Inova Business School - Auditório
Rua Dona Presciliana Soares, 87, Cambui (Mesmo complexo do Colégio Progresso da Avenida Julio de Mesquita, 840)

  • Start Date: Thu Jul 19, 2018
  • Starts at: 06:30 PM
  • Ends at: 09:00 PM


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André Campelo

Co-Founder & CEO, Fundação CPqD

Raul Mariano Cardoso

Presidente, Associação Campinas Startups

Marcelo Veras

CEO, Unità Educacional

Hélio Graciosa

Coordenador de Área de Pesquisa para Inovação, FAPESP

André Von Zuben

Secretário Municipal de Desenvolvimento Econômico, Social e de Turismo, Prefeitura de Campinas

Silvia Massruhá

General Director , Embrapa Agricultural Informatics

Mauricio Bueno

Co-Founder & General Director, Weme

Diego Moraes

Co Founder & Design Lead , Fundação CPqD

About the Event

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone who is launching or thinking about launching a local startup
  • Anyone who wants to meet local investors, accelerators, co-working spaces, and founders
  • Anyone who wants to learn about the resources available for local entrepreneurs


What is the Agenda?

  • Welcome and Socializing
  • Panel Discussion with Representatives from Top Local Organizations
  • Question and Answer Session
  • Discussion and Drinks at a Local Bar or Restaurant


This event is free to attend. Join us for a fun evening! For more free startup events, visit https://FI.co/events.

[Network photo from Shutterstock]

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