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Universidad Mayor
La Escuela de Postgrado de Facultad de Emprendimiento y Negocios (FEN) de la Universidad Mayor otorga un número limitado de becas preferenciales para los graduados del Founder Institute Chile, con excelentes beneficios desde 35% a 50% de descuento en los Diplomados y Magíster.

StartUp Chile

The S Factory

Mentor Idea Review

Chile 2012 Semester

Can you pitch your idea in three minutes and survive the scrutiny of seasoned CEO? How viable is the idea itself? Can the founder present the idea in a meaningful and articulate way? Has the founder done the research necessary to understand the market and prove that the idea is valid?

Review your idea with Mentors.
2012-06-18, 06:30 PM


Pedro Pineda
Country Manager, Pez Urbano

Pedro fundó el sitio de compras colectivas Queremos Descuentos, donde se desempeñó como CEO hasta que la compañía fue comprada en 2011 por Peixe Urbano, el sitio de compras colectivas más grande de origen latinoamericano. Actualmente, Pez Urbano cuenta con operaciones en ...

Alfredo Osorio

I have been working 23 years in business design, happiness design and neuroscience of happiness, helping companies to innovate. I have been working as Director, Manager, Entrepreneur, consultant and coach for many companies in different countries. I am focused in d...

Daniel Perez Rada
CTO, Epistemonikos

Daniel was co-Founder in Zappedy, a software for loyalty programs, which was acquired by Groupon in 2011 in more than US$10 millions. He has been an entrepreneur since he was studing Engineering at Universidad de Chile, creating products like and Epistemonik...

Jean Boudeguer
CEO, Clay

Founder & CEO of Clay Technologies (quickbooks for Latam). Previously COO & co-founder @, fastest growing P2P company in Latin America. Former and founding Director of @Start-Up Chile. Life experience in tech company building, software dev and marketing growth.

Allan Jarry
Founder, NEOS

Allan is a serial entrepreneur as well as the GP of the fund DaD-NEOS. In addition, he is leading a network of angel investors based in Chile and Miami. He holds a degree from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Diego García
Gerente General, TUFT Car Wash

Ex-Gerente General de DAD Latam fondo de inversión Español. Ahora emprendedor.

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