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Startup Fundraising in Caracas: Q&A with Investors from the FI Venture Network (Online)

Learn the ins and outs of fundraising

dic 07, 2022
01:00 pm - 02:30 pm
Online Event
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Are you looking to raise funding in 2023, and want to learn what investors look for, how they evaluate potential investments, and which strategies will lead to success in the current economic climate? Then join us for this live, interactive online fundraising Q&A event, featuring VCs and investors from the 'FI Venture Network' - the Founder Institute's global network of investors actively participating in the funding of startups at the earliest stages. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your network and ask in-depth questions!
Ryan Micheletti: Your host for this global event. Ryan Micheletti is Head of Global Operations for the Founder Institute leading operations for the world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator. Ryan works with startup ecosystem leaders and Managing Directors on a daily basis from around the world to help them launch great companies and build startup ecosystems in their city.

Meet the Speakers :

Ankur Shrivastava: Managing Partner at Momentum Capital. In parallel, he is Co-founder & VP at Globevestor, a tech investment platform, and micro-VC funds, to invest in early-stage startups in the US and India since 2014. He has written 70 checks for 40 startups. Backers include Tim Draper, Bill Draper & Boost VC.

Diane Yoo: Founding General Partner at FilKor Capital. She is an MBA graduate of Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University. She is Results driven entrepreneur with a proven track record and portfolio company management. She has 15+ years of experience as an entrepreneurial and business executive.

Lance Cottrell: Lance Cottrell is the Chief Executive Officer at FeelTheBoot. Lance has been at the cutting edge of Internet privacy, anonymity, and security for 20 years. Lance is the founder of  Anonymizer Inc. in 1995 and took it to a very successful exit in 2008. Before that, he designed and wrote Mixmaster, an open-source anonymous email platform.

Mike Sherbakov: Mike Sherbakov serves as General Partner at The Veteran Fund, a pre-seed venture capital fund in Silicon Valley, and Managing Director of San Diego’s Founder Institute, the world's largest early-stage startup accelerator. He is graduated from Magna Cum Laude from San Diego State University.

Who Should Attend?
  • Anyone who is thinking about raising money for their startup 
  • Anyone interested in meeting investors from the FI Venture Network
  • Anyone that wants an understanding of fundraising for early-stage businesses and products

 What are some of the Topics?
  • The key metrics and pre-requisites for raising funding, and the anatomy of a "fundable" company
  • How to make yourself more attractive to investors
  • How to meet and work with different sources of capital, such as friends and family, angel investors, venture capitalists, government grants and loans, and more.
  • Any questions asked by the audience!

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