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Mentor Progress Review

Atlanta Winter 2013 Semester

How do you present the business entering the last few weeks of the program? Is the presentation compelling? Can the business scale? How viable is the financial model? Is the plan to build the business realistic? Is the product or offering planned out well? Can the business generate revenue? What needs to be improved for the business to be successful?

Present your progress for feedback.
2014-03-11, 06:30 PM


Bradley Kirkland
CEO, Stone Soup Technology, LLC

Bradley is a serial entrepreneur in the software space and CEO of Stone Soup Technology, LLC. He is currently actively involved in and investing in several startups. He also has a passion for helping other entrepreneurs succeed. Some of his interests are meeting fascin...

Guillermo Söhnlein
Founder & CEO, Fortivo Holdings LLC

Guillermo Söhnlein is an entrepreneur, advisor, and mentor, who has worked with dozens of startups and investors across the USA ( He is currently Co-Founder of Ansible Space Communications Systems, a communications infrastructure company for satellites an...

Brooks Robinson
Brooks Robinson - CEO, Springbot (Atlanta FI), Springbot

Brooks is Co-Founder and CEO of Springbot. Springbot wants to use big data analytics to give small online merchants Amazon-type business intelligence on their shoppers. The startup helps small and medium sized businesses get better insights into their online customers — ...

Paula Collins
Coach, Flourish, on Purpose

Paula Collins is Founder and Coach at Flourish, on Purpose. She is focused on helping individuals and organizations purposefully flourish - feeling good and functioning well. Her startup experience includes co-founder roles at one of Atlanta’s earliest internet companie...

John Melonakos
CEO, ArrayFire

John Melonakos is CEO & Co-founder of ArrayFire in Atlanta. ArrayFire makes software to help scientists, engineers, and financial analysts be more productive and run code faster. More specifically, the ArrayFire product is an easy-to-use software library for GPUs and oth...

Wei-Chun Tai
Partner, Mosley Ventures, LLC

Wei-Chun is Partner in Mosley Ventures, a venture fund investing in early stage disruptive technologies in Atlanta and the Southeast. A two-time entrepreneur, Wei-Chun co-founded LenderFlex, the real-time Loan Qualification technology to eBank Mortgage. Prior to LenderFl...

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