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Marketing and Sales

Croatia Autumn 2012 Semester

How do you portray yourself and your business to the world? How do you tell the story of your company? How do you define your ultimate success? How do you attract the first customers and partners to your vision? How do you involve your customers and partners in your success? What are techniques to refine your messaging?

Identify and convey your positioning.
2013-01-11, 06:00 PM


Luka Abrus
CEO, Five Minutes Ltd.

Luka is CEO at Five Minutes, mobile and web development company, with a 80 people team. Five Minutes is based in Croatia with a presence in New York, and 98% of its income generates from exporting software development services. He is a member of the board and ex-president...

Ivo Spigel
Co-Founder & Board Member, Perpetuum Mobile

Ivo Spigel is a co-founder and Board Member of Perpetuum Mobile (, an IT software and services company based in Zagreb, Croatia. He was the long time CEO of the company until his partner Mr Blerim Sela became CEO in 2008. Mr Spigel is also a writer for...

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