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  • Date: Jul 21, 2020
  • Time: 06:30 pm - 09:00 pm
  • Timezone: Europe/Moscow


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Ivan Danishevsky

CEO, Founder, Esports Charts (ESM ONE)

Oleg Malenkov

Partner / co-founder, TA Ventures / Concepter HQ Inc

Margarita Sivakova

CEO, Co-Founder, Legal Nodes

About the Event

It is not required, but to help you get the most out of this event, we’ve provided this Pitch Worksheet.  

You can also participate by recording and sending us your pitch, which may be chosen for a LIVE review!
(Details below!)

Who Should Attend the Pitch Bootcamp?
  • Anyone who needs practice and expert advice on pitching
  • Anyone who has an idea for a startup or an early-stage company
  • Anyone that is interested in joining a new startup or looking for a co-founder

What are some of the Topics?
  • What are the components of a great startup pitch
  • How do you pitch complex concepts in a simple way
  • How do you know when your pitch is good enough
  • Common mistakes to avoid when preparing your pitch
  • Hints on how to tame your fear of performance before the larger audience
  • and more...
If you want to be chosen for a LIVE review of your putch, record a 1-minute pitch (+/- 5 seconds) in Ukrainian, Russian or English, expressing the problem and the solution that your idea provides.
Then upload it to a cloud service and send a link to and/or
Make sure when recoding:
  • You are indoors and stationary
  • The room is properly lit
  • You can be heard loud and clear, without any background noise
  • You are recorded upfront (not from below or the side)
THE DEADLINE is at midnight after Monday, 20/07/20

If you are looking for more information on pitching your startup, see this Startup Pitch Deck Guide or download startup pitch templates.  

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