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Startup Legal and IP

Paris Autumn 2012 Semester

What does a new Founder need to know about law in order to run a successful startup? When should a Founder use a lawyer, and when should you rely on your own work? What are the key terms in contracts to understand and to avoid? What are common legal mistakes? How should a Founder handle their intellectual property, including confidentiality, copyrights, trademarks and patents? What are common intellectual property problems, and how do you deal with them cost effectively?

Build a legal and IP strategy.
2012-11-20, 06:30 PM


Philippe Beauregard
Managing Partner, Brunswick Law Firm

Philippe Beauregard's areas of practice include venture capital, private equity and M&A. In the past 12 years, his main focus has been on the representation of start-ups — or investors — at all stages of their development in a wide variety of industries (life sciences, en...

Nicole Rieunier Burle
Department Head

Nicole Rieunier-Burle’s areas of practice include numerous type of operations related to high tech intellectual property worldwide commercialization, either in contracts (structuring new businesses from academic IP, licenses agreements in and out, setting up of joint vent...

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