#WomenTechOver - Females @Founding Startups

Date: 2013-05-14, 06:30 PM
Location: Google+ Live Stream ,
The heroes of our age are technology entrepreneurs...Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Where are the women? And where are the latinas? In this panel discussion, we dig into the opportunities for women to pursue technology entrepreneurship, and the necesary tools to move forward.


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* Natascha Otero-Santiago, Co-Founder,

* Nerma Albertorio, StartupWeekend Organizer

* Maritza Ramirez, Co-Founder, Crowdville 

One of the actors who has taken a leadership role in boosting female tech entrepreneurship is our presenting sponsor, The Founder Institute. Its Female Founder Fellowship program provides free Course Fees to its best female applicants in each city. The stated goal of the program was to increase the number of female applicants to program, and in turn, graduate over 30% female-founded companies across the globe. 

Since the program began, we have seen a 62% global increase in our percentage of female graduates, which has now reached 26% worldwide.

Our most recent Spring and Summer 2012 Graduating classes consisted of 36% female founded-companies. We have now graduated over 150 female-led companies across the globe, including notable ones likeCakeHealth,Zirtual, Fashioning Change, Skimble, Memetales, Ecobold, Kindara, Piggybackr, and 2RedBeans.

Join the movement! Find out how these female leaders are teching over. 








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