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The Founder Institute, the world's premier idea-stage accelerator and startup launch program, has helped more than 250 new technology companies launch in its chapters in Southeast Asia. Since its launch in 2009, FI has contributed greatly to the local startup ecosystem while providing mentorship from some of the top entrepreneurs in the technology industry.

If you are interested in launching a technology company in Southeast Asia, check out the Founder Institute's chapters across Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and more. Applications are currently open for several chapters in Southeast Asia.

While all of the Southeast Asian Founder Institute graduates are exceptional, there are a few who stand out. The graduates featured below have all achieved significant milestones in the past year, building meaningful and enduring technology companies aimed at improving the lives of people all over the world.


Appota, and Founder Do Tuan Anh (Vietnam FI)

Appota is a mobile content distribution platform that allows developers and game publishers to effectively distribute their content to the Vietnam mobile user population. The company has raised several rounds of funding, employs over 300 people, and has over 22 million users.

Beeketing, and Founder Quan Truong Manh (Vietnam FI)

Beeketing is a marketing platform that helps online sellers create marketing campaigns effectively and easily through automation, enables them to sell like Amazon. The company was accepted to 500 Startups, and is currently the #1 app on the Shopify platform.

ContractIQ, and Founder Ashwin Ramasamy (Singapore FI)

A hand-curated marketplace for world class engineering studios that build mobile products for startups and enterprises. The company works with several hundred businesses to source development and is growing very quickly.

FlightOffice, and Founder Lee Johnson (Singapore FI)

FlightOffice has developed a SaaS-based end to end solution for aviation companies to manage their operations. The company has raised over $650,000 in funding. 

Fokado, and Founder Antonius Taufan (Jakarta FI)

Fokado is a website that provides anyone the opportunity to give a unique memorable activity as a gift to other people. The company raised a $2MM Series-A round from U.S.-based investors, and was named one of the top funded startups in Indonesia.

GridBlaze, and Founder Mikhail Choo (Singapore FI)

GridBlaze is a new breed of infrastructure service that speeds up the web by making file uploads and downloads uncommonly fast. The company was acquired for a seven-figure sum to a Silicon Valley company within 12 months of launching. 

iCarsclub, and Founder Eddy Zhang (Singapore FI)

iCarsClub is an online portal and mobile app to help car renters drive any car anytime at a lower cost and to help car owners and dealers rent out their cars for extra income. The company is growing at an incredible rate, has expanded into China, and has raised over $60MM in funding

IndoTrading, and Founder Handy Chang (Jakarta FI)

Business directory connects business to business, and helps them to have an online presence. The company has raised a $1.5MM Series-A round, was named one of the top funded startups in Indonesia.

Innoviet, and Founder Hai Ha Nguyen (Vietnam FI)

Innoviet does hotel booking online for Vietnamese travellers. We help Vietnamese book hotel rooms cheaper and easier. The company employs several people and has bootstrapped its way to profitability. 

JOBi, and Founder Min Chun (Daniel) Ong (Kuala Lumpur FI)

JOBi is a web platform & mobile app for businesses to hire part time employees easily with features like profile rating, reviews, instant messaging, real time notification & geo location. The company is growing very quickly and has secured key partnerships with some of Malaysia's top employers., and Founder Phuc Nguyen (Vietnam FI)

Kyna is a marketplace for online courses that enables anyone in Vietnam to teach and learn online. The company has raised over $500,000 in funding, and was named a Southeast Asia Ed-Tech startups to watch by Tech in Asia.

LawCanvas, and Founder Daniel Leong (Singapore FI)

LawCanvas is a website that enables businesses and individuals to ask legal questions and get connected with lawyers who specialize in their issue. The company has raised a significant seed round, and recently expanded into Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Australia.

Pouch, and Founder Tami Abadi (Jakarta FI)

Pouch is a cashless payment and event management system that uses near NFC wristbands. The company has raised over $1MM in funding, and recently announced a collaboration with a Kanye West concert in Manila, and the sale of over 150,000 wristbands.

ProSehat, and Founder Gregorius Bimantoro (Jakarta FI)

ProSehat is developing an online marketplace to help health consumers conveniently find and buy original products from a network of trusted pharmacies. The company won Seedstars Jakarta and is growing very quickly.

Sam the Local, and Founder Maggie Lau (Hong Kong FI)

Sam the Local connects people for customized, interest-based Outings, predominately to help people to connect with others and discover the stories behind a city. The company has bootstrapped its way to profitability, and was selected into the Google's EYE Program as "one of the ten best start-ups in HK".

Simple SolutionS, and Founder Hoang Nguyen (Vietnam FI)

S3 is a vertically integrated management solution, fulfilling the operational throughput and intelligence of retailers and wholesalers in any supply chain. The company received funding from RedGarage Ventures, which is backed by Coca-cola.

SOCENTIX, and Founder David Darmawan (Jakarta FI)

SOCENTIX develops web-based business intelligence tools for fund managers to help social entrepreneurship projects get sustainable financing through socially and environmentally responsible investors and funds. The company has raised funding and is growing very quickly. 

TapGenes, and Founder Heather Holmes (Singapore FI)

TapGenes takes a personalized approach to health, turning your family health information into easy to understand preventative medicine. The company was accepted into the Blueprint Healthtech Accelerator, and recently won the RootsTech competition

TimeFlair, and Founder Rodel Mendoza (Manila FI)

TimeFlair is an online marketplace for crowd-sourced Accounting and Administrative tasks. It has already helped 1.5 million Filipinos render services on its platform, and is growing quickly.

Vibease, and Founder Dema Tio (Singapore FI)

Vibease helps couples stay intimate by offering a wearable vibrator that can be controlled through a smartphone app. The company has raised significant funding, garnered countless press, and is already one of the world's leading "smart sex toys."

upLevo, and Founder Đính Nguyễn Kim (Vietnam FI)

A design online platform with tools to self create and customize professional marketing products: brand identity, promotional products, digital materials. The company raised a significant seed round and is growing quickly., and Founder Tuân Trần Ngọc (Vietnam FI) is an online outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace for small businesses. The company has raised significant seed funding and is already generating substantial revenues. 

Whizmeal, and Founder Droston Tang (Singapore FI)

Whizmeal is developing a web application to improve the quality of school meals in school canteens, based on F&B operating expertise and a strong network of food ingredient suppliers/manufacturers. The company has quickly expanded to many Singapore schools, and is helping to curb Singapore's childhood obesity issue. 

Wujudkan, and Founder Wicak Soegijoko (Jakarta FI)

Wujudkan is a website that provides a new way for Indonesian artists and creators get the funding and support necessary to bring their projects come to life. The company has raised over $250,000 and is growing quickly., and Founder Duc Nguyen Quang (Vietnam FI)

Yton provides e-health services (E-health 2.0) and acts as an online and social platform for healthcare. The company has raised Series-A funding and currently employs over 60 people. 

ZinMed, and Founder ChuDuc Hoang (Vietnam FI)

Zinmed is Diabetes treatment management application. We provide apps, cloud web for diabetics, doctor and partners. The company raised a seed round of funding and is growing very quickly. 

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