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On December 1st 2021, Founder Institute hosted a global Founder Showcase featuring 8 up-and-coming FI portfolio companies—and more than 1300+ entrepreneurs, investors, tech media, and executives registered to join the virtual event. 

We were pleased to welcome to the Founder Showcase stage our special event's keynote speaker Brant Cooper, a NY Times Best-Selling Author of The Lean Entrepreneur, and CEO of Moves the Needle - watch his opening keynote interview with Founder Institute EIR Martín Martinez below:

This Founder Showcase event featured pitches and investor Q&A from 8 promising international pre-seed stage companies. Previous presenters on this event have raised over $1.5 billion in funding, and include industry luminaries like UdemyRelay RidesThumbtackRealty MogulKaggle, and many more

The following 8 selected companies were chosen to pitch from hundreds of startup applicants around the world, because all show promising early traction - they hail from 8 different cities, 4 countries, and 3 continents. Watch the founders pitches from the event below: 

Quoqo Founder Chetan Nagendra

Quoqo, based in Bangalore, India, provides Plug and Play Legal Infrastructure to Growing Businesses, Globally.

The Sauce Co-Founder Emma Clark

The Sauce, based in London, is an app that helps Gen Z to date exceptionally and without the bias of photo based apps.

Moduly Co-Founder & CEO Jonathan Lamer 

Moduly, based in Montreal, is a smart energy storage platform that optimizes personal capacity and generation from the grid and solar to your advantage.

RGG Founder & CEO: Bre Cruickshank

Radical Girl Gang, based in Austin, is the online marketplace to discover, support and shop emerging women-owned brands.

Dreamfully Founder & CEO Matt Riback

Dreamfully, based in LA, is a science-backed enterprise wellness tool that helps employees take deep breaths as easy as scrolling TikTok.

Flyte AI Co-Founder & CEO Shilpa Sharma

Flyte, a US based company, is an AI powered platform that automatically generates well-organized meeting notes and action items for sales teams.

Reya Health Founder & CEO Dallas Barnes

Reya Health, based in Toronto, provides personalized guides to help navigate the female birth control journey and find the right option.

FareUpThere Co-Founder & CEO Malcolm Woods

FareUpThere, based in Houston, is the flight booking and travel survey platform helping airlines get better feedback and demographics data on their passengers.

About the Keynote Speaker Brant Cooper

BRANT COOPER is The New York Times bestselling author of The Lean Entrepreneur and Founder & CEO of Moves the Needle. He is a trusted adviser to startups and large enterprises around the world. With more than 25 years of expertise in changing industrial age mindset into digital age opportunity, he blends agile, human-centered design, and lean methodologies to ignite entrepreneurial action from the front lines to the C-suite. As a sought-after keynote speaker, startup mentor, and executive advisor, he travels the globe sharing his vision for reimagining 21st century organizations. Bringing agility, digital transformation, and a focus on creating value for customers, he helps leaders navigate the uncertainty brought on by increased complexity and endless disruption.  

The next Founder Showcase is scheduled for January 12th, 2022, and you can learn more at  

Featured Investor Panelists: 

  1. Adil Jafry is Co-Founder of Chandah Space Technologies and Founder at Ecosphere Ventures: Ecosphere Ventures is a Houston-based, Pre-Seed fund focused on transformative sustainability and cleantech solutions in the US. Adil is also passionate about space exploration, astrobiology, and exoplanets research and loves everything DIY, incl. 3D Printing, and Open Sourced innovations.

  2. Ranjeet Shetye is Partner, YourNest Venture Capital: Through YourNest Venture Ranjeet takes founders on the journey from ideation through seed to Series A and beyond ensuring that products are based on cutting-edge technology and mature as efficiently as possible. He also helps founders enable generate revenue from cutting-edge hi-tech solutions. Ranjeet’s specialties include  driving technology, programs and customers towards a common goal. 

  3. Genevieve LeMarchal is the Head of Healthcare Ventures at Expert Dojo: Expert Dojo is the most active early stage start-up accelerator and fund in Southern California. Genevieve invests in pre seed and seed stage companies all over the world. Companies in her portfolio include life sciences, digital health, XR tech, consumer brands, beauty and more. Genevieve previously served as a Partner at a new science and deep technology advisory fund and was General Partner of FoundersPad VC, and a founding board member of XXCelerate Fund. Prior to venture capital she was a serial entrepreneur with a wide range of experience ranging from tech to consumer brands.

  4. Tiana Laurence is the Managing Partner at Laurence Innovations: Laurence Innovation is an investment fund powering the Fourth Industrial Revolution. At a time when emerging fields like artificial intelligence, the internet of things, genetic engineering, and quantum computing are rapidly transforming the global economy, we can’t afford to overlook the most innovative entrepreneurs in the country. 

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The Founder Showcase is Silicon Valley’s leading international startup pitch event, helping seed-stage startups learn, launch, and connect to investors. 

These free online events feature presentations from up-and-coming pre-seed startups across the globe, and attendees can learn from world-leading venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. In addition, each Showcase features several networking sessions to connect with the featured companies, and other attendees from across the global startup ecosystem.

Since 2008, speakers like Elon Musk and startups like Udemy and Thumbtack have presented on the Founder Showcase stage. Learn more at

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