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The latest batch of 12  new companies from Topica’s Founder Institute, our Hanoi, Vietnam chapter, is a promising step in the right direction for the Vietnamese startup scene. TechinAsia editor Anh-Minh Do reports on the most recent Founder Institute Grads in the article, “The 12 new Vietnamese startups out of Topica’s Founder Institute”. Among these 12 startups, 3 companies have already received funding--vLance, upLevo, and Morbling.

Founded by Tuân Trần Ngọc, vLance provides a platform to remotely connect skilled freelancers with hundreds of businesses across Vietnam in the fields of software development, graphic design, online marketing and more. Through the online platform, vLance promotes growth while cutting operating costs for business.

Another company to receive early funding is upLevo, an online design platform with tools to create and customize professional marketing products like brand identity, promotional products, and digital materials. upLevo was founded by Đính Nguyễn Kim.

Morbling rounds the list out with its funding success. Morbling, founded by Đức Kiên Phạm, is a mobile games and applications designer that also provides high quality outsourcing services. While they are putting out some awesome 3D games for mobile devices, they’re currently only working with Android.

It was also reported by recently that a fourth company, Antoree, has received funding. Antoree, founded by VanAnh Pham, is a site that connects learners with a tutor that fits their budget, schedule, profession and personality to help them best learn English. 

The success of this latest batch of Hanoi Grads, especially the 4 companies that have already received funding behind their startups, seems to be great news for sparking even more interest in the growing Vietnamese entrepreneurial scene.

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