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As the capital city of Belgium and a cultural hotspot of Europe, Brussels is a strong contender for places to launch your startup. Their combination of support networks, international mindedness and location is hard to beat. Whether you're already living in the city or are looking for a great place to launch your business, Brussels startup ecosystem has a ton of resources available for you and your company. 

In case you still need convincing, we've put together 7 top reasons why you should start a Company in Brussels:

1. Location

Brussels is centrally located in Europe and offers easy access to other European hubs through its extensive transportation systems. With a 2 hour ride by Eurostar to London and a 90 minute ride to Paris, Brussels allows for convenient travel across the continent. Brussels’ airports also offer direct flights to many European cities, making travel and transportation simple.

2. Political And Business Hub

Along with location, another reason for you to launch your startup in Brussels is the city's political and business importance. Both the EU and NATO call Brussels their capital location. Brussels, along with carrying the title of administrative capital of Europe, houses the headquarters of many large corporations and companies like Swift and Banksys. With so many established businesses and emerging industries, your startup would be among familiar company.

3. Welcoming Entrepreneurial Environment

Brussels offers many programs and events to support entreprneurs in the city and empower them. Some of the best ones are:

4. Government Support

Both the French and Flemish government in Brussels provide financial and networking support to Brussels’ multicultural inhabitants. Some resources include:

5. The Economy Is Now On Your Side

Along with benefiting from the second highest salaries in Europe (behind only London), launching your startup in Brussels would also mean being part a Gross Domestic Product per capita, nearly double that of Belgium as a whole. Brussels, which suffered a significant blow as a result of the 2009 economic slump, is eager to bring in investors and business ventures to return to their high standards. It makes sense to invest your startup ideas in such a committed and rising economy.

6. Room To Share 

With 27 different purpose-driven industrial zones located around the city center, Brussels has risen to meet demands of office space. On a practical level, Brussels has many venues for trade exhibitions, business fairs, and conference facilities, welcoming you and your team to the easily accessible economic and commercial center of Belgium.

7. Lots of Growth Potential

More than anything, Brussels is focused on the international. If you want your business ventures to make an impact, this multilingual, globally competitive, and impressive world economic area is definitely a smart choice. Brussels’ cross-cultural views make for opportunities to expand into international markets. Brussels' startup ecosystem is a unique combination of qualified workforce with a commitment to succeed internationally. 

From Brussel’s high standard of living, to their relatively inexpensive cost of European urban life, to their cultural scene, the city has a lot to offer any individual looking to make their startup a possibility. If you’re looking to take your idea global, Brussels is the place to be.

If you’re interested in launching a business in Belgium, apply to the Brussels Founder Institute today! 

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