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Startup Demo Day with RedCrow, Innovator MD, Founder Institute HealthTech

Join RedCrow, Founder Institute HealthTech and Innovator MD for Startup Demo Day!

May 18, 2023
08:00 pm - 09:30 pm
Online Event
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We look forward to presenting some of the latest up and coming healthcare startups from RedCrow/Alira Health Academy, Founder Institute HealthTech and InnovatorMD! We invite founders, healthcare companies, investors, payors and more to join us for this free online event!
Startups Pitching:

  • ActivArmor The market leader in patient-specific, custom-fitted casts and splints in waterproof, sanitizable plastics, that allow people to live their active lifestyles while healing. They are now launching their market-proven products in the first point-of-care digital custom casting/splinting fabrication system that utilizes the latest 3D scanning and printing technologies with an AI-driven design software, to empower medical providers with a next-gen casting option that reduces complications and gives their patients the ability to practice essential hygiene during treatment.
  • Aloha Health Network Automates and optimizes clinical trial processes using proprietary NLP based patient phenotyping and AI Analytics, vastly accelerating site selection and recruitment timelines and saving sponsors much time and expense.  Aloha’s technology matches in-depth trial criteria to over 340m current patient records to quickly and accurately identify which clinical sites in the US have the highest chance of success.  Aloha can also identify which patients at each clinic site best match trial criteria, and automate patient outreach and enrollment utilizing customized SaaS tools and dashboards.
  • Canary Health Helping Spinal Cord Injury patients take charge of their health at home!
  • Elli An app that enables people with cognitive impairment to live independently for longer, giving family members and caregivers peace of mind. 
  • HumLife360 keeps people with Diabetes sustainably motivated to follow a more diabetes friendly lifestyle with its patent pending Smart Behaviour Nudges that are able to cut down expensive human engagement by 87% and ecosystem costs up to 33%. 
  • Neurosom A noninvasive at home system to improve sleep onset and the quality of sleep for the millions in their fight against insomnia and mild cognitive impairment.
  • NoxBox Inc.  A 5-minute concussion test at point of need 
  • Oncoheroes Biosciences  A biotech company 100% focused on advancing new therapies for childhood cancer
  • OUI Medical The worlds First Scope to peek inside abdomen using local anesthesia ,which is painless, costeffective, Convenient and quick 
  • Sensable Health A clinically-based digital metabolic health program that delivers sustained change in critical biomarkers using AI-based customization.
  • Quantumcyte Creating new possibilities for molecular pathology: Bridging Digital Pathology and molecular analysis to dramatically improve cancer patient outcomes. 
Need help with your own startup?  RedCrow, FI HealthTech and Innovator MD will speak briefly about what each company does and how we can help you!  The next co-hort for the FI HealthTech Chapter starts in August so join us for this event to learn more!  in the meantime, click a link below to learn more about:

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