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How to Remove Bias from Your Startup Investment Decisions, with Loyal VC

Learn strategies to make unbiased investment decisions

jun 25, 2024
12:00 pm - 01:30 pm
Online Event
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Bias in startup investment decisions can cloud judgement, limit financial returns, and harm underrepresented founders. On this live online event, Kamal Hassan (Founding Partner at Loyal VC) will explore bias in traditional VC processes, discuss more effective data-driven approaches to startup investment, and share Loyal's innovative "ditch the pitch" approach to deal vetting. Join us for an interesting discussion about how removing bias in VC and fostering diversity is both good for society AND investment returns.
Featured Speaker:
Kamal Hassan - Founding Partner at Loyal VC: Kamal is the Managing Partner at Loyal VC, a fund inspired by his 20-year career as an entrepreneurial CEO and 15 years as an angel investor. His professional and philanthropic experiences include roles as a Global Director with the Founder Institute, President of the INSEAD Alumni Association, consultant at Bain & Co, and engineer at IMAX. Kamal holds an MBA from INSEAD and a degree in engineering physics from Queen's University. 

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