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Startup Legal and IP

Puerto Rico Summer 2014 Semester

What does a new Founder need to know about the law to launch a successful startup? How do you pick a law firm to work with? What is the process of setting up a company? How much do you need to know about the law? What agreements do you need to run a company? What are common legal mistakes? How do you handle intellectual property, including confidentiality, copyrights, trademarks and patents? How much does the law actually matter?

Build a legal and IP strategy.
2014-09-24, 06:30 PM


Jorge Torres
Managing Director, VenSeed

Jorge is a professional early-stage investor who has helped launch two new investment firms since entering the venture capital industry. He currently invests in young companies across a range of consumer products categories such as Casper, Ringly, Tracksmith, and Pasta Ch...

Ramphis Castro
Partner, Mindchemy

Ramphis is a serial entrepreneur, a pioneer in cross-platform native mobile technology, and a Kauffman Fellow. Founding partner of Mindchemy, enabling most of the relevant tech-entrepreneurship programs in Puerto Rico - Startup Weekend, NEXT, Startup Digest, Hack Puerto R...

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