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Fundadores primero, Fundadores siempre. Únete a nosotros en 2023: Founder Institute es el lugar #1 del mundo para transformar ideas en emprendimientos, y emprendimientos en negocios globales. Te esperamos en nuestro programa online EN ESPAÑOL en Chile que puedes realizar desde cualquier lugar.

Founder First, Founder Always. Join us in 2023: Founder Institute is the #1 place in the world to turn ideas into fundable startups, and startups into global businesses. We look forward to meet you in our online program IN SPANISH in Chile where you can be part from anywhere.

Today’s economic 'New Normal' is full of reshuffling industries, and new problems in need of solutions - now is a time for entrepreneurs to act. 

Whether you need to test and validate early hypotheses before making a large financial commitment to your startup idea, or you are ready to push your startup to the next level through aggressive weekly growth sprints to refine your vision, improve key metrics, and prepare for investor diligence, Founder Institute has the proven processes and network to help you do it.

If you could use a structured process that tells you what to focus on, when, and a lifetime of support from Chile's top investors and entrepreneurs, then apply to the Chile 2023 Founder Institute today.

Si un proceso estructurado que te puede ayudar a decidir en qué enfocarte y cuándo, y un soporte por el resto de la vida de importantes inversionistas y emprendedores de Chile, entonces postula al programa Founder Institute de Chile 2023 ahoraLas sesiones se realizan en español, solamente algunos materiales están en inglés por lo que no se requiere un nivel avanzado.

We will be hosting several in-person free startup events in Chile over the coming weeks, where you can learn from top entrepreneurs all from the comfort of home:

  • Co-Founder Networking: Find a Business Partner, Online on 1:00pm, may 31, 2023 (America/Santiago):
  • Founder Institute Online Information Session:
  • Learnings from Building a Fast-Growing Edtech Startup on 1:00pm, jun 05, 2023 (America/Santiago):
  • Pitch Lounge: Practice Pitching Your Business Idea to Startup Experts on 1:00pm, jun 07, 2023 (America/Santiago):
  • Corporate Venture Building: 8 Lessons Learned from the Trenches on 9:00am, jun 08, 2023 (America/Santiago):
  • How to Build a Community for Your Startup on 1:00pm, jun 12, 2023 (America/Santiago):
  • Founder Showcase: Pre-Seed Startup Pitch & Networking Event (Online Conference) on 1:00pm, jun 14, 2023 (America/Santiago):
  • How to Delegate Tasks and Remain Focused as a Startup Founder on 1:00pm, jun 21, 2023 (America/Santiago):
  • How Large Organizations Can Launch a Successful Venture Building Program on 9:00am, jun 22, 2023 (America/Santiago):
  • Co-Founder Networking: Find a Business Partner Online on 1:00pm, jul 19, 2023 (America/Santiago):

Make better, faster business decisions in 2023 by sharing your latest progress, challenges, and strategies for constant feedback and evaluation from our expert mentors and advisors, every step of the way–scale your team, develop new business opportunities, and recruit an amazing advisory board with the world's largest network of international startup founders, CEOs, advisors, and investors.

Our mentors include 

  • Adeo Ressi: Founder/CEO, Founder Institute
  • Adrian Jofre: CEO and Founder, Mitra
  • Agustín Pallotti: Director, Lupa Corporation
  • Alan Earle: Startup Lead, güil Mobility Ventures
  • Alejandro Barros: International Consultant, e.nable
  • Alejandro Bisquertt: Founder & CEO, Neurognos
  • Alex Goldberger: Fundador, Carmania
  • Alex Harasic: Business Development Manager - Startups & Venture Capital, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Alex Parnas: Director de Emprendimiento, Centro de Innovación UC
  • Alfredo Osorio: Founder
  • Allan Jarry: Founder, NEOS
  • Alvaro Portugal: Founder and Sales Manager, Blue Company
  • Álvaro Noain Larrinaga: CEO, BePretty
  • Amure Pinho: CEO, CrossFy
  • Andreas Neuman: CEO, UAV-IQ Precision Agriculture
  • Andres Jara: CEO, Alster Legal
  • Andres Gallardo: CEO, Desafío Latam
  • Andrés Rivero: Fundador, Inversiones Ridu
  • Andrew Lee: CEO, Esper
  • Antonio Garcia: Cofounder, Co-Work
  • Ari Wurmann: CEO and Founder, Glupper
  • Ariel Arrieta: Cofounder & CEO, Nextperience Labs
  • Ariel Gringaus: CEO, Colegium
  • Ariel Pelerman: Commercial Director,
  • Ariel Matus: Founder , Bambinotes
  • Arnon Kohavi: Founder
  • Ash Fontana: Venture Hacker, AngelList
  • Boris Kraizel: Socio,
  • Cancelado Shai Rosen: Cofounder
  • Carolina De La Maza: Director, Let´s Fand
  • Cecil Acevedo: Co-Founder,
  • Celeste North: Country Manager, MUBI Mexico
  • Charlie Cliff: CTO
  • Claudia Garrido: CEO, h2o
  • claudio barahona: Gerente de Negocios, Wayra Chile
  • Claudio Hidalgo: CEO, Inversiones Santa Josefina, investing and incubator company
  • Coloma Gili: Business Leader, INNSPIRAL
  • Constanza Díaz: Embajadora para Chile, Technovation Challenge
  • Constanza Butenidieck: Trainer, InnovarEsHoy
  • Constanza Pino: Gerente de Valor Humano, WOM
  • Cristina Muñoz: Co-Founder, Proyecto Moms
  • Cristóbal Silva: Managing Partner, Fen Ventures
  • Cristóbal Undurraga: Mentor
  • Cynthia Traeger: CEO
  • Daniça Mardesic: Directora Servicos Tecnicos y Jurídicos, ClarkeModet Chile
  • Daniel Daccarett: Founder and CEO,
  • Daniel Undurraga: Founder LatAm, FM Consulting GmbH
  • Daniel Perez Rada: CTO, Epistemonikos
  • Daniel Ibarra: CEO, GOPLACEIT.COM
  • David Assael: CEO,
  • David Basulto: Founder, COO,
  • David Alvo: Presidente, Latam Ventures Club
  • David Fonseca: VP of Global Development, VelocityTX
  • David Fernandez
  • Derek Footer: Managing Partner, Origo Ventures
  • Diana Berríos: Cofounder, Socialbuyers
  • Diego García: Gerente General, TUFT Car Wash
  • Diego Borquez: Gerente General, Spin Consulting Group
  • Edgar Spielmann: Founder and CEO, Ubiquo Chile
  • Elias Jara: Director Ejecutivo, Fundación ELOM
  • Elías Tefarikis: Consejero Asesor, Laboratoria
  • Emilio Davis: CTO, Khipu
  • Enrique Barreira: C.E.O., DaDNeoS (DaD for Latam Region)
  • Enrique García: Director, Acento en la Cé
  • Eric Ayala: Partner, Fortify Ventures
  • Eugene Shteyn: Director, Ambature
  • Evan Nisselson: CEO, LDV Labs
  • Felipe Atala: Owner, Movix
  • Felipe Vargas: Founder, GOPLACEIT.COM
  • Felipe Broitman: Socio - Director, RePhone
  • Felix Halcartegaray - old: CEO Incuba UC, Incuba UC
  • Felix Halcartegaray
  • Fernanda Lesmes: Cofounder, Socialbuyers
  • Francisca Varela: CEO and Co Founder, Comunicatext
  • Francisca Rojas, Grupo Imagine
  • Francisco Sandoval: CEO, Betazeta Networks
  • Francisco Masjuan: CEO, LeanTrain
  • Gabriel Gurovich: Founder, Entrepreneur/Starter || Sought-after Speaker || Disruptor de Empresas
  • Gabriel Cid: CEO, Upgrade3D
  • Gabriel Vergara: CEO, SmartCFO
  • Gastón Salinas: Founder, Latinnovators
  • Gerard Murfitt: Founder, Venture Counsel Partners
  • Gert Findel: CTO
  • Giuliano Stiglitz: CEO, Orange Advertising Americas
  • Gonzalo Illesca: Cofounder, HumanUP
  • Gonzalo Camiruaga: CEO, Launch Cowork
  • Greg Barton: ceo,
  • Gregorio González: Managing Partner, Forastero
  • Guillaume Balas: CMO, Meta Pool
  • Guillermo Söhnlein: Co-Founder & CEO , Blue Marble ExplorationBlue Marble Exploration
  • Hector Sepulveda: CEO, OMB
  • Humberto Lobos: Co-Founder & CTO, Movidreams S.A.
  • I Vera: Co-Founder & CEO, INNSPIRAL
  • Ignacio Canals: CEO and Founder, Lemontech
  • Ignacio Parada: Founder, Magnet
  • Ismael Briasco: CEO, PsicoFXP
  • J García Elicetche: CEO and Founder, My Friend
  • Javier Cueto: CEO, Grupo Imagine
  • Jay Applewhite: COO, BNamericas
  • Jean Boudeguer: CEO, Clay
  • Jimmy Hendricks: Jimmy Hendricks - CEO & Co-Founder, , Light Post Digital & Deal Current Network
  • Joe Bezdek: Co-founder, DivX, Inc.
  • John Young: principal, Alkimie Pte. Ltd.
  • Juan Pablo Cappello: Principal, Greenberg Traurig
  • Juan Pablo O'ryan: Gerente General, Fondo Kawen Ltda
  • Julio Correa: Former Director ejecutivo, UDD Ventures
  • Kimberly Carlotti: Fondatrice, Brands for Beings
  • Leo Prieto: Founder, Betazeta
  • Liz Flores: Partner, PAW
  • Luis Martín Cabiedes: Partner, Cabiedes & Partners
  • Luis Samra: General Manager Latam, General Catalyst
  • Luis Cuezzo: Founder, Digital Glue
  • Luis Arias: Ejecutivo de Proyectos, CORFO
  • Maca Lara: Co-Fundadora, PulsoSocial
  • Maitetxu Larraechea: Directora, Girls in Tech
  • Manuk Masseredjian: Subgerente de Innovación, BBVA Chile
  • Marcelo Guital: CEO and Founder, Guital & Partners
  • Marcos Polanco: CTO, VC3
  • María Mánquez: CEO, MD EyeCare
  • Maria De Los Angeles Romo: Directora Ejecutivo, Endeavor Chile
  • Maria Eliana Manquez: CEO
  • Mariano Maturana: Socio, SMART Delivery
  • Mark Bonnell: CEO, Modyo
  • Martine De Ridder: Cofounder, DevLady
  • Mary Montesinos: Directora, Emprendedoras de Chile
  • Matías Zegers: Partner, Bahamondez, Álvarez y Zegers Ltda.
  • Max Johansson: Imagine Startup, Director Emprendimiento
  • Mirko Dragicevic: Mentor, ADN Mentores
  • Nico Orellana: CEO, Welcu
  • Nicolas Cary: Ceo,
  • Nicolas Vilela: CEO and Co-Founder, ZTZ Tech Group
  • Nicolás Millán: CEO and Founder, #GetFair
  • Nils Galdo: CEO, ChileGlobal Angels
  • Pablo Cordova: -, Impirica
  • Pablo Iturbe: CEO, Tigabytes
  • Pablo Ambram: Chapter Director, Founder Institute Chile
  • Pablo Espinace Ronda: CTO, GOPLACEIT.COM
  • Pablo Ambram
  • Pablo Aguinaga: CEO, Magic Estudio
  • Patricia Hansen: Director, S Factory of Startup Chile
  • Patricio Fonseca: Entrepreneurship Coach, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Coach
  • Patrick Van Der Pijl: CEO, Business Models Inc.
  • Paula Broitman: Assistant Professor, P. Universidad Católica de Chile
  • Pedro Pineda: Country Manager, Pez Urbano
  • Pedro Varas Bruzzone: Founder,
  • Pepe Pascual: Scout , Telefónica Open Future
  • Phil Libin: Founder & CEO, All Turtles
  • Pilar Stefani: Analista Senior, Chile Global Angels
  • Pilar Ay: Asociada, DLA Piper
  • Ravi Chaitanya: CEO, Sentio VR
  • Roberto Camhi: CEO, Mapcity
  • Roberto Musso: President, Digevo
  • Roberto Arancibia: Fundador, Airenuevo
  • Roberto Arriagada: CEO, PROVESOL Ingeniería y servicios
  • Rodrigo Sepúlveda Schulz: Managing Director, Expon Capital
  • Rodrigo Hasember: Gerente Omnicanal, Falabella Retail Chile
  • Rodrigo Bitrán: Owner, Kapak Design
  • Rodrigo Rojas: CEO, TimeHunter
  • S Valin: CEO,
  • Said Sufan: Asesor de Innovación, INACAP
  • Sami Inkinen: Co-Founder, Board Member, Trulia
  • Sebastián Vidal: Executive Director, Startup Chile
  • Sebastián Ibáñez: CEO, DaDNeos
  • Sebastián Maturana: CEO,
  • Sebastián Hoppe: Senior Manager, Falcon Management Partners
  • Sergey Gribov: Partner, Flint Capital
  • Tadashi Takaoka: Gerente General
  • Tiburcio De La Carcova: Co-Founder, COO, Atakama Labs
  • Tim Delhaes: Tim Delhaes - CEO, MonkeyContact (Santiago FI),
  • Tomas Bercovich: CEO and Founder, Zhetapricing
  • Tyler Crowley: Tyler Crowley - Founder & CEO, Skweal (Paris FI), Skweal
  • Vanesa Kolodziej: Corporate Venture Capital, Clarin - Grupo Agea
  • Verónica Céspedes: Directora, Centro INNOVO USACH
  • Vivekananda Badiger: CTO, Intellitech Spa
  • Wenceslao Casares: CEO, Bling Nation

  • And many more to be announced.

Since 2009, Founder Institute’s highly-structured accelerator programs have helped over 6,800 entrepreneurs to grow quickly, know what to do next, and make key connections through the largest community of startup advisors in the world. 

It all starts with our renowned ‘FI Core’ accelerator, which pushes founders at the idea and pre-seed stages to reach the milestones needed for investment and sustained growth. Alumni of FI Core then receive free access to our advanced ‘Founder Lab’ accelerators for years to come, and can get matched with prospective investors in the FI Venture Network - a collection of global funds actively investing in the earliest rounds of funding.

The results speak for themselves: FI Alumni have raised over $1.75BN in funding, and are building impactful businesses across 200+ cities and 100+ countries all across the globe. (see the FI 50 Report here).

Join us in Chile to get funded and build a global business. 

Apply to the Chile 2023 Founder Institute today, or learn more at  

¡Te esperamos!


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