil, curated for the highest scored beans.

VOA Educação (FI Rio de Janeiro) is the platform for education evaluation and development of socioemotional skills.

VOA Educação makes it possible to monitor the socio-emotional development of students throughout the academic routine, to collaborate with pedagogical teams, and hone these critically important 21st century skills in the teaching-learning process.


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