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Revenues, Costs and Profits

Vietnam 2012 Semester

How do you plan to make money? How do you build a financial model? What are the types of expenses, such as fixed expenses and costs of goods sold, and how do they scale? How do you know if your model is right? What do angel investors and venture capitalists expect from your financial model? How do you identify the key metrics for your success?

Build a financial model.
2012-07-10, 06:30 PM


Henry Nguyen
Managing General Partner, IDG Ventures Vietnam

Henry (Hoang) Nguyen currently serves as the Managing General Partner of IDG Ventures Vietnam. Prior to joining IDG Ventures, Henry was an Associate at Goldman Sachs in the Technology group in New York and an NIH Neurodevelopment Research Fellow and Northwestern Unive...

Kyle Pham
CFO, MJ Group

Kyle Pham is the Chief Financial Officer of MJ Group. Kyle is an Australian CPA with 20 years of exprience in the field of accounting and finance. His experience has been wide ranging to include big 4 professional practice with KPMG, Deloitte and Ernst & Young to executi...

Thinh Nguyen
Founder & CEO, Pyramid Software Development

Thinh is Founder and CEO of Pyramid Software Development. He has worked in the software development industry for over 25 years in the US specializing in rapid developing of enterprise and telecommunication networks management system (NMS). He has been the President/CEO of...

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