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Founder First, Founder Always. Join us in 2022: Founder Institute is the #1 place in the world to turn ideas into fundable startups, and startups into global businesses.  Our highly-structured accelerator programs have helped over 6,000 entrepreneurs to grow quickly, know what to do next, and make key connections through the largest community of startup advisors in the world. 

It all starts with our renowned ‘FI Core’ accelerator, which pushes founders at the idea and pre-seed stages to reach the milestones needed for investment and sustained growth. Alumni of FI Core then receive free access to our advanced ‘Founder Lab’ accelerators for years to come, and can get matched with prospective investors in the FI Venture Network - a collection of global funds actively investing in the earliest rounds of funding.

If you could use a structured process that tells you what to focus on when, and a lifetime of support from Colorado's top investors and entrepreneurs, then apply to the Colorado Fall 2022 Founder Institute today.

Program Update: This accelerator will be run online with local and international mentors, with the potential for some optional in-person networking. Learn more on our Virtual Program FAQ page.

A Little About Your Colorado Program

Denver had the highest year-over-year growth in startup funding with $1.2 Billion raised in Q1 of 2021.  -Built In

Colorado is your local Founder Institute chapter since 2010.  We live here and we want to grow along with you.  Leverage our deep connections in the startup ecosystem to propel your business forward.

Meet Your Directors:
Craig Swiatek: Craig is an experienced growth leader leading innovation teams within a corporate incubator in addition to early stage ventures. He is a trusted advisor who is passionate about making a difference in the world, seeing the potential in all founders and helping them find success. As an investor, Craig is adept at uncovering potentially lucrative ventures.

Diane Bailey:  An early-stage advocate and serial startup founder with one exit, Diane brings deep experience in mobile, B2B, and SaaS.  Her cut-through-the-chaos moxie combined with infectious optimism has been key to driving founder success.  

Meet the Team:
Alex Cooper, Entrepreneur-In-Residence:  Co-founded three Fintech technology start-ups, two of which achieved Inc. 500 status and were sold to public companies

Meet your Legal Team:
Bold Legal:  Not “just a law firm” Bold is committed to helping startup founders along their whole journey.  FI grads receive deferred cost to set up their Delaware C-Corp.  

Upcoming Events

We will be hosting several free startup events in Colorado over the coming weeks, where you can learn from top entrepreneurs all from the comfort of home:

Colorado Events:

  • Meet and Greet with Colorado Directors, Mentors, & Alumni on 6:00pm, Sep 13, 2022 (America/Denver):

Global Events:

  • WEBINAR: Founder Institute Online Information Session:
  • [Restricted Access] Focus: A Key to Startup Success, with Patrick Lee (Founding CEO of Rotten Tomatoes) + VIP Networking on 5:00pm, Aug 18, 2022 (America/Denver):
  • Founder Hotseat: Pitch Your Idea to Startup Experts, Online on 11:00am, Aug 24, 2022 (America/Denver):
  • Startup Fundraising Q&A: Meet Investors from the FI Venture Network (Online) on 6:00pm, Aug 31, 2022 (America/Denver):
  • Co-Founder Networking: Find a Business Partner, Online on 11:00am, Sep 07, 2022 (America/Denver):
  • $100,000 Quantum & Photonics Pitch Competition on 11:00am, Sep 08, 2022 (America/Denver):
  • FI Alumni Panel: Meet Founders that Graduated FI and Ask Questions on 6:00pm, Sep 14, 2022 (America/Denver):
  • $100,000 Veteran Pitch Competition | Semi-Finals 2022 (Online Event) on 11:00am, Sep 15, 2022 (America/Denver):

Top Mentors

Some of Colorado's top entrepreneurs will be participating as mentors in the program, including:

  • Adam Burrows: Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Range Ventures
  • Adeo Ressi: Founder/CEO
  • Adolfo Perez Duran: CTO, cataworx
  • Alex Cooper: Fintech Innovator, Business Development Dynamo, GTM Strategist, Payments Geek, IronCEO, Mindset Coach, Ingo Money
  • Alex Shockley: President, Journey.AI
  • Alexandria Scobee: Leadership Coach, Living Audaciously
  • Allison Seabeck: Executive Director, The Warehouse Business Accelerator
  • Andrea Perdomo: Director Economic Inequality Initiative, Uncharted
  • Anke Corbin: Founder, CEO, Globig
  • Anthony Franco: Founder, M.C. Squares
  • Arjun Pillai: Founder & CEO,
  • Asa Goldstein: Founder & CEO, BrandShine Creative Services
  • Ashlee Cloud: Head of People Operations, Atoms
  • Becca Williams: Founder, Thought Distillery
  • Ben Stacey: Regional Manager, Founder Institute
  • Blair Simpson: Principal, Frontier Venture Capital
  • Bo Brustkern: Co-Founder & CEO, LendIt Fintech
  • Bob Goodman: Founder, Focused Strategy LLC
  • Bradley Brown: CTO, Onemata
  • Brian Brown: Investor/Owner, Visionary Holdings, LLC
  • Brian Pontarelli: Founder and CTO, FusionAuth
  • Briar Prestidge: Founder and CEO, Prestidge Group
  • Brooks Van Norman: CEO & Founder, Brooksfield Technologies
  • Caroline Gash: Managing Director, IrishAngels Inc.
  • Cesar Gonzalez: Startup CEO Coach, Thrive Impact
  • Chad Johnson: Co-Founder/Architect, Thrive Workplace - WilliamChad LLC
  • Christine Hernandez: CEO, Bold Leader Collective
  • Christopher Sweat: Founder, StemFlow
  • Cindy Skalicky: CEO, On Point Communications, LLC
  • Craig Swiatek: Investment Advisor, Red Arrow Capital
  • Daniel O'Brien: CEO, MediaShift Technologies
  • David Silverstein: Founder & CEO, Amaze PBC
  • David Kendall: Founder, CEO & Attorney, Bold Legal LLC
  • David Markowski: VP, Sales and Customer Success, Everactive
  • David Mandell: Co-Founder, Managing Director, Massive
  • Dax Craig: C-Founder and President, Pie Insurance
  • Diane Bailey: Head of Accelerator Growth, Founder Institute
  • Don Golden: CEO, Precision Sample LLC
  • Eddie Ortiz: Customer Experience, Gusto
  • Edward Roberto: General Manager, Cloud Software, Ping Identity
  • Elaina Mc Millan: Belief Coach, Speaker, Hypnotherapist
  • Elle Bruno: Managing Director, Techstars - Boulder
  • Elliott Lyons: Founder & CEO, EnVision App, Inc
  • Eric Laughlin: CEO, Tailwind Imaging
  • Erica Feucht: CEO, Pit Liquor
  • Frank Traylor: CEO, Agriscience Labs
  • Gary Gaessler: SaaS Community Builder, Nylas, Co-Founder of CloudElements
  • George Hristov: Community Manager, Colorado Startups
  • Greg Edwards: Chief Architect, Gregory Edwards Inventions
  • Greg Narain: Founder, Founder Craft
  • Hanny Sunarto: CEO/Co-founder, Mike's Naturals
  • Ingrid Alongi: General Partner, Stage Fund
  • Jaclyn Fu: Co-Founder & CEO, Pepper
  • Jacqueline Wicks: Founder, PEERtrainer, Inc
  • Jake Wells: Entrepreneur / EOS Implementor, Level 11 Consulting
  • James Waldrop
  • Jamison Shelton: Program Director, World Trade Center
  • Jen Seregos: Founder, Athena Digital
  • Jerry Jacobson: CEO, PatientNOW
  • Jim Franklin: Instructor, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Jim Dunn: Partner, D Partners
  • Joel Flom: Founder & Principal, Dialogue
  • Joel Brewer: Software Architect, Brewer Digital
  • John Allen: COO, Tilled, Inc.
  • John Grispon: Founder and Sales Coach, Early Revenue
  • John Moore: Partnership Manager, GAN
  • Jon Nordmark: Co-Founder & CEO of, Co-Founder & 10-Year CEO of
  • Jonathan Cardella: Co-Founder & CEO, Strike R&D Tax Advisory
  • Jonathan Greechan: Co-Founder & CEO, Founder Institute
  • Julian Busch: Director, Denver Angels
  • Julien Denaes: Co-Founder , Alpin
  • Karl Dakin: Principal, HO2
  • Kate Caldecourt: Strategy & Organizational Design Partner, Strategy Architect
  • Kelly Watters: Founder & CEO, Western Rise
  • Kevin Kudra: Director of Operations, Rockies Venture Club
  • Koko Zarov: VP, Enterprise Data Sales, Onemata
  • Kristie Hunziker: Head of People Operations, Cloud Elements
  • Kristin Miller: Founder, InMotion Albums
  • Kyle Shannon: Founder & CEO, Storyvine
  • Lang Mei: CEO, informu
  • Leah Garcia: Founder & CEO, Nulastin
  • Logan Grizzel: Partner, MUUS Climate Partners
  • Luke Norris: Founder, Exec-Chairman, Faction Inc.
  • Mara Rada: CEO & Chief of Strategy, Citronade Naming and Branding
  • Marc Nager: Partner at Greater Colorado Venture Fund, Co-Founder of Startup Weekend
  • Marcus DeVane: Program Manager, Dell for Entrepreneurs
  • Mark Geene: CEO & Co-Founder, Cloud Elements
  • Mark Newhouse: General Partner, Innosphere Fund
  • Mark Tegtmeier: CEO & Design Director, Trailmerge
  • Mark Salsberry: CEO, Modern
  • Martín Martinez: Entrepreneur in Residence, Founder Institute
  • Matt Frary: CEO/Founder, Digital Good
  • Matt Holmes: Founder & CEO,
  • Matt Chambers: Founder, CEO, Loxo
  • Matt Bloomstedt: Managing Partner, SpringTime Ventures
  • Matt Mandell: Principal,
  • Mayur Vyas: CFO, Finconoso
  • Michael Frederick: CEO and Fund Manager, Flatirons Development
  • Mike Freeman: CEO, Innosphere Ventures
  • Mike Connolly
  • Nathan Cassell: Patent Attorney, Acuity IP
  • Natty Zola: Partner, Matchstick Ventures
  • Nelly Yusupova: Founder, TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs
  • Noah Wallach: Founder, Hope OS
  • Oza Klanjsek: Lead Director Architecture, CVS Health
  • Pat Riley: CEO, Global Accelerator Network
  • Peter Adams: Managing Director, Rockies Venture Fund
  • Peter Byrne: President, driveEDR
  • Peter Bryant: Managing Partner, Clareo
  • Ramon Berrios: CEO,
  • Randall Hartman: Founder, Interactive Director, Groundwrk
  • Rich Maloy: Managing Partner, SpringTime Ventures
  • Richard Fallah: Founder,
  • Rob Rusher: Managing Partner, Mountain Office
  • Russell Brand: CEO & Founder, Responsible Solutions Limited
  • Ryan Micheletti: Head of Global Operations, Founder Institute
  • Ryan Gibson: Founder, Content Lift
  • Sameer Sortur: Founder & CEO , SquareCircle Global
  • Sandro Sacerdoti: Member & Attorney, Bold Legal LLC
  • Scott Yates: Co-Founder, CEO, BlogMutt
  • Scott Doniger: CMO, Growth Warrior Capital
  • Scout Tweedie Yates: Regional Manager , The Founder Institute HQ
  • Serene Papenfuss: Principal, Kickstart
  • Shaun Lane: Founder, NanoCrete
  • Shea Gerhardt: Founder & CEO, Buderflys
  • Sneha Lundia Agrawal: Founder & CEO, Step2Growth
  • Sonya Guram: Deputy Director - Business Funding & Incentives, Colorado OEDIT
  • Spencer Ingram: Founder, Smash
  • Stephen Meade: Founder & CEO, MonetaPro
  • Steve Jovanelly: CEO/CTO, Adattivo
  • Steven Rooney: CEO, Intelligent Vehicle Briefs
  • Taj Adhav: Founder, Leasecake
  • Taylor Mc Lemore: Managing Director, Techstars
  • Teresa Densmore: Manager, The Commons on Champa
  • Theresa Szczurek: CEO and serial entrepreneur, Technology and Management Solutions
  • Tim Krebs: Chief Financial Officer, Starfire Energy
  • Todd McWhirter: Managing Partner, Oldham Beckley Investment Group
  • Todd Kleinhans: CEO, Zone of Hope
  • Todd Emaus: Executive Coach, Evolution Service Corp
  • Tyler Kem: Co-Founder, Strike R&D Tax Advisory
  • Vanessa Clark: CEO, Atomos Space
  • Warren Ng
  • Will Sullivan: Management Consultant, Shipp Consulting
  • Will Sacks: Founder & CEO, Fulcrum Venture Accelerator
  • YJ Lin: Program Manager, Dell for Entrepreneurs
  • Yoav Shalev: Founder & CEO, SHALEV
  • Zach Nies: Managing Director, Techstars Sustainability
  • Ze Shan Malik: Founder, Brandathon

Today’s economic 'New Normal' is full of reshuffling industries, and new problems in need of solutions - now is a time for entrepreneurs to act. 

Join us in Colorado to get funded and build a global business. 

Apply to the Colorado Fall 2022 Founder Institute today, or learn more at  


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