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About the Event

It is not required, but if you would like to pitch and get feedback please review this Speed Mentoring Worksheet

Meet the Mentors:

  • Ryan Micheletti: Head of Global Operations for the Founder Institute leading operations for the world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator. 
  • Martin Martinez: Martín is the Entrepreneur in Residence at Founder Institute and serves as the Executive Director of the FI Texas programs, currently operating chapters in Austin, Dallas, and Houston.
  • Diane Bailey: Head of Accelerator Growth and the Co-Director for the Founder Institute in Denver. Diane is passionate about getting companies from 0 to 1 in the most cost efficient and effective way possible. 
  • Paloma Lecheta: LATAM Regional Program Director and Regional Success Manager at  Founder Institute. Paloma is passionate about helping to find, fund and launch startups to help aspiring founders succeed.
  • Dustin Betz: Community & Content Manager and Grad Success Liaison at Founder Institute. Dustin has helped grow FI’s online presence and build brand awareness through strategic content marketing. His current initiative is to help startup founders learn how they can build impact focused companies and incorporate impact components into their business models.
  • Jeremy Geiger: Portfolio Success Manager at Founder Institute. Jeremy has extensive mentor and advising experience including but not limited to being Startup Advisor to 20 + early and growth stage startups now with $5B of total acquired value.
  • Eva Dimitrova: Director of Founder Institute Cologne. Eva has over 10 years experience helping startups and Fortune 500 companies launch products and gain traction. As a Go-to-Market Consultant, Eva has had the privilege of working with giants like Vodafone, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM, which has allowed her to develop a systematic approach to marketing that stands out and sells more.
  • Lorena Sanchez: Director of Founder Institute Mexico City. Lorena is also the Co-Founder & Co CEO at Urban Guilt and her former roles include being the Linio Group CCO & COO, the Innohub Managing Director  and Brand Manager at L´Oréal, Natura and CEMEX. 
  • Anna Lindback: Director of Founder Institute Sweden. Anna helps startup founders with coaching in leadership and advice in the validation of their business plan and strategy. She practices confidence boosting but radical candour feedback always aiming to give founders concrete advice, insight and hacks to grow faster and to present and sell their businesses better.

Who should Attend?
  • Anyone who wants feedback from leading local CEOs
  • Anyone who has a pre-seed company or a startup idea
  • Anyone who wants to learn about entrepreneurship

What is the Agenda?
  • Introduction
  • Speed Mentoring with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and investors
  • Conclusion and Networking 

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