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The University of Zagreb (1669) is the oldest and biggest university in South-Eastern Europe. The University excels not only in teaching, but also in research, contributing with over 50 percent to the annual research output in Croatia and 80 percent of scientific productivity of all Croatian universities.


BICRO is the key governmental organisation in charge of catalysing the innovation process. BICRO both develops and coordinates national policy measures related to innovation on one hand, and the necessary financial instruments on the other, with the ultimate aim of motivating the private and public sector to raise the levels of investment in R&D.

Mentor Progress Review

Zagreb Autumn 2013 Semester

How do you present the business entering the last few weeks of the program? Is the presentation compelling? Can the business scale? How viable is the financial model? Is the plan to build the business realistic? Is the product or offering planned out well? Can the business generate revenue? What needs to be improved for the business to be successful?

Present your progress for feedback.
2014-02-20, 06:00 PM


Luka Abrus
CEO, Five Minutes Ltd.

Luka is CEO at Five Minutes, mobile and web development company, with a 80 people team. Five Minutes is based in Croatia with a presence in New York, and 98% of its income generates from exporting software development services. He is a member of the board and ex-president...

Drazen Nikolic

Drazen graduated Psychology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. He spent most of his professional time working in marketing and business development or at executive positions. He has been working for PLIVA, Europapress Holding, McCann Erickson, Raiffeisen C...

Edi Budimilic
CEO, Exevio Ltd.

Edi is startup founder and serial entrepreneur with management and product development experience in a variety of tech businesses, including web application and game development. Edi is co-founder and CTO of WhoAPI and Board member and CIO at Bouxtie Ltd. Before that Edi...

Dino Ravnic
Co-Founder & CEO, GIS Cloud

Dino is a co-founder and the CEO of GIS Cloud Ltd., a UK registered, Zagreb-based start-up doing business in the USA. GIS Cloud was the first Croatian startup to win as a Seed Camp finalist, receive Seed Camp funding, move to the UK and enter the US market. The company ha...

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