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Mentor Progress Review

Sydney Winter 2013 Semester

Can you pitch your business in three minutes and survive the scrutiny of seasoned CEOs? How much progress has been made on the product? How viable is the business and the financial model? Can you present the business in a meaningful and articulate way? Does the business scale? Can the business survive?

Review your business with Mentors.
2013-06-04, 06:30 PM


Matt Allen
Director, DevLogic

I'm Matt Allen, Founder, Dev Logic & Co-Founder ProcessGo! . I've been building for the web since 1996, that's pretty much the beginning. Previous CTO of and founding member of the Sydney Rails Group. My co-founders and I won the first Sydney Founder Insti...

Soren Harner
Founder, Permaling

Soren Harner is the Chief Data Scientist and Founding Director of Permaling. Permaling provides data science and analytics services on the AWS Platform using R and Python. Soren has over eight years experience in executive roles and twenty years experience in technology c...

Garry Visontay
General Partner, Sydney Seed Fund

Garry is an Australian entrepreneur with 30 years of local and international business experience. He has successfully started 5 businesses in a variety of industries as well as having spent over a decade as a Regional IT executive with consumer products giant Procter and ...

Christian Magel
Founder & CMO, amaysim Australia

Christian Magel is Chief Marketing Officer and founder of amaysim, Australia’s first low cost mobile service provider dedicated to delivering simplicity, fairness and low prices to mobile consumers with its customer centric mobile services and low cost guarantee. An inter...

Tom Frazier
CEO, ProcessGo!

Tom Frazier is the CEO of ProcessGo!, an enterprise focused startup. Tom has nearly 20 years experience in technology and enterprise business. He has served as a senior executive in a range of businesses covering Australia, US and Asian markets. His previous consumer foc...

Bjorn Behrendt
Director and Co-Founder, ParcelPush

Founder of - Australia's largest online shoe store, - Australia's largest insert marketing network, - a Q&A white label solution and currently also investor and GM of Mint Wireless Limited with years of...

Sebastien Eckersley Maslin
CEO, BlueChilli

Sebastien runs BlueChilli - a "Venture Technology" company that builds and invests in digital start-ups by providing technology rather than cash. Through BlueChilli, Eckersley-Maslin is currently launching a new online business every month and is opening incubators in Syd...

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