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Learn how to take the next step as a fund manager and launch your own independent fund

Sep 19, 2023
11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Online Event
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Join us for an exclusive event where we'll delve into the reasons experienced managers should consider transitioning away from AngelList. We'll discuss the critical points including lack of complete control on AngelList, the platform's constraints for seasoned managers, and how moving away can be the pathway to increased liquidity and gaining complete firm ownership and control.
AngelList has been a valuable stepping stone for many entering the venture capital arena, offering a platform to gain experience and understanding of angel investing. However, as fund managers gain expertise and look to establish an enduring and more independent venture fund, it's essential to recognize the platform's limitations.

This event will give you a clearer vision of how you can evolve as a manager, as we focus on one of the ways you can build an enduring venture firm. Learn how to make the switch and what you can do to ensure you are building your enduring venture firm on a solid foundation, using Decile Group's tools. Register today and take the next big leap in your venture capital career.

Who should Attend?
  • General Partners that applied to VC Lab
  • Anyone thinking to launch a venture capital firm
  • VIPs invited by VC Lab

About VC Lab
VC Lab ( is the leading venture capital accelerator worldwide. The four-month program is completely free for new and emerging managers.
Top managers have launched nearly 300 ethical and enduring venture capital firms and venture builders worldwide with VC Lab. The VC Lab program includes all of the tools needed to efficiently complete a close in six months or less.
VC Lab provides managers with weekly fund-building sprints to plan and launch the firm. Managers receive tactical advice from domain experts and join a supportive community of experts. VC Lab helps build essential fundraising skills and provides free access to the leading vertical SaaS platform for running a venture firm.
In order to complete the VC Lab program, managers must launch a fund and close on fresh capital. This normally requires at least 25 hours per week for new managers and less time for emerging managers.
Learn more at and apply to the program at

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