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Setting up online learning programs and courses can be a timely endeavor and cost a lot of money. However, since Etudesk launched officially in early February it has made setting up online learning programs not only easy but cheap. Users have the ability to set up their own unique learning platform either private or public in less than one minute. It is no wonder with a platform so easy to use and yet still effective that Etudesk has already garnered 13 separate institutions as customers that currently represent over 60,000 learners. 

CEO and founder Lamine Barro, a Graduate of the Abidjan Founder Institute, started working on Etudesk in late 2015. By 2016 Etudesk had won the Seedsters World Competition held in Abidjan last year, and just officially launched a little less than a month ago and already has a solid customer base that is growing. 

Etudesk is not Barro's first attempt at creating an ed-tech application. In 2013 he was working on a different project one that allowed students to connect with one another and share notes and thoughts on courses and more. He managed to generate 8,000 users for his ed-tech application but ultimately the project was abandoned as a result of not being able to find a sustainable business model for the project. 

It was during the learning process of his first ed-tech application that Barro realized that universities and other institutions lacked the fundamental technical skills required to create their own online learning platforms. This is where Etudesk was born. The future for the company is very bright. 

Etudesk is in the LMS Market, which in the year of 2016 generated up to four billion dollars of revenue. There is a lot of potential for an application like Etudesk in a market like this. Currently, the Etudesk team is focusing on converting organizations and schools in emerging market places. Of these organizations only three percent of them are currently using these new tools. There is a lot of room for growth in the emerging markets, and with a platform that is simple and cost-effective to use Etudesk will gain popularity in these places quickly. 

What makes Etudesk such a great application, especially for organizations and schools in emerging markets, is that there is no domain name or server required for the deployment of the online learning platform that can give full courses to an unlimited amount of students. The scope of the application is huge. Users can create videos, quizzes, and various learning tasks to ensure that the students learn the information in a number of ways. 

One of the best parts of Etudesk is that whatever a school or organization decides to set-up in way of a learning platform it is automatically optimized for phone, tablet, and computer depending on the type of device accessing the platform. Platform administrators are also privy to a host of statistical data on the amount of page activity and the progress of the students using the platform. 

For those who are skeptical about Etudesk, they offer their application for free for life for anyone to try. As long as you have less than 20 active users and less than one gigabyte of data uploaded Etudesk is yours to use for free for as long as you like. This can also benefit small, rural villages and towns that may not have the resources to pay for something like this, but still want to educate their children and themselves. 

Etudesk has ascended quickly from an idea to a functioning application that has over 60,000 active students using it already. There is a lot of room and potential for growth with this company!

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