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Naming and Positioning

Bangalore Summer 2014 Semester

How do you develop a good name for your business? How do you position the business with a name? What characteristics make a good name? How do you test different name candidates? What infrastructure do you need when you pick your name? Are there tips to finding a good domain name? What social media platforms should you look to get your name on? How do you develop a logo? Does a name really matter?

Name your business.
2014-07-09, 06:30 PM


Joshua Rozario
Principal Consultant, The Joshua Rozario Company

Joshua Rozario currently serves as the Principal Consultant at The Joshua Rozario Company, a firm committed to Build, Educate and Promote Personal Branding-the Authentic Way! He also serves as the Co-Founder of Creatives That Work, a boutique Creative Agency based in Bang...

Niranjan Gupta

Niranjan Gupta is a serial entrepreneur with a string of successes and exits to his credit. An expert in the travel industry he has repeatedly used technology to leverage his experience in the travel industry. Some of his well known startups are and

Srikanth Bhagavat
Managing Director & Principal Advisor, Hexagon Capital Advisors Pvt., Ltd

Srikanth Bhagavat is Managing Director & Principal Advisor of Hexagon Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd, a company founded by him 16 years ago.Hexagon is a boutique wealth management company. His previous experience was with Imperial Corporate Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.(Merchan...

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