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Rethink what's possible in 2022: the world needs more entrepreneurs to lead the way in creating a better future, for everyone.

Whether you have already launched a startup or are still in the idea-phase, now is the time to act. The global community is incrementally moving slow and steady toward an eventual post-pandemic future, but today it remains filled with reshuffled industries and new problems in need of solutions. As we continue into 2022 and beyond, each and every entrepreneur has the opportunity to play a part in helping shape that better future.

 That's why we are excited to announce applications are now open for the Mexico City Virtual 2022 program.

If you could use a structured process and a lifetime of support from Mexico City's top investors and entrepreneurs to build something meaningful, then apply to the Mexico City Virtual 2022 Founder Institute today.

Program Update: This accelerator will be run online with local and international mentors, with the potential for some optional in-person networking. Learn more on our Virtual Program FAQ page.

We will be hosting several free startup online events in Mexico City over the coming weeks, where you can learn virtually from top entrepreneurs from the comfort of your home:

Mexico City Events:

  • FI Monterrey & FI Mexico City Graduation w/Top LATAM Startups: Rappi & Clip on 7:00pm, dic 02, 2021 (America/Mexico_City):

Global Events:

  • WEBINAR: Founder Institute Online Information Session:
  • Founder Showcase: Pre-Seed Startup Pitch & Networking Event, with Brant Cooper (Online) on 12:00pm, dic 01, 2021 (America/Mexico_City):
  • [Restricted Access] Mental Fitness, Mindfulness, and Meditation for Entrepreneurs, an AMA with Mark Montalban + VIP Alumni Networking Summit on 6:00pm, dic 02, 2021 (America/Mexico_City):
  • [Restricted Access] VIP Speed Mentoring: Get Feedback and Network with Top FI Mentors on 7:00pm, dic 07, 2021 (America/Mexico_City):
  • FI Alumni Panel: Meet Founders that Graduated FI and Ask Questions on 12:00pm, dic 15, 2021 (America/Mexico_City):
  • AMA + FI Info Session with Co-Founder & CEO Jonathan Greechan on 7:00pm, dic 29, 2021 (America/Mexico_City):
  • AMA + FI Info Session with Co-Founder & CEO Jonathan Greechan on 12:00pm, dic 30, 2021 (America/Mexico_City):
  • Founder Showcase: Pre-Seed Startup Pitch & Networking Event (Online) on 7:00pm, ene 12, 2022 (America/Mexico_City):
  • [Restricted Access] VIP Alumni Networking Summit + Mentor AMA on 12:00pm, ene 20, 2022 (America/Mexico_City):
  • Learn How to Create an Admired Company Brand with Fabian Geyrhalter on 12:00pm, feb 02, 2022 (America/Mexico_City):
  • [Restricted Access] VIP Alumni Networking Summit + Mentor AMA on 6:00pm, feb 03, 2022 (America/Mexico_City):
  • [Restricted Access] VIP Alumni Networking Summit + AMA with Wendy Ryan, on Founder Leadership on 12:00pm, feb 17, 2022 (America/Mexico_City):

Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 200+ cities worldwide, the Founder Institute is designed to help you build an enduring business that can survive and thrive in this “new normal.” We do this by giving you a clear process combined with constant feedback from a devoted network of international entrepreneurs and investors. Participants in the 4-month core program also get access to a lifetime of support through the Founder Institute's industry-leading free post-programs.

The Mexico City accelerator is led by some of the region's top startup leaders, including Jose Antonio Tena Sendra and Lorena Sanchez. In addition, some of Mexico's top investors, entrepreneurs, and CEOs will be participating as mentors in the program, providing expert feedback and evaluation. The list of startup mentors for the Mexico City Founder Institute includes:

  • Abdala Pineda: Chief Revenue & Growth Officer, WEEX
  • Adam Keynes: Founder and GP, Bizrupt and Mind The Gap
  • Adan Ramos: Country Manager, Kovi
  • Adeo Ressi: Founder/CEO
  • Adolfo Ferrer: CEO & Co-Founder, LIKS
  • Adolfo Babatz: CEO, Clip
  • Ahmed Shabana: Venture Capital. Startup Advisor. Investor., ParkPine Capital
  • Airy Minor: Comunicación & Partnerships,
  • Alberto Alejandré: Co Founder / COO & CCO, Mobbit
  • Alejandro Cardoso: Global CEO & Managing Partner, Massivart
  • Alejandro Virchez Azuara: Senior Partner, Node 6
  • Alejandro Diez Barroso: Managing Partner, DILA CAPITAL
  • Alejandro Arriaga: COO & Partner, Alacrity Mexico
  • Àlex Orozco: Country Manager
  • Alex Martin: Business Development Manager, ePesos
  • Ali Jamal: Growth and Performance Marketing, Clip
  • Ana Liz Pardo
  • Andrés Oliveros: Co-Founder, Astrolab
  • Andres Bilbao: Co founder CEO CPG & Ecommerce, Rappi
  • Ari Bonilla Santos: Founder & General Manager, Marco Polo Advisory
  • Ariadna Trapote: CEO/Co-Founder, Little Bookmates
  • Arturo Salazar: General Partner, Billioneurons
  • Bernardo Tamez: Founder,
  • Bernardo Cordero: co founder,
  • Bobby Diamond: Head of UI / UX, Swap
  • Bruno Ramos: CEO, Swap
  • C Salazar: Venture Partner, 500 Startups
  • Carlos Beltran: Partner / Chief Innovation Officer, BELTRAN FORTUNY & BELTRAN RIVERA SC
  • Carlos Garcia: CEO, Kavak
  • Cesar Esquivel: CEO, Blooders
  • Christian Rubio: Founder and Producer, La Gracia Films
  • Claret Uribe: Business Development Manager, Bebe2Go
  • Cristina Palacios: CEO, Aventones
  • Cristina De La Peña: CEO, Synapbox
  • Cristina Carvallo: People Officer, Crabi
  • David Haber: Co-Founder & CEO, Unitips
  • David Geisen: CEO, Dafiti Mexico
  • David De Santiago
  • David Dana: CFO, Canasta Rosa
  • David Andujo: ceo, andujo consulting
  • Edgardo Cruz: Chief Innovation Officer, Resortera Business Lab
  • Emmanuel Chamarro: Director, Ixe Grupo Financiero
  • Eric Descombes: President, FCB México
  • Eugenio Perea: Partner
  • Fabiola Borquez: Head of product, Crabi
  • Francisco Cordoba : Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, WeSend
  • Francisco Maldonado Haro: Francisco Maldonado, Sandwich Group
  • Gabriel Cortina: Country Manager, Wayra
  • Gilles Suberville
  • Gonzalo Herrera: Managing Partner, BYG Consultores
  • Grisel Olmedo: BRAND MANAGER, albo
  • Guillaume Balas: Founder, The Inbound Labs
  • Guillermo Villegas: Co-Founder & CMO, Luuna
  • Ignacio Bermudez: Co founder, Tally Legal
  • Ignacio Cordero: Head of Growth, RappiPay
  • Isaac Victoria: Legal Director, Webach
  • Ivan Alvarez: CEO , iOS Developers Mexico
  • Jakiya Elizabeth Brown: CEO and Founder, Founder of The Travelingfro Brand | Travelpreneur | Branding Strategist
  • Javier Gotschlich: Head of Partnerships - Hubspot for Startups, HubSpot
  • Jesus Torres: Parter & CEO, Snowball
  • Jorge Lopez Archundia: Director Operativo - Co Founder, SOME / Content Marketing
  • Jose Antonio Tena Sendra: Head of Product - Paga con Rappi, Rappi
  • Jose Maria Pertusa Honrubia: Co-Ceo and Co-Founder , Apli
  • Juan Leaño: Founder & CEO, Parco
  • Juan Carlos Belair: Founder, Spiralis
  • Juan Miguel Guerra: Country Manager, Revolut
  • Juan Pablo Ortega: Co Founder and Head of RappiBank, Rappi
  • Juliano Marques: Acquisition Marketing Manager, Goomer
  • Laura Ortiz Montemayor: Founder, SVX México
  • Lauren Rodriguez: Co-Fundadora, Abogadas para Emprendedores
  • Lorena Sanchez Garcia: CEO & Cofounder, Urban Guilt
  • Lucia Martinez: Director and Co-Founder, Troquer
  • Luis Andrés Hernández Acevedo: CEO, Wise
  • Luis Barrios: Founder & CEO ,
  • Luis Lopez, Twenty-three
  • Luis Adolfo Gonzalez: CEO
  • Mads Schmidt Petersen: Director, Founder Colombia
  • Maite Diez Canedo: co founder, VIA WORK
  • Manuel Nucamendi: Senior Consultant, Kantar Consulting
  • Marcela Zetina Manrique: Head of Open Innovation & Open Banking , BBVA
  • Marcela Gutiérrez: Founder, LaMarch Consulting
  • Marcus Dantus: CEO, Startup Mexico
  • Maria Altschulter: Associate, DILA CAPITAL
  • Maria Jose Madero: Co Founder & Creative Director , Ben & Frank
  • Mariana Castillo: Co-CEO & Co-Founder, BEN AND FRANK
  • Mariana Villarreal: e-commerce entrepreneur and consultant, Ignite ecommerce, Sacional, +
  • Martha Ayala: Consultor en Vinculación y desarrollo de negocios empresarial, Citibank
  • Martin Mexia: Head of RappiPay (Former CEO & Co-Founder of Payit acquired by Rappi), Rappi
  • Mayela Becerra: Partner, SWS Consulting &
  • Melina Cruz: CEO, Homely
  • Mois Cherem: CEO & CO-Founder, BEDU
  • Moises Hamui: CEO - Co-Founder, Viceversa & MHA Consulting
  • Mónica Albarrán: CEO, MUUK
  • Natalia Falla Liévano: Head of International Talent ,
  • Pablo Ize: CEO, Kiwi - BOP
  • Pablo Estevez: Co-Founder , GusChat
  • Pablo Rena: CEO & Founder, MayoreoTotal
  • Pablo Gomez Gallardo Maass: Chief Digital Officer, Viva Aerobus
  • Patrick Menendez: Principal, VARIV Capital
  • Paul D'souza: President and CEO, The D'Souza Group
  • Rafael Jiménez: CEO, Seenapse
  • Rafael De Haro: Co-Founder & Managing Partner, VARIV Capital
  • Raul Basurto Rosenzweig: Worldwide Developer Relations, Rack Centre
  • Roberto Coste: CEO, y Órale
  • Roberto Castillo: CTO & COFOUNDER, Mobbit
  • Rocio Reyes Morales: Brand Strategist, Google
  • Rodrigo Garza Urquiza: Sales Branch Manager , Bray International
  • Rossana Escalante: Co-founder, Intersect
  • Ruben Serros GarduŃo: PRESIDENTE, Innovación Posible ac
  • Sandra Alvarez: Director of Product, Clip
  • Santiago Sanchez: Founder, Intersect
  • Santiago Lamas: Head of Marketing - Founding Team, Justo
  • Sathya Mariana Llull: Head of People Nuvemshop, Software
  • Shai Rosen: Co-Founder, Suggestic
  • Shai Rosen: Co-founder, Suggestic
  • Shlomi Podgaetz: Director/CEO, Rizasmart Consulting
  • Sofía Torres: CEO, Telokwento
  • Stefan Scharnagl Villarroel: Founder, SEED Consulting
  • Stephanie Lewis: CEO, Cinemanagement
  • Victor Reyes: Co-Founder, SkyRocket Tech Lab
  • Victor Chapela: Victor Chapela - Founder & CEO, Suggestic (Silicon Valley FI)
  • Warren Gutensohn: Head of Product, RappiPay
  • Yelena Ioffe Cuevas: Fund Manager, Soldiers Field Angels
  • Ytzia Belausteguigoitia: Co-Founder & Co CEO, Troquer

  • And many more to be announced.

Since 2009, the Founder Institute has helped over  5,000 Alumni raise over $1.5 billion funding, get into seed-accelerators, generate traction, recruit a team, build a product, transition from employee to entrepreneur, and more (see the FI 10 Year Impact Report here).

Join us in Mexico City to help build the future. 

Apply to the Mexico City Virtual 2022 Founder Institute today, or learn more at  


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