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Silicon Valley Agreements

NOTE: The Agreements below are for the United States of America. Similar agreements are available in most international jurisdictions, and will be uploaded shortly. 

The Founder Agreement v3

The Founder Agreement provides various protections and benefits, including participation in shared equity upside from their peers, called a "Equity Collective."

In order to enroll in the Founder Institute, a Founder needs to sign Page 9 of the Founder Agreement below (and Page 10 if they already have a company for the product they will build in the program). 

(Download the Founder Agreement

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Form of the Warrant v3

The Form of the Warrant is signed during the Founder Institute program, and provides Founders with participation in the Graduate Liquidity Pool. The Warrant also provides Founders with protections against undesired terminations.

(Download the Form of the Warrant)

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Form of Board Consent

The Form of Board Consent is signed during the Founder Institute program, and requires the Board of Directors to authorize the company to issue the Warrant required by the Founder Agreement.

(Download the Form of Board Consent)

Have questions about agreements?  See the FAQ.