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When it comes to the top startup ecosystems in the world, London ranks third. There are several reasons why it has become an important technology hub:

  • London is the second most connected startup ecosystem in the world, innovators worldwide have made connections with at least 2 local entrepreneurs. 
  • Startups are attracting significant investments from local capital and you can find collaborative, high quality talent almost everywhere.
  • Given the amount of AI startups in this beautiful city, London has become the “AI capital of Europe” and they are on a mission to become the smartest city in the world.

Exciting things are happening in London these days. It’s home to some of the most important startup incubators and accelerators in the world, and it has become a city that can bring your ideas to life.

Take a look at the following list of incubators and accelerators in London:

1. Activate Capital

  • Description: "Over the year we seek out entrepreneurs with outstanding digital ideas — then use our business and technology expertise to guide them to further investment and lasting success."
  • Sectors / Markets of Focus: Digital Platforms.
  • Activate Capital Requirements: Being an entrepreneur with an outstanding digital idea.
  • Activate Capital Deal Terms: The program is divided in three parts: the Foundation phase is where they help startups create their business model and validate their ideas. In the Traction phase, startups are able to create an MVP and go through user testing. In the Build phase, startups will be able to build, launch and scale their product. The amount invested and equity varies depending on the program phase.

2. Barclays Accelerator

  • Description: “Access a constant flow of industry experts, mentors and potential clients to give your FinTech the best chance of success.”
  • Sectors / Markets of Focus: FinTech.
  • Barclays Accelerator Requirements: Innovative entrepreneurs and startups focused in the FinTech industry.
  • Barclays Accelerator Deal Terms: An investment up to £120,000 with an equity of 6%. Participants will have the opportunity to work at Rise London, gain access to workshops, events and Barclays Eagle Labs' makers lab. Also, they’ll receive mentorships from FinTech leaders.
  • Notable Barclays Accelerator Alumni: BaseStone, Cuvva, DIGISEQ, Oathello, Safello, Shieldpay, Stockfuse.

3. Bethnal Green Ventures

  • Description: “At Bethnal Green Ventures we help talented teams launch and scale tech for good ventures that will significantly improve millions of lives.”
  • Sectors / Markets of Focus: Social, Healthcare, Education, WorkerTech and GreenTech.
  • Bethnal Green Ventures Requirements: They are looking for an innovative idea, an ambitious team who wants to scale and impact millions of lives.
  • Bethnal Green Ventures Deal Terms: An investment of £20,000 in cash for an equity of 6%. They provide a workspace, mentorship and workshops, access to industry experts and investor networks, etc.
  • Notable Bethnal Green Ventures Alumni: AirPublic, Ally Chatbot, Birdsong London, Commonplace, DrDoctor, GoodGym, Health VR, OurPath, Overleaf, PlaqueChecker, Salve, Skin Analytics, Workerbird.

4. Collider

  • Description: “Leading the ecosystem for innovation in marketing, commerce and adtech. We drive business impact by making corporate-startup collaboration work.”
  • Sectors / Markets of Focus: E-Commerce, Marketing and AdTech.
  • Collider Requirements: They are looking to work with amazing madtech talent and entrepreneurs who want to develop their ideas.
  • Collider Deal Terms: An investment between 50,000€ -100,000€. They provide mentorship and access to the Collider network for life.
  • Notable Collider Alumni: AdLaunch, Beem, Cooala, Duel, Seenit, Tailify, Unrival.

5. CyLon

  • Description: “We find, grow and invest in the world’s best emerging cyber businesses. Since 2015 we’ve supported global entrepreneurs building scalable companies to help secure our digital future.”
  • Sectors / Markets of Focus: Cyber Security.
  • CyLon Requirements: They are looking for startups and innovative ideas that help secure the digital economy. They also ask for startups to have an MVP.
  • CyLon Deal Terms: An investment of £15,000 for an equity of 3%. CyLon provides training, workshops and mentoring. Plus, they help with idea validation and access to industry leaders.
  • Notable CyLon Alumni: BitNinja, CyberSmart, CyberSparta, Hazy, Meterian, Senseon, Tessian, Verity.

6. Entrepreneur First

  • Description: “EF is the best place in the world to find your co-founder and build a technology startup from scratch. It is a highly charged environment designed to bring people together and help them realise their potential. We pioneered this model, and over the past seven years, we’ve built more startups this way than anyone else.”
  • Sectors / Markets of Focus: All tech or tech-enabled businesses.
  • Entrepreneur First Requirements: They choose people based on their potential, ambition and willingness to make a significant impact.
  • Entrepreneur First Deal Terms: An investment of £80,000 for an equity of 10%. EF helps to build cohesive teams and to develop ideas. Plus, the teams work closely with experienced leaders and have the opportunity to pitch to investors during Demo day.
  • Notable Entrepreneur First Alumni: Affable, Beyond, CodeREG, Creditmint, Echobox, Hydroleap, Marble, Represent, Sentient Machines.

7. Founder Institute Cotswold (pre-seed accelerator)

  • Description: The Founder Institute works with entrepreneurs and teams in the pre-seed stage, typically before they are advanced enough to gain acceptance into a seed-accelerator program. The program helps you build an enduring business by providing Cotswold startup experts that are invested in your successand a structured business-building process that has helped alumni raise over $1.75BN. 
  • Sectors / Markets of Focus:  All tech or tech-enabled businesses
  • Founder Institute Requirements: Both solo founders and teams at the pre-seed stage are welcome, including those at the idea or very early-stages of a company (including pre-incorporation). If your company has significant funding, traction, or revenue, then you are probably too advanced for the Founder Institute and should consider applying to the seed-accelerators on this list.
  • Founder Institute Deal Terms: To create a strong support network, participants join an "Equity Collective" where they contribute 4% of their company to a shared pool. Any financial returns to this pool are then shared equally with each cohort's alumni, the program mentors, Local Leaders, and Founder Institute.   
  • Notable Founder Institute Alumni: Udemy, Acudeen, Appota, OvambaRealty Mogul, TravelCar, and more

8. Founders Factory

  • Description: “Founders Factory is the world’s best partner for founders.”
  • Sectors / Markets of Focus: All tech or tech-enabled businesses.
  • Founders Factory Requirements: Being an entrepreneur who wants to start their business or scale their startup.
  • Founders Factory Deal Terms: For the incubation program, Founders Factory receives a minority stake in exchange for product IP, £150,000 and 12 months of operational support; plus, they help validate ideas and build the right team. For the accelerator program, Founders Factory takes 4-8% equity for £30,000 in cash; plus, participants get access to corporate partners, VCs and an angel investment network.
  • Notable Founders Factory Alumni: ChargedUp, Kukua, LuckyTrip, Luther Systems, Sampler, Straight Teeth Direct, Vidsy.

9. Hatch Enterprise

  • Description: “Since 2013, Hatch has pioneered a unique approach to enterprise incubation and entrepreneurship support activities across London, and we are one of the UK’s leading community enterprise charities tackling social inequality.”
  • Sectors / Markets of Focus: Social Inequality Issues.
  • Hatch Enterprise Requirements: They work with social enterprises, young entrepreneurs from disadvantaged communities and female founders.
  • Hatch Enterprise Deal Terms: Hatch has three programs to develop your idea and grow your startup: Launchpad, Incubator and Accelerator. They offer a co-working space, workshops, coaching and mentoring; plus, support and access to a network of fellow entrepreneurs.
  • Notable Hatch Enterprise Alumni: Built By Us, Hemp and Williams, Snact.

10. InMotion Seed Programme

  • Description: “InMotion Ventures invests in and invents businesses in the mobility, transportation and travel sector. Powered by Jaguar Land Rover, we back innovative new approaches to getting from A to B.”
  • Sectors / Markets of Focus: Mobility, Transportation and Travel.
  • InMotion Seed Programme Requirements: They are looking for entrepreneurs and startups who are working on developing disruptive ideas and products in the mobility, transport and travel space.
  • InMotion Seed Programme Deal Terms: They invest in startups worldwide from the Seed stage to Series B.
  • Notable InMotion Seed Programme Alumni: Arc, DOVU, FATMAP, GoKid, Lyft, Synaptiv, Transit, VALIDATED, Zeelo.

11. JLAB Accelerator

  • Description: “Calling all creators: new possibilities are yours for the making. Join JLAB, and help us shape the future of retail.”
  • Sectors / Markets of Focus: Retail Tech.
  • JLAB Accelerator Requirements: Creators and startups who want to disrupt the retail industry.
  • JLAB Accelerator Deal Terms: Mentorship and advice from leaders in the retail industry, access to a makerspace to test your prototypes and ideas. An opportunity to establish professional relationships with the right people to generate business opportunities.
  • Notable JLAB Accelerator Alumni: Memomi, MakersCAFE, Ruuby.

12. Level39

  • Description: “We support fast-growth tech companies in three clear ways – giving access to world-class customers, talent and infrastructure. Through expert mentors, access to Canary Wharf’s dynamic workspace, a packed events calendar and best-in-class facilities we help businesses achieve scale.”
  • Sectors / Markets of Focus: Cyber Security, FinTech and Retail Tech.
  • Level39 Requirements: Ambitious entrepreneurs and innovative startups who are aiming for growth.
  • Level39 Deal Terms: Access to their co-working space, networking events, meetups and mentorship opportunities.
  • Notable Level39 Alumni: Digital Shadows, Motive Partners, Revolut, Salaryfits.

13. L Marks

  • Description: “Your foot in the right door. Every startup needs to attract customers, build a brand and become profitable. This is where we step in. Success requires outreach, mentorship and investment. We match you with a major player in the market so you can develop your strategy and create relationships. We’re not your average accelerator, we’re a catalyst for change.”
  • Sectors / Markets of Focus: All tech or tech-enabled businesses.
  • L Marks Requirements: L Marks welcomes early and growth-stage startups worldwide with innovative ideas.
  • L Marks Deal Terms: L Marks offers various programs. All of which include: a tailored approach to meet your startup’s needs, perks from support partners, mentoring and the possibility to establish meaningful relationships with industry leaders.  
  • Notable L Marks Alumni: Bonobo AI, Localz, Peeple, Ping, Storekat, ThriveMap, Winkapp.

14. Microsoft ScaleUp

  • Description: “The Microsoft ScaleUp program (previously known as Microsoft Accelerator) is designed for Series A startups and offers access to sales, marketing and technical support. Eligible startups partake in the immersive program at one of our eight global locations followed by ongoing support from a dedicated team of success managers.”
  • Sectors / Markets of Focus: All tech or tech-enabled businesses.
  • Microsoft ScaleUp Requirements: Having a Series A startup.
  • Microsoft ScaleUp Deal Terms: Startups receive advice and mentorship from industry experts and Microsoft sales leaders. Companies also join the program’s alumni network to build peer relationships, they get access to the Microsoft Partner Network and Microsoft events.
  • Notable Microsoft ScaleUp Alumni: Affinio, BeehiveID,, GestSure, GoSlope, LoginRadius, Openhour, pymetrics, Wallflower.

15. Oxygen Accelerator

  • Description: “Oxygen Accelerator is a 13-week intensive mentor led bootcamp for technology start-ups. The accelerator is suited to any technology startup with big ambitions. We give your startup the best chance of success, using our experience, networks, and tried-and-tested programmes.”
  • Sectors / Markets of Focus: All tech or tech-enabled businesses.
  • Oxygen Accelerator Requirements: Startups who are working on high impact, innovative ideas.
  • Oxygen Accelerator Deal Terms: An investment of 21,000€ for an equity of 8%. Startups will be a part of a collaborative work environment, they’ll also have the opportunity to connect with mentors; plus, access to a network of investors and other startups.
  • Notable Oxygen Accelerator Alumni: Filisia, LabSynapse, Reality Games, Vidsy.

16. Platform-X

  • Description: “Platform-X, the scale-up accelerator programme from Virgin Trains designed in partnership with Virgin StartUp, is offering you the opportunity to develop your business and products over an intensive five-week period. If you have built disruptive innovations (service, product or technology) that fit the below challenges and are accelerating to market, we want to hear from you.”
  • Sectors / Markets of Focus: All tech or tech-enabled businesses.
  • Platform-X Requirements: Disruptive and innovative startups who want a platform to grow and develop their products and services.
  • Platform-X Deal Terms: A possible investment of £25M for no equity. Startups will have the opportunity to develop their go-to-market strategy and product validation, mentorship from the Virgin Group leaders and experts and access to their working space.
  • Notable Platform-X Alumni: AirPortr, Enterprise Bot, Living Lens,, RotaGeek, Warwick Analytics.

17. RocketSpace

  • Description: “Better than your typical accelerator. A first-of-its-kind industry technology collaboration program bringing startups and corporate leaders together to transform industries on a global scale through technology. Unlike other accelerator programs, the RocketSpace Industry Collaborative model is designed for later stage startups who are looking to validate and grow their business with industry leading corporations.”
  • Sectors / Markets of Focus: Mobility Tech, Food and Ag Tech.
  • RocketSpace Requirements: A later stage startup looking for validation and growth.
  • RocketSpace Deal Terms: There are no equity requirements. RocketSpace offers mentorship, brand and product exposure, access to industry leaders for investment opportunities, pilot testing, etc.
  • Notable RocketSpace Alumni: Blippar, Duolingo, Klarna, Leap Motion, Podio, Skyroam, Uber, Upwork, Wish.

18. Seedcamp

  • Description: “We are a diverse team of founders, makers, operators, executors, investors and tech-enthusiasts. We believe investing at the earliest stage is the greatest asset we can bring to your company. Whether it’s finding product market fit, founder disputes, building out your sales and marketing capabilities or introductions to our global network, we provide you with a carefully curated core team and community of incredible people across the world to help you build your business.”
  • Sectors / Markets of Focus: All tech or tech-enabled businesses.
  • Seedcamp Requirements: They are looking for innovative founders who are solving problems in large markets.
  • Seedcamp Deal Terms: An initial investment of £100,000 for an equity of 7.5%; plus, the possibility of co-investing in seed rounds of up to £2M. Seedcamp offers a community of fellow founders to support your startup; also, access to a network of mentors and investors.Notable Seedcamp Alumni: Bloomsbury AI, Monese, Pleo, Revolut, TransferWise, Trussle, UiPath, wefox.

19. Startupbootcamp InsurTech

  • Description: “Startupbootcamp InsurTech is the first truly global insurance accelerator working alongside a large portfolio of leading insurance players to foster disruptive and collaborative insurance innovation from early stage startups. Each year, we select the 10 most promising insurance technology startups from around the world and help them grow.”
  • Sectors / Markets of Focus: Insurance Technology.
  • Startupbootcamp InsurTech Requirements: An early stage insurance technology startup with innovative technology.
  • Startupbootcamp InsurTech Deal Terms: Connect with other participating teams, mentors and industry leaders; also, with investors from the local ecosystem. Plus, access to work from their office space, perks from partners and you will get exposed to the Startupbootcamp ecosystem.
  • Notable Startupbootcamp InsurTech Alumni: Buzzmove, Insly, Relayr, Valoo.

20. Techstars

  • Description: “Techstars is the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. Home to a thriving international community of tech, founders, innovators and investors, London is an epicentre of startup activity. Ranked as the #6 strongest startup ecosystem in the world, London is known as a powerful location for startups. Founders are flocking to London to start their business and to learn from the incredible mentor community there.”
  • Sectors / Markets of Focus: All tech or tech-enabled businesses.
  • Techstars Requirements: They are looking for strong and balanced teams who possess a wide array of skill sets.
  • Techstars Deal Terms: Startups are offered a $100,000 convertible note; plus, Techstars contributes $20,000 USD to support living expenses during the accelerator program. Techstars receives a 6% equity until the startup raises a priced equity financing of $250,000 USD or more.
  • Notable Techstars Alumni: CoconutEnjoyHQ, Kalo, Lifebit, Lingvist, Memgraph, Quantemplate, SwiftComply, Tenzo, TeskaLabs, TVbeat, Unmade.

21. The Bakery

  • Description: “At The Bakery, we’ve built a complete roadmap, a set of mantras that help you not only navigate this new world, but capitalise on the opportunities it creates.”
  • Sectors / Markets of Focus: All tech or tech-enabled businesses.
  • The Bakery Requirements: They welcome everyone with disruptive ideas: from entrepreneurs and innovators to both early and later stage startups.
  • The Bakery Deal Terms: The Bakery has three different programs: The Start Programme is for entrepreneurs who want to validate their ideas. The Accelerate Programme is for early stage startups looking to accelerate growth. The Partner Programme is for startups wanting to generate more revenue. The Invest Programme is for startups seeking investments and new business opportunities.
  • Notable The Bakery Alumni: Bulbshare,, Flourish, Kare Knowledgeware, Plural AI, ProFinda, qriously.

22. Wayra

  • Description: “We are committed partners. Over the last seven years, we have invested and supported 180 companies to help scale the global start-up ecosystem. We have invested cash and business development support throughout the world, and have created seven hubs that offer our start-ups unique access to heads of state, corporate leaders, investors, serial entrepreneurs and even royalty. We are a global team of tech lovers & start-up enthusiasts seeking new opportunities for our entrepreneurs and businesses.”
  • Sectors / Markets of Focus: All tech or tech-enabled businesses.
  • Wayra Requirements: Being an innovative and disruptive entrepreneur.
  • Wayra Deal Terms: An investment of up to $50,000 USD. They offer different programs which include: access to an investor network, mentorships and workshops, 1 on 1 meetings to help startups scale, office space and the opportunity to do business with Telefónica.
  • Notable Wayra Alumni: Cybershield, Elliptic, Hospify, incuto,, RazorSecure, TravelAI, Trust Elevate, Warden.

23. WeWork Labs

  • DescriptionWeWork Labs is a global platform that supports entrepreneurs to scale world-changing ideas. With 85 Labs across the world, each with a local mentor + investor platform, Labs provides an unrivalled launchpad for startups who are serious about going global. On top of dedicated workspace in a Lab, dedicated Labs managers work with startups through one-on-one mentorship, providing access to weekly workshops, a community of other founders just like themselves, and exposure to potential customers and investors. Founders also receive over £300k in extra perks, free meeting rooms in WeWork, and free access to all global WeWork Labs locations. Contact of the UK & Ireland Team: labsuki@wework.comMore on
  • Sectors / Markets of FocusAll tech or tech-enabled businesses. Most WeWork Labs locations are sector-agnostic, yet some are focussed on specific sectors (e.g. Food Labs, FinTech & Blockchain Labs, Mobility Labs).
  • WeWork Labs Requirements: The WeWork Labs programme is designed for early-stage startups with highly scalable products. Founders, whether solo or in teams, should have the aim to scale globally and have a product (idea) that has the potential to do so.
  • WeWork Labs Deal Terms: WeWork Labs does not take equity: your business stays yours. There is a monthly membership fee: for WeWork Labs Residency members, Labs does not charge anything extra on top of the normal WeWork membership fee (£600/month for a dedicated desk in most locations in London, but differs per building). For those who don't need to be physically based at a Labs location, the Labs Community Membership comes at a more affordable rate.

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