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Conselhos de Legal Tech para criar uma Startup: Online Feedback from Luanda's Top Startup Lawyers (Webinar)

Understand the basics of startup legal

Mar 18, 2021
02:00 pm - 03:30 pm
Online Event
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If you are interested in understanding how to create a technology-based Startup in the right way, then join us for Startup Legal. In this online and interactive webinar, ask professionals about Startup Legal Tech, and get answers on the topic. What is the most appropriate type of company to start? How to deal with co-founders, initial team members and employees? What agreements should be made when starting, and what pitfalls should you avoid?

Who should participate?
  • Any entrepreneur interested in setting up his company at an early stage 
  • Anyone interested in understanding the bases of corporate law 
  • Anyone interested in knowing the legal agreements of Accelerators and Incubators 

 What are some of the topics?
  • How and when you should set up your company 
  • What agreements should you understand as a founder 
  • How to deal with co-founders, team members and partners

For more resources and to join a growing community of tech entrepreneurs, visit list of Startup Resources .



Nadia Ribeiro Spencer

Partner Consultant @ PLMJ


Daniela Simão

Audit Committee Member @ BANCO NACIONAL DE ANGOLA

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