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The world has been shaken this year by the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, a sovereign European nation with its own independent culture, history and governance. While the needless loss and destruction of this violent war has been heartbreaking to witness, the resiliency of the Ukrainian people has inspired the world, and regalvanized the commitmentment among billions of people to the values of liberal democracy and freedom. 

Founder Institute believes that entrepreneurs are the ultimate catalysts for change in the world, moving faster and more nimbly to solve very specific problems than big NGOs, multinational corporations, or even governments can hope to effectively muster. And the bravery and resilience of Ukrainian entrepreneurs over the past several months since the start of the war has been especially moving: shepherding their employees to safety across active conflict zones and international borders, and carrying on with their business in the face of unimaginable adversity.

While the challenges are enormous, entrepreneurs are among the leaders and doers working to make an impact every single day. That is why Founder Institute is now pleased to announce the Ukraine Virtual 2022 accelerator, a 100% free program for any Ukrainian founder who is admitted.

We will be hosting several free startup events in Ukraine over the coming weeks, where you can learn and connect with top entrepreneurs from home:

  • Startup Market Outlook for 2023: What to Expect with Funding (Online) on 8:00pm, Dec 14, 2022 (Europe/Kiev):
  • Founder Institute Online Information Session:
  • AMA + FI Info Session with Co-Founder & CEO Jonathan Greechan on 8:00pm, Dec 21, 2022 (Europe/Kiev):
  • Connect with Aspiring Entrepreneurs (Online Networking Event) on 8:00pm, Jan 04, 2023 (Europe/Kiev):
  • SEO 101 with Nick Jordan on 8:00pm, Jan 09, 2023 (Europe/Kiev):
  • How To Identify a Viable Business Idea (Online) on 8:00pm, Jan 11, 2023 (Europe/Kiev):
  • How to Win with Peep Laja on 8:00pm, Jan 16, 2023 (Europe/Kiev):
  • Co-Founder Networking: Start 2023 By Finding a Business Partner (Online) on 8:00pm, Jan 18, 2023 (Europe/Kiev):
  • How to use social media as a Founder with Andrew Miller on 8:00pm, Jan 23, 2023 (Europe/Kiev):
  • Get Friendly Feedback on Your Idea from Experts (Online Roundtable Event) on 8:00pm, Jan 25, 2023 (Europe/Kiev):
  • How to build an MVP for your startup idea with Aram Melkoumov on 8:00pm, Jan 30, 2023 (Europe/Kiev):
  • Founder Showcase: Pre-Seed Startup Pitch & Networking Event (Online Conference) on 8:00pm, Feb 08, 2023 (Europe/Kiev):

Founder First, Founder Always. Join us in 2022: Founder Institute is the #1 place in the world to turn ideas into fundable startups, and startups into global businesses. 

Whether you need to test and validate early hypotheses before making a large financial commitment to your startup idea, or you are ready to push your startup to the next level through aggressive weekly growth sprints to refine your vision, improve key metrics, and prepare for investor diligence, Founder Institute has the proven processes and network to help you do it.

If you could use a structured process that tells you what to focus on when, and a lifetime of support from top Ukrainian as well as international investors and entrepreneurs, then apply to the Ukraine Virtual 2022 Founder Institute today.

Start making better, faster business decisions this year by sharing your latest progress, challenges, and strategies for constant feedback and evaluation from our expert mentors and advisors, every step of the way–scale your team, develop new business opportunities, and recruit an amazing advisory board with the world's largest network of international startup founders, CEOs, advisors, and investors.

The Ukraine accelerator in 2022 will be led by some of the region's top startup leaders, including Maxim Moneta. In addition, some of Ukraine's as well as many international top entrepreneurs will be participating as mentors in the program, including:

  • Ada Bovsunovsky: COO, A.D.A.M.
  • Adrian Enache: CEO & Board Member , Angels Den Funding | OmniPERFORM
  • Alena Kalibaba: CEO, Chasopys Creative Space
  • Alex Riabtsev: Founder,
  • Alex Gusarov: CEO and Founder,
  • Alexander Bornyakov: Founder, CEO, Adtelligent Inc.
  • Alexandr Galkin: CEO and CO-Founder, Competera
  • Alexey Gneletskiy: CBDO, Slinex
  • Alexey Orap: CEO, YouScan
  • Andreas Flodström: CEO and Founder , Beetroot
  • Andrew Kolodyuk: Founder and investor, Aventures Capital
  • Andrey Burenok: Co-founder and CEO, TripMyDream
  • Andrii Konovalenko: CEO, Founder, Camtouch
  • Andriy Sorokhan: Venture Lead, Western NIS Enterprise Fund
  • Andriy Drobot: Professor of Practice, Kyiv School of Economics
  • Andriy Dligach: CEO, Advanter Group
  • Andriy Nikishaev: Co-founder,
  • Andriy Dovzhenko: Mr., SMRK VC Fund
  • Andriy Zinchuk: Managing Partner, ZAS Ventures
  • Anna Polishchuk: Co-founder&COO
  • Anton Garbuzov: CMO, Wispence Inc.
  • Artem Goldman: Co-Founder, Plink
  • Artem Fedorov: Head of Frontend Development, Gaming Corps
  • Bozhena Sheremeta: Founder, The Hustle is Female
  • Can Sarscoglu: Founder, String Ventures
  • C. Derek Campbell: CEO, Blue Ocean Holdings Venture, LLC
  • Chintan Oza: Founder, Anantam Ecosystems
  • Christy Doroshchuk: Head of Project Team, Fuel Finance
  • Dan Hnatkovskyy: CEO and Co-Founder, Propertymate
  • Dave Matli: Venture Partner, ZAS Ventures
  • Dima Shvets: CEO and Co-Founder, Reface
  • Dimitri Popov: COO/CMO, Fertility Cloud
  • Dmitry Vartanian: Managing General Partner, SID Venture Partners
  • Dmytro Shymkiv: General Manager, Microsoft Ukraine
  • Dmytro Fedorenko: CEO, Seventeam
  • Dmytro Kuzmenko: Chief Executive Officer, Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association
  • Don Samoil: COO, Blacksite Solutions
  • Eugene Shestopal: CEO, PopTop
  • Evelina Komarnytska: Head of Grant Program, Ukrainian Startup Fund
  • Eveline Buchatskiy: Partner, Eastlabs at Eastone
  • Evgeni Utkin: Chairman, KM Core Technology Investment Company
  • Fedir Makarchuk: Local Leader, Founder Institute, Kyiv Chapter
  • Gary Fowler: CEO and Founder, GSD Venture Studios
  • Georgy Sokolov: Co-founder, Wirex
  • Halyna Vasylevska: Cyber Accelerator Lead, .
  • Hlib Vyshlinsky: Deputy Managing Director, GfK Ukraine
  • Ignat Thorovsky: Co-founder&CTO, PopTop
  • Igor Taber: Investment Director , Intel Capital
  • Igor Palamarchuk: Managing Director, i∙Klass Training Center
  • Igor Pertsiya: Venture Partner, TA Ventures
  • Igor Izraylevych: CEO & founder, S-PRO
  • Ihar Mahaniok: Managing Partner, Geek Ventures
  • Ihor Kendiukhov: Co-Founder, Bionity
  • Illya Muchnyk: Legal Director, DLA Piper
  • Irina Novikova: CMO and co-founder, NX Technologies
  • Ivan Danishevsky: CEO, Founder, Esports Charts (ESM ONE)
  • Ivan Altsybieiev: COO/CPO & Co-founder, Reface
  • Jane Klepa: Executive Director, 1991 Open Data Incubator
  • Ken Leaver: CEO, Groupon Ukraine
  • Kiril Mazur: CEO, Center42
  • Konstantin Bezfamilniy: Founder, Very Good Avisors
  • Kyrill Zlobenko: Angel Investors | 4x times Founder | Head of Europe, @Seedrs, Seedrs Ltd.
  • Magnus Brehmer: Partner, The Sephia Group
  • Maksym Budiaiev: BI, Local Leader, Ph.D. in economics, Admixer, FI Kyiv
  • Maksym Rezedent: Startup Expert, Vodafone Ukraine
  • Maksym Moneta: CEO and Founder, Startupers Online
  • Margaret Rimek: CEO and Co-Founder, Pix Inc.
  • Margarita Sivakova: CEO, Co-Founder, Legal Nodes
  • Mathias Eklöf: Founder & CEO, Hype Ventures
  • Maxim Slobodyanyuk: Founder, Nika Tech Holding
  • Maxim Uperyaka: CEO, Make it in Ukraine
  • Maxim Titov: CEO and Founder,
  • Maxim Nagara: CEO & Founder , BEZMEZH.CONSULTING
  • Michael Makukha: CEO, Wide Vision Analytics
  • Michael Chobanian: CEO and Founder, Kuna
  • Misha Rudominski: Co-founder & CEO, Promin Aerospace
  • Murat Abdrakhmanov: Venture investor, IntellectoKids, Faceplate IoT, PromoRepublic, DMarket
  • Mykola Balaban: Founder, The Village Ukraine
  • Nick Zwaneveld: Consultant
  • Nika Tamaio Flores: Head of Consulting, Data Science UA
  • Nikolay Savin: Head of product, Competera
  • Oleg Kogan: Founder, Kogan Group
  • Oleg Bilozor: CEO&Founder, Reply
  • Oleg Malenkov: Partner / co-founder, TA Ventures / Concepter HQ Inc
  • Oleg Bilyi: Art Director, Co-Founder, White Studio Design
  • Oleh Sych: CTO, Zillya!
  • Oleksandr Krakovetskyi: CEO, DevRain
  • Oleksandr Romanishyn: Associate Director, Ernst & Young
  • Oleksandr Pavlenko: CEO and co-founder, ChoiZY
  • Oleksandr Yatsenko: Managing Partner, BRISE Capital
  • Oleksiy Vitchenko: Founder, Digital Future
  • Olena Rogozina
  • Olga Afanasyeva: Head of the Kyiv Branch Office, ELEKS
  • Patric Palm: CEO and Founder, Favro
  • Pavel Pikulin: VP of Product & CEO, co-Founder, WhaleApp & Deus Robots
  • Pavlo Sheremeta: Partner, Inspira
  • Pavlo Pedenko: Co-Founder
  • Rafael Yenikieiev: Founder & CEO, Growth Flow
  • Roman Kirigetov: CEO,
  • Roman Prokofyev: Founder, Jooble
  • Ruben Wolff: Founder , CoRepo
  • Ruslan Savchyshyn: Chairman of the Board, MagneticOne Group
  • Sergii Kalinchuk: Local Leader, Founder Institute Ukraine
  • Stanislav Ivanov: Founding Partner, Tera Ventures
  • Taras Kytsmey: CEO, SoftServe
  • Tetiana Siianko: Head of Accelerator Program, NoMoonShot
  • Vache Davtyan: CEO, Promkabel
  • Vadim Chyzhov: Founder & CEO, The Good Plastic Company
  • Vadim Lidich: Founder, coSquare
  • Val Grabko: Co-founder&COO, PromoRepublic
  • Valerie Kuzmenko: CEO, Baltic Sandbox Ukraine
  • Valeriia Panina: Co-founder, product designer ,
  • Valeriy Dobrovolskiy: Future Industries Team Lead, USAID, CEP Ukraine
  • Valery Krasovsky: CEO, Sigma Software
  • Vasyl Myroshnychenko: Partner, CFC Consulting
  • Viktor Kompaneiets: Managing Partner, Business Accelerator FeelGoodLabs
  • Viktoriya Tigipko: Managing Partner, TA Ventures
  • Vitaliy Goncharuk: CEO, Augmented Pixels
  • Vlad Voskresensky: CEO, Invisible CRM
  • Vladyslav Savchenko: Founder and owner , Powercode, Foodex24
  • Volodymyr Bandura: CEO, Innolytics Group
  • Volodymyr Kryvko: Managing Partner, Chernovetskyi Investment Group
  • Yana Paladiieva: Head of Innovative voucher program, Ukrainian Startup Fund
  • Yaroslav Shevchenko: CEO, Qonceptus Group
  • Yaroslav Maxymovych: CEO,
  • Yaroslav Azhnyuk: CEO, co-founder, PetCube
  • Yehor Burdaiev: Product Designer, Preply
  • Yevhen Netreba: Associate, Chernovetskyi Investment Group
  • Yurii Filipchuk: Partner, CYFRD Frontech Investments
  • Yuriy Matso: Director, KMAPPS

  • And many more to be announced.

Since 2009, Founder Institute’s highly-structured accelerator programs have helped over 6,500 entrepreneurs to grow quickly, know what to do next, and make key connections through the largest community of startup advisors in the world. 

It all starts with our renowned ‘FI Core’ accelerator, which pushes founders at the idea and pre-seed stages to reach the milestones needed for investment and sustained growth. Alumni of FI Core then receive free access to our advanced ‘Founder Lab’ accelerators for years to come, and can get matched with prospective investors in the FI Venture Network - a collection of global funds actively investing in the earliest rounds of funding.

The results speak for themselves: FI Alumni have raised over $1.75BN in funding, and are building impactful businesses across 200+ cities and 95+ countries all across the globe. (see the FI 50 Report here).

Join us in Ukraine to build a meaningful and enduring business. 

Apply to the Ukraine Virtual 2022 Founder Institute accelerator today, or learn more at  


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