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VC Lab Cohort 4 admissions are now open, and interested applicants can apply at FI.co/apply/vc.

VC Lab is a venture capital firm accelerator that helps new fund managers to launch accelerators, pre-seed, seed or Series A venture capital firms globally. The goal is to help you complete your first closing in one year or less by providing a supportive community, tactical advice and resources through approximately 25 hours per week of structured work.


How can you apply to VC Lab with the best chances for admission?

Getting accepted to VC Lab is competitive. Cohort 3 had over 1,780 General Partners apply, and roughly 150 firms were enrolled.

Here are some tips to help you secure one of the coveted positions:

  1. First, educate yourself about the VC Lab program at FI.co/vc. Applicants that are informed about our “learn by doing” methodology and other program tactics have the best chance.
  2. Second, review the principles of our Mensarius Oath, an outline of values we believe all venture investors should follow. You will be asked to publicly agree to the Oath as part of the admissions process, so be sure that it aligns with your values. 
  3. Third, start working on the pre-curriculum to develop and refine your Investment Thesis. We get a lot of applications, so the stronger your Thesis, the more likely our admissions team will take your application seriously.
  4. Lastly, prepare a compelling 2 minute video with your fellow General Partners, describing why you and your team are uniquely suited for Venture Capital. Your application video is the most important part of your application, since the pandemic has made pitching mostly virtual.


The Final Application Deadline for Cohort 4 is Sunday July 18th. However, applications are processed on a first come, first served basis - so the earlier you apply, the greater your chances. 


Apply to VC Lab Cohort 4.


We are here to help passionate general partners build the future of venture capital. Our goal is to launch 1,000 new venture firms by 2025.

If you have questions about the program or process, be sure to attend one of our upcoming VC Lab venture capital events



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VC Lab is a 14 week intensive program to help New Managers start accelerators, pre-seed, seed or Series A venture capital firms globally. 

VC Lab is a VC Accelerator program run by the Founder Institute, the world's largest pre-seed startup accelerator. The Founder Institute has over 5,000 portfolio companies worth an estimated $30B in value. 

Learn more about the Founder Institute at FI.co or VC Lab at FI.co/vc.

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